BuyCNC CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

1.What is plasma cutter?

  Plasma cutter is a new type of metal processing thermal cutting machine. It uses auxiliary gas and high-speed and high-temperature plasma arc as heat source to locally melt the metal, blow away the molten metal with high-speed air flow, and form narrow plasma cutting joints at the same time. The plasma cutting machine is used to cut many different metals, such as carbon steel, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, etc.

  It not only has the advantages of narrow cutting seam, fast cutting speed, small heat affected zone, flat cutting, small workpiece deformation and simple operation, but also has significant advantages and energy-saving effect. It is applicable to more metal cutting projects and plans such as various machinery, metal structure manufacturing, maintenance and installation services, sheet metal manufacturing, drilling, excavation and repair, chamfering and so on.

2.The definition of CNC plasma cutter?

CNC plasma cutter is a CNC metal cutting machine with CNC controller. Plasma torch is used to cut different metals into different profiles and shapes, including low carbon steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, bronze, iron, brass, copper, alloy, and titanium. CNC plasma cutting machine consists of plasma CNC controller, plasma CNC cutting system, plasma CNC cutting software, plasma power supply, rack, plasma torch, blade or sawtooth plasma workbench, driver, motor,port freight tools (port freight generator, port freight air compressor parts – pump and motor), guide rail, ball screw, options and consumables. CNC plasma cutting machine is also calledplasma cutter, CNC plasma cutter, CNC plasma, CNC plasma tables, CNC plasma table, plasma cutting machine, plasma cut machine, plasma tables, plasma cutting tables, CNC plasma, cutting machine, plasma machine, plasma cutting machine price, plasma CNC machine, CNC plasma cutting tables, CNC, plasma cutting table, CNC plasma cutter for sale.

3.What is a CNC plasma table?

CNC plasma table is a kind of plasma CNC cutting machine with customized welding table top, which can well adapt to cutting metal projects of different sizes. There are slide rails on both sides of the worktable frame, and the cutting mounting seat of the CNC plasma table is slidably connected with the two slide rails above the worktable frame.

The cutting mounting seat is slidably connected with the cutting part. The workbench frame of the CNC plasma table comprises a water tank and a plurality of support columns, flanges are fixed on both sides of the water tank, and a pressing structure is installed at the flange. The pressing structure of the CNC plasma table comprises a pressing plate arranged above the support column and a pressing component connected with the flange position.

The pressing assembly of CNC plasma tables include a rotating screw rod connected with the flange and a pressing ring connected with the screw rod thread. The screw rod passes through the overpressure tightening plate, and the pressing plate is located on the lead screw below the pressing ring. A pressing mechanism is arranged on the workbench frame of the CNC plasma tables. After the plate is placed on the workbench, rotate the pressing ring to make the pressing plate press the plate on the workbench of CNC plasma tables, which can flatten the plate with poor flatness and easy curl, save the labor of sheet metal processing, and make the cutting more convenient and safer.

4.How does CNC plasma cutter work?

Plasma cutting is a processing method that uses the heat of high-temperature plasma arc to melt at the metal workpiece and eliminate the molten metal through high-speed plasma momentum to form a notch. The CNC plasma cutter generates an arc by using gases such as compressed air, oxygen, or nitrogen. This will turn the gas into a plasma, and it will quickly penetrate the metal for broadband cutting. The working principle of flame cutting torch is to add a stream of oxygen to the flame to oxidize the metal and turn it into slag. The plasma torch of the CNC plasma cutter moves along the tool path guided by the computer. “CNC” means “computer numerical control”, which means that the computer is used to control the G code supporting motion in the program. Compared with the handheld plasma cutting machine, the CNC plasma cutter realizes high-efficiency, high-speed and high-quality automatic machining.

5.What is CNC plasma cutter used for?

