What is The ATC CNC Router Machine

The ATC CNC router machine is a advanced CNC router machine, it is a good choice for big company to produce the CNC products. Compared with ordinary CNC router machine, the ATC CNC router has an automatic tool changer, which has an independent tool Library, so the ATC CNC router can automatically change the tool through a computer program without stopping the machining process and then manually changing the tool. The ATC CNC wood milling machine can automatically complete a series of engraving, cutting, milling, grooving, and hollowing processes. ATC CNC wood machine greatly improves work efficiency and is an ideal choice for mass production.

2x4 atc cnc router15

Two types of ATC CNC Router Machine

According to different tool changing methods, The ATC CNC router can be divided into disc ATC CNC router machines and linear ATC CNC router machines.

The Disc ATC CNC router machine performs tool change through a tool change device installed next to the spindle. Its tool change speed is very fast, but the number of tools is limited, about 10~20pcs, otherwise it will affect the stability of the Z axis and the gantry. . And because the automatic tool changer is next to the spindle, it will not affect the normal operation of the tool head and the machining accuracy of the machine.

disc atc
Disc ATC CNC Router Auto Change

For The linear atc CNC router, there are two ways to switch tools. The first is to install the linear tool changer on the back of the machine table. This type of ATC CNC router machine is cost-effective and can complete some complexities. Cutting, but its tool change speed is relatively slow. Another method is to install the linear tool changer under the frame, so it can change the tool without returning to the worktable. The tool change speed is faster and the wear of the guide rail can be reduced. Generally, this ATC CNC router has 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and more tools.

8-position Tool Rack
Linear ATC CNC Router Auto Change

Application Industry of ATC CNC Router


1. Advertising industry: trademark production, billboard production, sign production, acrylic carving and cutting, 3D crystal character production, advertising products, badge production, etc.

2. Wood industry: cabinets, tables, chairs, door panels, cabinet doors, wooden furniture, screens, wood carvings, composite doors, etc.

3. Mold industry: copper molds, aluminum molds, iron molds, and some marble, plastic, PVC and other non-metallic pipe molds.

4. Decorations: relief and 3D carving, wooden crafts, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, etc.

Reasons for Choosing ATC CNC Router machine

1. ATC CNC Router is extremely efficient

As a CNC router machine with an automatic tool changer, the ATC CNC router machine can automatically switch tools, which saves a lot of time and greatly improves work efficiency.

2. Easy to operate:

You can control the ATC CNC router machine through the DSP hand controller, and this ATC CNC router machine has good software compatibility. It is compatible with processing codes generated by various CAD/CAM design software, such as type3 / Artcam / Castmate / Wentai to ensure the realization of various design functions.

3. Various advanced accessories:

Our ATC CNC Router uses a variety of advanced CNC accessories, such as Hybrid Servo Drive Motors and drivers, Taiwan XYZ Axis High precision TBI ballscrew and Japan Omron limited switch sensor etc. These accessories can enable ATC CNC router to complete various tasks smoothly.

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