CNC Furniture Production Line

The demand for CNC Furniture production line is now growing because customized furniture is becoming more and more popular It is the right time to invest in a factory that makes custom furniture now.

There is a lot of equipment needed to produce custom furniture. If you are in the initial stage of starting a business, We suggest the following types of machines that you need to buy: CNC wood cutting machine, edge banding machine, and side hole machine.

Customized furniture mainly includes living room furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture, cloakroom furniture, office furniture, cabinet doors, cabinet body, beds, sofas, coffee tables, low cabinets, chest of drawers, storage cabinets, wine cabinets, bar counters, Game cabinets, computer cabinet, computer cabinet, partitions, etc.

The main boards used in custom furniture are density board, particleboard, melamine board, multi-layer board, plywood, solid wood board, and so on.

1. CNC Wood Cutting Machine

In this part, we will give you some guidelines for buying the CNC nesting machine. No matter you are a modern panel furniture supplier, kitchen cabinet manufacturer, wardrobe maker, cabinets maker, closets maker, door manufacturers, shopfitter and provider, CNC machinists, operators, and beginners, I hope this article can bring you new ideas. We will offer you expert service to make cabinets, including cabinet doors, cabinet bodies, wardrobes, doors, home decorations, and some other personalized panel furniture.

1)What Is A CNC Nesting Machine?
The CNC Nesting Machine is a kind of panel furniture production line. It is a smart CNC solution for customized furniture production for panel furniture making, wardrobe making, cabinet door making, cabinet body making, closet door making, home door making, home decoration, cabinets making, home furniture making, sofa making, bed making, desk making, shop, and office furniture making.
In the furniture production process, the Intelligent CNC nesting machines can realize the totally automatically working, including automatic paste barcode, wood board automatic feeding, hole drilling, slotting, board cutting, automatic uploading, automatic retrieval processes for cutting the side hole, slot on the back, back hole drilling, the whole furniture production process don’t need human judgment, and the nesting CNC machine can process automatically, getting rid of the dependence of woodworking professional and technical workers. Besides, using the automatic feeding CNC nesting machine instead of the traditional table cutting saw or precision cutting saw, to prevent the occurrence of work-related injuries, the health of employees is guaranteed.

The nesting CNC machine is also known as CNC nesting machine, CNC nesting machining center, nesting CNC router, panel furniture production line, CNC wood cutting machine, CNC furniture machines, CNC cabinet machines, CNC router furniture, CNC cut wood machine, CNC router cutters, cabinet door making machine, CNC router for wood cutting, CNC wood cutting machine for sale, CNC router cabinets, cabinet door machine for sale, wood cutting CNC router machine, wood cutting CNC, CNC machine for wood cutting, CNC router cabinet, CNC router cabinet doors, CNC router cabinet making, CNC cabinet machine for sale, cabinet door, CNC machine, cabinet CNC, CNC machine for cabinet making, CNC router plywood cutting, CNC router kitchen cabinets, best CNC router for cabinet making, cabinet making CNC machine, cabinet making CNC, CNC for cabinet making, CNC computer cabinet, cabinet door CNC machine, CNC machine for the cabinet shop, CNC wood cutter machine.

2)How Many Different Types Panel Furniture Production Lines?
The production lines are different for making different furniture. The followings are some common CNC production lines: CNC automatic labeling drilling and cutting center, customized cabinet and wardrobe CNC smart hole machine, CNC six-sided hole drilling machine, CNC panel saw, cabinet intelligent connection machines, cabinet and wardrobe molded door production line, multiple six-sided drilling and cutting machine connections, production process planning and design, solid wood assembly machining center, etc.

3)How Does A CNC Wood Cutting Machine Work With Panel Furniture Production Line?
The working path is automatically generated by the CAD/CAM software of the CNC wood cutting machine. Through the intelligent design software(Cabinet Version, Haixun, etc. ) to split single 3D modeling, it can realize the real effect of map rendering. The customized furniture’s shape and size will be seen clearly at a glance. After the automatic assembly generated a single panel report and hardware statements and outputs all sheet drawing formats (DXF format drawing is a common format, it can be open in all the CNC router operation software), each piece of wood plate holes, slots are automatically generated. Through the optimization by the automatic layout software to optimize the layout and generate the processing path —NC program, to maximize the use of the raw materials. It can completely mass production of customized furniture, semi-finished products processing can be clearly distinguished, not easy to confuse for the worker. The convey belt uploading table has two laser radiation sensors, when the workpiece arrives at the sensor, the conveyance will stop automatically. When the worker takes off the workpieces from the table, the convey continues to run until the sensor detects the next workpieces. The CNC wood cutting machine also can reduce labor, improve the utilization of raw materials, greatly reduce production costs.