What materials can CNC plasma cutting machine cut? CNC plasma cutting machines are used to cut metals, such as sheet metal, stainless steel, galvanized steel, square and round tubes, including iron, el, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, carbon steel, alloy, bronze, aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium. CNC plasma cutting machines are widely used in machine tool manufacturing, petrochemical equipment, light industrial machinery, pressure vessels, ships, mining machinery, electric power, bridge construction, aerospace, steel structure and other industries. Enthusiasts, family stores, family businesses, small stores, small businesses, school education, industrial manufacturing.

6.How many types of plasma cutting machines?

The most common types of CNC plasma cutting machines include handheld plasma cutting machines (portable plasma cutting machines) and CNC plasma cutting machines (hobby CNC plasma and Industrial CNC plasma). The most common plasma power sources for the CNC plasma cut machine include Huayuan brand plasma cutter and American Hypertherm plasma cutter. According to the appearance type, CNC plasma cut machine can be divided into desktop CNC plasma, gantry CNC plasma and portable CNC plasma. According to the working mode of CNC plasma cut machine, it can be divided into dry plasma, semi dry plasma and underwater plasma. According to the cutting quality,the CNC plasma cut machine can be divided into ordinary plasma, fine plasma, laser plasma, etc.

7.What are the advantages of plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting is an effective cutting method of metal plate and metal pipes. The CNC plasma cut machine has been widely used in many different industries. Customers of the CNC plasma cut machine can benefit from 10 advantages, including fast cutting, ease of use, low cost, multitasking, versatility, safe use, eliminating plate warpage, a wide range of materials and thickness, improving internal perforation speed and reducing slag.
Compared with the traditional semi-automatic and manual cutting methods for the metal, the full-automatic CNC plasma cut machine greatly improves the efficiency and quality. Plasma cnc machine cutting system is an exponentially controlled plasma, flame, water jet and laser cutting machine. According to the CNC nesting software for automatic, full-time, high-quality, high utilization and efficient cutting. In industrial production, metal thermal cutting generally includes gas cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting.
Compared with gas cutting, plasma cutting has wider cutting range and higher efficiency. Fine plasma cutting technology is close to the quality of laser cutting in the cutting surface quality of materials, but the cost is much lower than that of laser cutting. It shows great advantages in saving materials and improving labor productivity. This promotes the development of plasma cutting technology from manual or semi-automatic to CNC, and has become one of the main development directions of CNC cutting technology.
1.The plasma CNC machine can cut thick metals, for example, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, copper and its alloys, cast iron and other metal materials. Customers can also use a non transfer plasma arc cutting gun to cut non-conductive non-metallic materials and insulating materials with a thickness of more than 150mm.
2.The cutting speed of plasma CNC machine is fast and the production efficiency is high, especially when cutting thin metal with high power, the production efficiency of plasma CNC machine is improved more significantly.
3.The cutting quality of plasma CNC machine is high, the incision is smooth and flat, the incision is narrow, and the heat affected zone and deformation are smaller than other cutting methods.
4.The cost is low of plasma CNC machine. Due to the high speed, cutting the same material with cheap gas such as nitrogen requires less raw materials and labor than other methods.

8.How many types of CNC Plasma tables are there?

The most common types of CNC plasma tables include 4×4 plasma table, 4×8 plasma table, 5×10 plasma table and 6×12 foot plasma table. Some users may call CNC plasma table 48 “X 48” and 48 “x 96”, 60 “x 120” in inches, and some users of the CNC plasma tables may call worktable kits 1212, 1325, 1530, 2040, in millimeters (mm).

9.What is the plasma cutting machine price?

The plasma cutting machine price is very different according to the different requirements of plasma power supply, plasma CNC control system, plasma torch, sawtooth or blade plasma workbench, plasma CNC cutting system, port freight tools (port freight generator, port freight air compressor parts – pump and motor), motor, driver and plasma CNC system, cutting software, rack, guide rail, ball screw For optional and consumable parts.Generally speaking, the plasma cutting machine price range is from $4000.00 to $20000.00. If you want to buy CNC plasma cutting tables overseas, freight, tax and customs clearance fees should be included in the final plasma cutting machine price.
For the exact plasma cutting machine price, please feel free to contact BuyCNC, and BuyCNC will calculate the detailed plasma cutting machine price for you.

