How to Maintain The Water-cooled Spindle


Do you know what is the water cooled spindle and air cooled spindle?


As the name implies, the water cooled spindle motor uses water circulation to cool the heat generated by the dao after the spindle rotates at a high speed. This method will have a better effect because the temperature after circulation will not exceed 40 degrees. While the air-cooled spindle motor uses a air fan to dissipate heat, and its effect is definitely not as good as water cooling.

2. Noise:

 The water cooling spindle motor is basically no noise, but the noise of this air-cooled spindle motor is very loud.

3. In terms of service life:

Because water cooled spindle motors need to pay attention to maintenance, frequent water changes or use industrial water coolers,so their service life is much longer than that of air-cooled spindle motors. 

4. In terms of accuracy: 

The axial and radial run out of the water cooled spindle motor is basically below 0.003 mm, which is far less than the air-cooled spindle motor!

5. Temperature factor:

Because the water cooled spindle needs to be connected to the water pump, we need to install a water tank on the machine to hold the water, and we need to connect the water cooled spindle to the water pump. If the weather in your place is relatively cold, the water can easily freeze, which will cause water cooling spindle cannot work. The air-cooled spindle does not need to consider the temperature problem, it can operate normally at high and low temperatures.

6.In terms of price: air cooled spindles are more expensive than water cooled spindles.

2.2kw ATC water cooling Spindle

Water-Cooling Spindle

Why do we need to maintain the water cooling Spindle

If the water circulation spindle motor of your CNC water cooled router machine works for a long time without paying attention to maintenance, then the water cooled spindle motor will have poor water circulation and blockage of the water circulation. In particular, the water cooled spindles of stone CNC router and metal CNC router require maintenance. The lower part of the stone CNC router spindle is in contact with the stone, and the lower part of the mold engraving machine spindle is in contact with metal and other substances. The stone powder, metal powder and other substances produced by engraving can easily block the CNC engraving machine.

If the spindle of the 4×4 engraving machine is not well maintained, it is very easy to produce scale.The Composition of scale is mostly calcium carbonate, and some hard scales, such as calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, calcium silicate, alumina impurities and rust.

The water scale will cause the water spindle motor to heat up and the heat dissipation is not good, and serious problems such as burning the motor will occur. This will not only affect the normal operation of the CNC router machine, but also increase energy consumption.So we need to take good care of this water cooling spindle.

Water tank

Water Tank

How to maintain the water cooled Spindle

1.Choose the right cooling water: 

Because the water-cooled spindle is cooled by water circulation, it is important to choose the right cooling water. Generally we do not use tap water, because the tap water is not clean enough and it is easy to produce scale, so we choose to use filtered Distilled water. At the same time, in order to avoid the freezing of water due to the low temperature in winter, we chose car coolant instead of water, which is not easy to freeze and has a good cooling effect.

2. To ensure that the pure water is clean, a filter can be installed at the outlet of the water pump. At the same time, pay attention to the temperature of the spindle during processing. If the temperature of the spindle rises, then it is necessary to check whether the water circulation is normal.

3. Because of the cold weather in winter, in order to avoid damaging the water-cooled spindle, the cooling water should be treated in time after the machine is used to avoid freezing the water pipe or water tank.

4.For water-cooled spindle woodworking engraving machines, some customers often forget to change the cooling water, especially in summer, if the water temperature is too high, it will not be able to cool the spindle, and doing so for a long time will greatly reduce the service life of the spindle.

Summary: the Spindle of CNC router machine can be divided into air-cooled spindles and water-cooled spindles. As the name suggests, air-cooled is heat dissipation by wind, and water-cooled motors are cooled by water circulation. Relatively speaking, water-cooled motors have low noise when they work, and their price and use are more affordable than air-cooled motors. Therefore, there are many customers who use water cooling spindle to cool CNC woodworking engraving machines.

stone sample

Points to note when using a water-cooled spindle

CNC router machine engraving spindles are mainly divided into two types: air-cooled spindles and water-cooled spindles. Customers can choose the suitable spindle configuration according to their own processing conditions, but no matter which spindle they choose, they must understand the principle of construction and master its movement. Because the performance of the engraving spindle determines the performance of the engraving machine. Compared with air-cooled spindles, water cooled spindles must be used and maintained more carefully in daily use.

1. Preparations before starting the water cooled router spindle

(1). Check whether the spindle clamping is stable.

(2). Whether the cooling water is unblocked.

(3). Whether the current is normal, the voltage must meet the requirements and not exceed the specified 10%.

(4). Whether the wiring is correct, pay attention to the forward and reverse rotation and grounding.

(5). The tool holder clamp is firm, so that the accuracy is within the allowable range.

(6). Whether it is reasonable to use pressure cap, collet and knife.

2. When the water cooled CNC spindle is running, you should always pay attention to its dynamics. If abnormal conditions are found, measures must be taken to resume operation after returning to normal.

