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1.What is a hobby CNC router?

Hobby CNC router is a small CNC machine controlled by a computer or DSP handheld controller for enthusiasts with a mini desktop size. It is an intelligent CNC machine tool, which automatically calculates the tool path and the design pattern on the object by the computer. The principle of the mini cnc router is to use CAD / CAM software to design and typeset on a computer. and the mini cnc router complete the design of patterns to be cut in CNC software. Then, select the CNC bit, and the software of the CNC router kit will automatically calculate the tool path according to the selected bit, and then output the tool path file and import it into thehobby CNC router’s controller. Finally, run the simulation. After confirmation, drive the machine to start running through the controller. Mini cnc routermachine is also known as hobby CNC machine tool, cnc router kit, desktop CNC router, cnc router kits, tabletop cnc router, small cnc router, hobby cnc router kit, mini cnc router,best hobby cnc router.

2.Types of the hobby CNC Routers

Generally speaking, there are about 6 different types of hobby CNC machines: mini CNC machines, small CNC machines, benchtop CNC machines, desktop CNC machines, tabletop CNC machines, portable CNC machines.

3.Features of the hobby CNC Routers

Special linear guide rail for CNC router kit is adopted. The slider is pre tightened, with good rigidity and no gap.
1.Synchronous anti-interference design of software and hardware and high-performance industrial PC motherboard ensure the reliable operation of the system. The advanced 3D smart prediction algorithm ensures the high-speed operation and high precision of curves and lines.
2.The software of the CNC router kits is compatible with CAD and cam design and production software such as Aspire, Powermill, type3, ArtCAM,and UG.
3.The CNC router kits have the function of power-off breakpoint continuation, timely correct the error code file, and automatically correct the error when the CNC router kit machine returning to the origin.
4.The CNC router kits bed adopts casting structure, with strong rigidity, no deformation, double nut clearance elimination screw rod and guide rail to ensure high-speed and high working precision.
5.The CNC router kits are with high power micro step drive, more accurate and stable engraving; High frequency water-cooled spindle motor and interchangeable spindle design make engraving, milling and cutting possible.
6.Full automatic CNC system for the CNC router kits, in the future, it is easy upgrade and expansion, with large screen display, simpler operation, simpler maintenance and more humanized design.

4.Application of hobby CNC router

The mini CNC router is widely used in: small enterprises, small business, home business, small stores, family enterprises, family stores, craftsmen, amateurs, hobbyist, advertising, carpentry, woodworking, signs, letters, numbers, art, handicrafts, building models, badges, badges, display boards, furniture and decorations.
1.Carpentry woodworking: cabinets, doors, chairs, tables, sofa, musical instruments,wooden doors and wooden furniture, windows, panels, 3D wave boards, MDF, etc.
2.Advertising: logo, 3D letters, acrylic letters, acrylic sign, billboard, logo, sign, LED / neon lamp slot, etc.
3.Mold industry: Copper carving, aluminum carving, hardware mold, plastic cloth, PVC, etc.
4.Decoration: MDF, acrylic, glass, density board, stone, plexiglass, aluminum, copper and other soft metals.
5.School Vocational Education.

5.Purchase guide of the hobby CNC router

1.Consultation: After understanding your needs, we will recommend the most suitable mini CNC router machine to you.
2.Quotation: we will provide you with a detailed quotation for the consulting mini CNC router machine, and provide the mini CNC router with best specifications, accessories and prices.
3. Evaluation: the buyer and the seller evaluate all details of the mini CNC router order to eliminate the possibility of any mistake.
4. Place the order: If customer has no questions about the mini CNC router, we will send you Proforma Invoice, and then both side of us will sign a contract .
5. Production: we will arrange the production of mini CNC router immediately after receiving the sales contract and deposit signed by you. The latest news of production of the mini CNC router will be updated and notified to the buyer during the production process of the mini CNC router.
6.Quality control: the production process of the whole mini CNC router machine will be subject to regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete Mhobby CNC router will be tested before leaving the factory to ensure that they can work normally.
7.Shipping: after confirmation by the purchaser of hobby CNC router, we will arrange delivery according to the terms of the contract.
8.Customs clearance: we will provide and deliver all necessary transportation documents to the buyer of hobby CNC router and ensure smooth customs clearance.
9.Support and services: BuyCNC will provide professional technical support and services through telephone, e-mail, Skype, WhatsApp, online real-time chat and remote services. Door-to-door service is also available in some areas.

6.Pricing of the hobby CNC router

What is the cost of the hobby CNC router machines? The first thing to consider is the specifications of the hobby CNC router, which includes the hobby CNC router machine main frame, workbench, spindle, guide rail, ball screw, gantry, controller, motor, driver, CNC operating system, limit switch, power supply, collet, rack and pinion, etc. Different brands of hobby CNC router have different services and support, which also lead to different costs and prices. hobby CNC router machines from different countries have different customs, different tax rates and different freight rates. All these factors will lead to different final prices. Generally speaking,for the hobby CNC router, you will get a final price range about from $2300.00 to $25000.00.

7.How to use the hobby CNC Router

Step 1: Installation of the hobby CNC router machine.
Warning: all operations of the hobby CNC router must be carried out in the power off state.
1. Connection between the hobby CNC router kit’s mechanical body and control box.
2. Connect the control data cable on the fuselage to the control box of the hobby CNC router kits.
3. Plug the power cord plug on the hobby CNC router kit machine body into the national standard 220V (or 380V) power supply.
4. Connect the control box of the hobby CNC router kits to the computer, insert one end of the data cable into the data signal input port on the control box, and the other end into the computer.
5. Plug one end of the power cord of the hobby CNC router kit into the power supply on the control box and the other end into the 220V, 110V or 380V power socket.
6. Install the CNC tool at the lower end of the spindle through the collet. When installing the tool, put a spring collet with appropriate size in the taper hole of the spindle, and then put the tool into the middle hole of the collet. Turn the large wrench counterclockwise to tighten the spindle nut to secure the tool.