10.How to use CNC plasma cutting machine or CNC plasma tables?

1. Manual non-touch cutting.

a). When the cutting torch roller touch the workpiece, adjust the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece plane to 3-5mm(When cutting, the “cut thickness selection” switch is upscales).

b) Turn on the cutting torch switch to ignite the plasma arc. After cutting the workpiece, move to the cutting direction at a uniform speed. Cutting speed of the CNC plasma cutting tables are based on penetration. Too slow speed will affect the quality of the incision and even break the arc.

c) After the cnc plasma cutting machine cutting, open and close cutting torch switch. At this time, the compressed air is delayed to cool the cutting torch. After a few seconds, the eject stops automatically. Remove the cutting torch and complete the whole cutting process.

2. Manual contact cutting.

a) “ The “cut thickness selection” switch is in low gear, which is used to cut thin sheet metal parts in a single machine.
b) Place the cutting torch nozzle of the CNC plasma cutting tables at the starting point of the workpiece to be cut, turn on the cutting torch switch, ignite the plasma arc, cut through the workpiece, and then move at a uniform speed along the cutting direction.
c) After cutting, turn on and off the cutting torch switch. At this time, compressed air is still ejecting. After a few seconds, spraying will stop automatically. Remove the cutting torch and complete the whole cutting process.

3. Automatic cutting.

a) Automatic cutting mode is mainly suitable for cutting thick material. Select the “cut thickness selection” switch position.
b) After removing the cutting torch roller, the cutting torch is firmly connected with the semi-automatic machine tool, and the accessories are in the attached accessories.
c) Turn on the power supply of the semi-automatic plasma cutter, and install the radius rod or guide rail according to the shape of the material (if it is necessary to cut an arc or circle, it is necessary to configure the radius rod).
d) If the touch switch plug is off, replace the remote control switch plug (prepared in the accessories).
e) Adjust the appropriate travel speed of the CNC plasma cutting tables according to the thickness of the workpiece. And set the “up” and “down” switches on the semi-automatic cutter to the cutting direction.
f) Adjust the distance between the nozzle and the material to 3-8mm, and adjust the center position of the nozzle to the starting strip of the workpiece slit.
g) Turn on the remote control switch. After cutting the workpiece, turn on the power switch of the semi-automatic machine for cutting. At the beginning of cutting, pay attention to the cutting seam at any time and adjust to the appropriate cutting speed. And pay attention to whether the two machines work normally at any time.
h) After the CNC plasma cutting tables cutting, turn off the remote control switch and power switch of the semi-automatic plasma cutting machine. So far, the whole cutting process is completed.

4. Manually cutting circle.

According to the material and thickness of the workpiece, select single or parallel cutting mode, and select the corresponding cutting mode. Tighten the cross bar in the attached accessories to the screw hole on the cutting torch support. To the required radius and tighten it, and then adjust the distance from the tip to the cutting torch nozzle according to the length of the workpiece radius (the width of the slit must be considered). After adjustment, tighten the central fastening screw to prevent loosening, loosen the holder and tighten the knurled screw. At this point, you can cut the workpiece.

11.What is the voltage of CNC plasma cutting machine?

  When the CNC plasma cutting machine completes the whole cutting work, the CNC plasma cutting tables system completes the control of mechanical accuracy, and completes the control of cutting and seam quality with the help of plasma power supply. We can say that a good plasma power supply has the ultimate cutting quality, which is very important to the accuracy. In the actual use and operation of CNC plasma cutting tables, due to the brand of plasma power supply, power of plasma power supply, consumables such as cutting gun and cutting nozzle electrode of plasma power supply, as well as the thickness of metal plate, it also includes various plasma arc cutting process parameters, which directly affect the stability, cutting quality and effect of cutting process.