3. It is strictly forbidden to get damp at the stator and bearing of the main shaft, especially water.

4. The direction of rotation is counterclockwise. When the opposite direction is found, any two of the thread ends need to be reversed.

5. Make necessary monitoring of the voltage, current, temperature rise, sound, etc. of the spindle during use to make it run within the normal range.

6. The main spindle(such as 2.2 kw spindle) must not run over speed for a long time, but it can run at reduced speed.

7.keep the cooling water smooth, the water temperature should not exceed room temperature, and the flow rate is about 3-5L/Min.

Common problems and solutions of the water cooling spindle

1.What to do if the water cool spindle is blocked?

The 3kw water cooled spindle of the engraving machine is blocked and the water cannot flow. It is mainly caused by the blockage of the waterway of the spindle of the engraving machine. First You can suspend the operation of the equipment, drain the water in the water tank, open the water injection port and the drain port, and keep it unobstructed. Then use the air gun to repeatedly dredge After dredging the circulating cooling water circuit, replace the circulating cooling water (pure water or distilled water) of the engraving machine spindle chiller. It is best to add an anti-scaling agent to the water tank for better anti-scaling effect. The anti-scaling agent will form a protective film on the wall of the water pipe to reduce the generation of scale and prevent rust, thereby greatly improving the cooling effect of the chiller.

Due to the processing characteristics of woodworking engraving machines, most of the current engraving spindles are currently selected water-cooled spindles, and the water-cooled spindles need to use water circulation for cooling, and ensure that the water circulation cannot be interrupted during the engraving process. Many customers pay little attention to the spindle water circulation, which can easily lead to poor spindle water circulation or blockage of the spindle water circulation. To avoid such problems, customers only need to do the following.

1. Ensure that the water quality is clean and free of any impurities to prevent the water inlet of the motor from being blocked;

2. The power of the water pump must not be too small, otherwise the water circulation cannot be performed well due to the height difference between the main shaft and the water pump;

3. Pay attention to frequent replacement or addition of pure water to avoid excessive water circulation time and high water temperature, which may cause scale in the main shaft water circulation pipeline;

Just pay attention to the above three points to avoid clogging of the engraving spindle or poor cooling effect of water circulation. 


2.what should I do if the water circulation of the spindle(such as the 800w water cooled spindle) of the engraving machine is blocked?


1. Turn off the water pump, connect the air pipe of the air compressor to the water outlet of the main shaft, clean the residue inside the main shaft with high pressure air, blow for a while, then connect the water pump for water circulation, and then use the air compressor to repeat the previous steps, repeating several times. Generally can be solved;

2. Or blow through with an air gun, increase the power of the water pump, and thicken the water pipe.

3. The water quality of the water cycle is best to use barreled purified water, which can ensure that there are no impurities or scales. If you use tap water, you must pay attention to frequent replacement;

4. Always pay attention to the water temperature of the water cycle. Too high water temperature will not have the effect of circulating cooling and affect the performance of the spindle motor.

The above points are some of the faults that the water cooling spindle motor will often encounter. When facing these problems, you only need to eliminate them one by one according to the above troubleshooting methods, you can handle the problems better and faster, and let the CNC router The machine resumes engraving processing faster.

Knowledge about water cooled spindle

What are the common water cooled spindles

800w water cooled spindle, 1.5kw water cooled spindle, 2.2kw water cooled spindle, 5.5kw water cooling spindle,2.2 kw water cooled spindle with inverter,800w CNC spindle.


Applicable machines for CNC water cooling spindles: 

CNC Router machine with high-power spindles, such as Stone CNC router machine and metal CNC router machine. Because the materials they process are relatively hard, they need high-power spindles for processing, which also causes them to produce The heat is higher. While cooling with a air fan cannot quickly and effectively achieve the cooling effect, so most of these machines use water-cooled spindles, which not only can quickly cool down, but also extend the service life of the CNC milling machine.


What is the temperature of the water cooled spindle

It is recommended to set the water cooling temperature of the CNC cutting and engraving machine at 20-30 degrees. In summer, place your CNC router machine in a cool and ventilated environment to avoid cold water high temperature alarm.


Can the water cooling spindle be cleaned with hydrochloric acid?

Since the spindle of CNC engraving machine is a water-cooled spindle, it must be circulated repeatedly by internal circulating water to achieve the purpose of reducing the heat of the spindle motor during the working process. So that the engraving machine can work normally and stably. If the spindle motor of the engraving machine is blocked, it should be solved in time. First of all, you can connect the air pump to blow down, and try to blow out the debris and blockages in the water pipe. If you can’t blow it out, you can also soak it in diluted acid to soften the blockage, and then blow it down with a high-pressure water gun to blow out the scale and impurities inside. Then replace it with purified water or distilled water as circulating water. However, because hydrochloric acid is corrosive, repeated use of hydrochloric acid may corrode the water-cooled spindle, so it is best to replace the cooling water or coolant one month.


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