Do you want to buy a CNC router machine that is both cheap and powerful, then take a look at this mini CNC router machine. The mini CNC router machine is a desktop CNC router machine, it is very suitable for new beginners and little CNC factory owner.

1.Do you know what is the mini CNC router machine

The mini CNC router machine is also called small CNC router machine, desktop CNC router machine, hobby CNC router machine, home CNC router machine and so on. Compared with those ordinary CNC router machines, the mini CNC router machine is smaller , The structure is more compact, easy to move and operate. 

It occupies a very small area, the machine size is 400×400 mm, 600×900 mm, 1200×1200 mm, of course you can also customize other sizes. So this mini CNC router machine is very suitable for small businesses, small shops, newcomers And home use.

2.The features of small CNC wood router

1. The Mini CNC router machine has a compact shape, a small footprint, and is easy to move. It is very suitable for small shops and beginners. 2. BuyCNC's desktop CNC router machine is equipped with advanced high subdivision stepper motor (optional servo motor), which not only has high speed, strong torque cutting ability, but also no noise. 3. Our small CNC router machine adopts Taiwan TBI ball screw and Taiwan HIwin square rail, which can ensure high precision and stable working performance. 4. The Base frame of this desktop CNC router machine is the iron casr,it is enough strong to procuce the hard wood q 5.The desktop CNC router machine adopts brushless water cooling spindle (optional air cooling system) with frequency conversion.

3.Application Industry:

The desktop CNC router machine has been widely used in many fields, such as the following fields: Woodworking: tables, chairs, furniture, cabinets, cabinet doors, artworks, wooden musical instruments, windows, etc. Mold industry: wood carving, copper carving, aluminum carving, metal mold, PVC, etc. Advertising: sign production, billboards, two-color plate lettering, 3D characters, acrylic cutting, seals, plastics, etc. Decoration: decorations, MDF, artificial stone, organic glass, soft metal, etc.
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