  The power supply of manual plasma cutting machine must have enough high no-load voltage to easily start the arc and stabilize the plasma arc combustion. The no-load voltage is generally 120-600v, and the arc column voltage is generally half of the no-load voltage. Increasing the arc column voltage can significantly increase the power of plasma arc, so as to improve the CNC plasma cutting tables cutting speed and cut higher thickness plates. The arc column voltage can not be realized by increasing the internal contraction of the electrode and adjusting the gas flow, but the arc column voltage should be less than 65% of the no-load voltage, otherwise it will lead to the instability of the plasma arc.

12.How thick can plasma cut?

Regarding the cutting thickness of the plasma machine, according to different plasma power supply, the cutting thickness is generally between 0.5-120mm, and the high-power plasma power supply can cut more than 120mm; CNC flame cutting machine: ordinary cutting torch can cut 6-180mm (maximum 260mm), special cutting torch generally cutting thickness does not exceed 300mm.

13.How to select dust collector for plasma machine?

The utility model relates to a material receiving and dust removal device of a plasma machine, which comprises a worktable composed of a support and a grid working surface fixed on the top of the support. The support of the plasma machine is equipped with a material receiving plate which can move horizontally relative to the workbench and is located in the grid. A dust removal water tank of the plasma machine is installed at the bottom of the workbench directly below the wire mesh plate and the material receiving plate, and wheels are installed at the bottom of the dust removal water tank. The material receiving and dust removal device can easily take out the workpiece and waste falling under the workbench after being cut by the plasma cutting machine, and can greatly reduce the metal dust pollution generated when plasma machine cutting the workpiece.

14.Plasma CNC controller and software

The most common controller and software of the plasma machine is Starfire CNC control system and FastCAM nesting software. And there are also some other popular software too, such as Mach3 CNC controller and FireControl CNC controller, Sheetcam plasma CAM software and Autodesk fusion 360 plasma CAM software.

1.Starfire plasma CNC controller
Starfire CNC controller has plasma interference, lightning protection, high reliability and anti surge capability. With automatic breakpoint memory function. It is almost suitable for all kinds of plasma and flame cutting machines. Wireless remote control can be selected to realize remote operation.

2.FastCAM plasma CAM software
FastCAM plasma CAM software is a fully automatic common edge continuous cutting nesting software. The software is mainly developed for CNC cutting machines, including plasma, flame, laser and waterjet cutting machines. It is used for drawing, programming, nesting, verification and CNC cutting of parts of any shape. Using FastCAM can improve the nesting rate of steel and effectively save steel; Improve the programming efficiency, layout and cutting, and effectively improve the cutting production efficiency. The function of automatic co edge layout is to realize the automatic co edge of rectangular parts and non rectangular parts in the process of automatic layout, that is, the parts with any different side length automatically co edge without manual editing, automatically process co edge and continuously cut different parts. In order to prevent and avoid thermal cutting deformation, automatically process the cutting direction and the position of perforation points, And use the cutting edge to preheat the cutting directly to avoid perforation.


1. The working air pressure of the CNC plasma cutting machine is too low. When the CNC plasma cutting machine is working, if the working pressure is far lower than the pressure required in the manual, it indicates that the jet speed of plasma arc is weakened and the input air flow is less than the required value. Then high-energy and high-speed arc cannot be formed. As a result, the incision is of poor quality, impermeable and accumulation. The reasons for insufficient air pressure —–insufficient air input from the air compressor of the CNC plasma cutting machine. The pressure regulation of the air regulating valve of the CNC plasma cutting machine is too low, there is oil in the solenoid valve, and the air circuit is not smooth. Therefore, it is necessary to check these aspects one by one, find problems in time and improve them.