4)CNC Wood Cutting Machine VS Sliding Table Saw
a. Wood CNC router cutter machine saves labor costs: the sliding table saw requires a professional and technical worker and an auxiliary worker to cooperate to complete the work, and CNC router cutter only needs one auxiliary worker to be trained to operate, no two people are required.

b. CNC router cutter work efficiency is faster: the sliding table saw cutting materials can cut up to 40 boards per day. In addition, the sliding table saw has a very big disadvantage, that is, it cannot cut special shapes. The sliding table saw can only be cut at 90 degrees or 45 degrees. . In addition, workers need to push the boards back and forth, and they are very tired in a day; while using CNC router cutter can cut special-shaped workpieces, according to the calculation of 8 hours a day, they can cut 60-130 sheets.

c. Wood CNC router cutter machine precision is higher: the precision of the sliding table saw is generally above 0.5mm, and the precision is even worse when it is used. The precision of the cutting machine can be controlled within 0.1-0.2mm, and the diagonal will be automatically adjusted.

d. Wood CNC router cutter machine is more secure. CNC router cutters are done by computer numerical control with one key, without manual intervention, which can better ensure safe production.

e. CNC router cutters machine has less dust and is more environmentally friendly: When the sliding table saw is cutting, the sawdust is full of wood chips, which is very harmful to the health of the workers. The sanitary environment of the production workshop is difficult to clean. The feeder is equipped with a dust removal device, so there is very little dust.

5)How to choose the CNC cabinet machine manufacture?
Due to the increasing demand for CNC cabinet machines in the customized panel furniture industry, more and more manufacturers of CNC cutting machines are produced. The development direction of large and small engraving machine manufacturers has shifted from engraving machines to CNC cabinet machines, so there is so many CNC cabinet machine for sale. This has also caused the CNC cabinet machine quality on the market to be uneven, and the price difference is also very large. The appearance and configuration of some machines from different manufacturers look similar, and the price can be more than doubled. How should customers choose? Customers are advised to inspect CNC cabinet machine manufacturers from the following aspects to determine which brand of cutting machine is good, and which is the better CNC cabinet machine for sale (CNC wood cutting machine for sale)?

a. Technical strength:
Check whether CNC wood furniture cutting machine manufacturers really have their own independent R&D personnel. Is the CNC wood cabinet cutting machine self-developed or imitated. Are there any formal CNC wood cutting machine drawings? With the increasing popularity of machinery nowadays, there are more and more types of people using machinery to replace labor. This requires that the technical strength of a factory must be excellent, constantly updated, and improved. Some factories claim that they can meet the customer’s processing requirements, but in fact, they can’t even make a formed sample for the customer. Such CNC wood furniture cabinet cutter machine, the customer buys back like a pile of scrap iron, there is no way to create value for the customer, so you have to see For the truth.

b. Processing strength: It is important to investigate whether wood CNC cabinet cutting machine manufacturers have high-end production equipment and machining capabilities. Only high-end production equipment can produce high-quality wooden CNC cabinet cutting machines. The hardware equipment commonly used in CNC computer cabinet machine production includes large gantry milling machining centers, various CNC milling machines, drilling machines, planers, etc. The complete production equipment can greatly improve the accuracy and quality of the machine.

c. Assembly strength: CNC computer cabinet machine’s working method is high-speed cutting, so the accuracy and stability of the machine are relatively high. The most important step to ensure these two points is assembly. Imagine that during assembly, if the rails are not installed horizontally, the racks are not straight. When assembling a qualified CNC router cabinet doors machine, it is assembled strictly with a dial indicator, and all machines are of the same factory standard.

d. Investigate whether CNC routers for wood cutting manufacturers have a large number of mature customer cases, because the production process of the machine can be seen in the machine production factory, and the use of the machine can be seen in the customer using the factory so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the machine and buy one Set of an assured CNC router for wood cutting.

2. Side Hole Drilling Machine

The side hole drilling machine is a model specially designed and developed for the side hole punching of panel furniture. The machine is simple to operate and can scan code processing. Ordinary workers can be on duty after simple training, which reduces labor costs. The machine does not need to repeatedly adjust the ruler, which greatly improves the punching efficiency. One side hole machine can be docked with 2-3 sets of CNC router furniture machines, which can easily solve the problem of drilling horizontal holes. At the same time, the machine can switch between long and shortboards, and switch between dowel holes, single holes, and blind holes to meet various technological requirements.
There are currently three types of hole measuring machines: CNC hole measuring machine, laser hole measuring machine, and infrared hole measuring machine.
CNC side hole machine: The machine is very easy to operate, and the side hole position can be processed by scanning the code. There is no need for a high-level drilling master, so it is deeply loved by the majority of panel furniture factories. People who don’t know how to drill can instantly have high-level skills for drilling horizontal holes, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.

Laser code scanning side hole machine: It is a CNC side hole machine equipment for horizontal hole processing of panel furniture. It is used in conjunction with a CNC cutting machine through panel furniture design and disassembly software, and the hole position information is obtained by laser scanning barcodes. The accuracy is high, but only one board can be processed at a time, and the dependence on software is high.