Step 2: Operating procedures of the hobby CNC Router
1 Use the software to layout. After correctly calculating the tool path, save the tool path of different tools.
2. After checking all of the tool path is correct, then open the path file in the hobby CNC router kits machine control system (Preview).
3. Tight the material workpiece, and then the operator define the origin of the workpiece. Then turn on the spindle motor and adjust the speed correctly.
4. The operator of the cnc router machine turn on the power and operate the machine correctly.

Step 3: Start the hobby CNC Router
1. Turn on the power switch and then the power indicator light is on. The hobby CNC Router machine first performs reset and self-test operation——x, y, Z and axis return to zero, and then runs to the initial standby position (the origin of the initial machine).
2. Use the controller to adjust the X, y and Z axes to the starting point of machining (machining origin).

Step 4: Working of the hobby CNC Router
1. Edit the file for hobby CNC router kit.

2. Open the file of the hobby CNC router kit , transfer the file to the CNC router machine, and then the file engraving can be completed automatically.

Step 5: End of the hobby CNC Router
When the the CNC file running ends, the hobby CNC router kit machine will automatically raise the router bits and run to the top of the starting point.

8.Daily maintenance of hobby CNC router:

1. The small CNC router control box should be placed in a well-ventilated place and cannot be placed in a high temperature environment. Prevent the electrical components in the control box from malfunctioning due to high temperature.
2. The small CNC router is best placed in a dry and well-ventilated place (to prevent parts and accessories from malfunctioning due to exposure to the fuselage).
3. The small CNC router must be equipped with a reliable voltage regulator to ensure the safe grounding of the ground wire.
4. Try to transfer files to small CNC router without using an internet computer. Computers connected to the Internet can easily cause small CNC router to be abnormal through file transmission.
5. The small CNC router needs to be maintained every other month (add appropriate amount of special lubricating oil on the screw and guide rail). The small CNC router is equipped with a manual or electric lubricator, which can realize faster oiling of the slider and the screw, and no Need to be disassembled, maintenance is more convenient and quicker.
6. Maintain a good lubrication state, regularly check and clean the lead screw, add or replace lubricating grease and oil, so that each moving part of the lead screw, nut, etc. always maintains a good lubrication condition of small CNC router, so as to reduce the wear speed of mechanical parts.
7. Do not allow small CNC router to work at the same part of the machine table for a long time (in case that the screw, guide rail and other transmission devices are not in contact with the beam for a long time and cannot be reasonably lubricated).
8. Check whether the small CNC router circuit and screws are loose within a certain period of time. It is best to tighten the screws regularly. This can also improve the accuracy of engraving.
9. Do not place debris (magnetic materials, corrosive items, overweight items, liquids, etc.) on the hobby CNC router kit table or machine head.
10. If the hobby CNC router kit is equipped with a water-cooled spindle, make sure that the water for cooling the spindle is sufficient before starting the machine to prevent the spindle’s temperature from being too high due to lack of water, which may cause the spindle coil to melt.

9.Why choose desktop CNC router?

Desktop CNC router is also called tabletop CNC router, benchtop CNC router. Desktop CNC router is a popular model of hobby CNC Router. As the name suggests, desktop CNC router is a hobby CNC Router placed on a benchtop or desktop. It occupies a very small space. As long as there is a flat table, it can be put down. There is no need to make extra space for the benchtop CNC router. So tabletop CNC router is especially suitable for those with limited space. Customers, such as placed in garages, basements, balconies, or small studios, small shops. Another reason for the popularity of tabletop CNC router is that because of its small size, the transportation cost is relatively cheap. This is a good choice for the current high freight rate. It is worth noting that because tabletop CNC router should be placed on the desktop, considering the load-bearing capacity of the desktop, tabletop CNC router cannot be made into a very large size, because the main bed structure of tabletop CNC router is cast iron, which is very heavy. Large size tabletop CNC router is obviously not Suitable for placing on the table.

10.How to choose the best hobby CNC router?

Every consumer wants to choose the best hobby CNC router. In fact, they should choose the most suitable hobby CNC router according to their own use. The most suitable hobby CNC router is the best hobby CNC router.
If you have a small shop, often processing wood, soft metals, etc. for customers, and the daily work is not short, then we recommend you a relatively high hobby CNC router configuration. For example, this best hobby CNC router should have a cast iron bed, a spindle of at least 2.2kw, and a stable soft control system.
If you only make some small objects for yourself and don’t use hobby CNC router often, then we recommend that you have a relatively low configuration hobby CNC router. For example, the main shaft can be 800w or 1.5kw, and the main bed of the machine can be aluminum alloy.
Therefore, the hobby CNC router that is most suitable for you is the best hobby CNC router. If you do not know how to choose the best hobby CNC router, please contact BuyCNC, BuyCNC will give you professional advice for choosing the best hobby CNC Router.

Customer reviews and testimonials of Small CNC router

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Selina from America

I am a middle school teacher. In order to better carry out my courses, I bought a small CNC router machine here. I received the goods some time ago. It is really exquisite and the machine is very small, but its processing Ability is quite strong. The hobby CNC router can process wood and plastic quickly.

Albert From Spanish

I have been engaged in the advertising processing industry for many years, and have been processing my advertising signs through the small CNC router machine. Some time ago, one of my desktop 6090 CNC machine broke down. My friend recommended to me BuyCNC’s new desktop CNC router. The price is so attractive, so I bought one. Now this desktop CNC router machine can make money for me

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