Infrared side hole machine: It realizes horizontal hole position processing through infrared line induction of vertical holes. With the increasing maturity of technology, the infrared side hole machine can complete wood pinhole position processing, and it can be processed together with multiple sheets. The operation is simple, no need for Software docking is a fool operation mode, which is easy to process.

Feature of the side hole drilling machine :
1) The machine tool is processed by a large CNC five-axis milling machining center with high precision;
2) The operation is simple, ordinary workers can operate the machine after 1 hour of training;
3) No need for any software support and docking, it supports all CNC router furniture machines;
4) Using laser scanning infrared positioning, put and fire, streamline operation;
5) Adapt to 99.99% wood sheet size, intelligently judge and punch;
6) Heavy-duty bed, CNC five-face milling, drilling, tapping forming;
7) High-speed servo motor and transmission are combined with imported reducer, high-speed and high-precision.
Function: Punch outside holes, blindside holes, and side grooves. Processing the largest sheet 1220*2440, the smallest sheet 100*50; adapt to 99.99% of the wooden sheet size, intelligently judge the punching.

3. Edge Banding Machine:

After the wood board is cut by CNC Wood Cutting Machine, it needs to be taken to the edge banding machine for edge banding. Generally speaking, the edge banding machine should have the following functions:
1) Pre-milling. The automatic edge banding machine can re-modify the uneven wood board or the ripples, burrs, or non-vertical phenomena caused by the cutting saw and the cutting saw processing so that the board sealing boundary surface is flat, and the edge banding strip and the board are closely attached. So as to achieve a better edge banding effect. (Now the basic plates are all cabinet door CNC machine processing, the edges are relatively neat, this function is not particularly necessary)
2) Glue and seal the edges. The full-automatic edge banding machine can apply double-sided glue on the processed workpiece and the edge band through a special setting and structure so that the adhesion between the edge band and the plate is stronger.

3) Let’s go together. The automatic edge banding machine is equipped with a special linear guide rail, which can move through the precise linear guide rail to ensure the flatness of the edge banding surface of the edge banding plate, and has achieved a better edge banding effect.
4) Refinement. The edge banding machine is equipped with a finishing tool. During edge banding, automatic tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor structure are used to repair the excess edge banding of the edge banding plate, so that the width of the edge banding is consistent with the width of the edge banding plate.

5) Scrape the edges. The automatic edge banding machine can also scrape away the ripple traces produced in the curve edge banding process to ensure smooth and smooth board edge banding and surrounding parts.
6) Polishing. The full-automatic edge bander machine can polish the edge banding board so that the color and smoothness of the edge banding board can achieve better.
7) Slotting. The edge banding machine can also be used for grooving. This function is generally used for direct grooving of the side panels and bottom of the wardrobe, and it can also be used for grooving the aluminum edging of door panels.
8) Profiling tracking. Mainly on the basis of the previous process, the front and rear corners of the sealing edge are modified to make the front and rear sealing edges appear rounded, which is more beautiful

4. Economical VS Standard Types Of Panel Furniture Production Lines

At present, there is a mode of coexistence of standardized mass production and customized demand production in the production of panel furniture. Furniture products are also faced with different user groups, and the processing methods are also different. In the manufacturing field, such large-scale production is very important for furniture factories. It is a very big challenge. In order to meet different needs, various manufacturers have developed advanced custom panel furniture production lines. Do you know what the combination of panel furniture production lines is? How to choose different machines according to your own products and budget What about the combination? Next, BuyCNC will give you a detailed summary, hoping to help you.

In the customized furniture cabinet production method, it can not only meet the needs of personalized production, but also shorten the production cycle as much as possible, improve the on-time delivery rate of products, and reduce production costs; for advanced customized furniture production lines, it is suitable for customized production. , It is also suitable for mass production, so it can be invested in one time to meet various production needs.
As long as you select the appropriate type of panel furniture production line equipment program according to the production capacity requirements of the furniture factory, you can get a considerable return. Here are the following solutions for the selection of panel furniture production equipment to meet customized requirements:

1) Economical Furniture Production Line:
a. Wood cutting CNC router machine: woodcutting CNC router machine with drilling function + automatic loading and unloading function: used for punching, grooving, and cutting of panel furniture;
b. Edge banding machine: Fully automatic edge banding machine is used for linear edge banding after cutting. Different styles have different functions. It is recommended to choose an edge banding machine with profiling tracking function, which has a moderate degree of automation and good processing products; a curved edge banding machine is used for edge banding of special-shaped plates;
c. Side hole drilling machine (side row drilling): It is mainly used to drill side holes after cutting the blank plate, which is economical and practical; an infrared side hole machine can generally be used with two wood cutting CNC router machines for production and processing;
d. Others: auxiliary tools and equipment, such as cutting saws and auxiliary air compressors for backplane processing.
An economical automatic panel furniture production line can process about 50 panels in 8 hours a day and can be customized for the whole house.

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