2. The working air pressure of the CNC plasma cutting machine is too high. If the input air pressure is too high, after the arc is formed, too much air flow will blow away the concentrated arc column, disperse the arc column energy and weaken the cutting strength of the arc. The main reasons are as following: improper input air regulation, excessive adjustment of air filter pressure reducing valve, or failure of air filter pressure reducing valve of the CNC plasma cutting machine.

3. Improper installation of vulnerable parts such as electrode nozzle. The electrode nozzle of the CNC plasma cutter is threaded and needs to be tightened in place. Improper installation of the nozzle, such as the thread is not tightened or the vortex ring is not installed properly, will lead to unstable cutting and quick damage of vulnerable parts.

4. The input AC voltage is too low. Before commissioning the CNC plasma cutter, check whether the power grid connected to the CNC plasma cutter has sufficient bearing capacity and whether the power line specification meets the requirements. The installation position of CNC plasma cutter shall be far away from large electrical equipment and places with frequent electrical interference.

5. Poor contact between ground wire of the CNC plasma cutter and workpiece. Grounding is an essential preparation before cutting. If special grounding tools are not used, the surface of the workpiece is insulated, and the ground wire with serious aging is used for a long time, it will cause poor contact between the ground wire and the workpiece.

Cutting speed and perpendicularity of cutting gun clamping. The cutting speed of the CNC plasma cutter shall be fast or slow according to the material and thickness of cutting and the current size. Too fast or too slow will cause uneven cutting surface and dross on the upper and lower edges. In addition, the cutting torch is not held vertically, and the ejected arc is also ejected obliquely, which will also cause the cutting surface to be inclined.

16.Plasma cutting machine vs plasma welding machine

Plasma cutting machine comes from plasma welding machine, which is a unique plasma welding system. It uses plasma to fuse the two metals together. By adding plasma arc discharge, plasma welding machine can be transformed into plasma cutting machine. At this stage, most of the thermal cutting and welding business comes from plasma. Among them, plasma cutting machine has developed various forms of cutting equipment such as portable, cantilever, gantry, desktop and pipe cutting machine, and plasma welding machine is divided into manual welding machine and robot welding machine.

Plasma cutting machine uses plasma arc to produce high temperature to melt the cut material. At the same time, it uses compressed gas to blow the cut material into slits to complete the final cutting project. It has the advantages of good cutting quality, narrow cutting width, high precision, fast cutting speed, safety, cleaning and so on. It is an advanced metal cutting tool. Plasma welding machine is a welding machine with plasma arc as heat source and certain alloy materials (metal wire and alloy powder) as filler metal.

Plasma arc welding is a high quality welding method. The weld depth width ratio is large, the heat affected zone is narrow, the workpiece deformation is small, and there are many kinds of weldable materials, especially the development of pulse current plasma welding and molten electrode plasma arc welding. It expands the application scope of plasma arc welding and has the advantages of high construction efficiency and low cost.

Customer reviews and testimonials of CNC Plsama Cutting machine

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1. Oliver Turner
From the United States
Sep. 30, 2021
I have looked for the plasma cutter with built in air compressor for long time, finally I found it on BuyCNC.

2. Brown Jay
From Canada
Sep. 29, 2021
The metal plasma cutting machine is necessary for a small factory.

3. Bob Ellies
From the Mexico
Sep. 28, 2021
I see that there are many cheap plasma cutters for sale, but I did not choose cheap plasma cutter. I chose a 4×8 plasma table, because compared to 4×4 CNC plasma table, this 4×8 plasma table has a wider range of uses.

4. Steven Josef
From Jordan
 Sep. 27, 2021
I want to buy an entry level CNC plasma table. My budget is limited, so I need an affordable CNC plasma table. This hobbyist CNC plasma cutter can meet my requirements.

5. Jony Clark
From the United States
 Sep. 11, 2021
I bought this 5 x 10 plasma table, mainly for plasma cutting steel. I think this is the best CNC plasma table I can buy.

6.Michael Paul
From UK
Sep. 8, 2021

I use the CNC plasma cutter for my new plant. So I need to buy a new CNC plasma cutter. Because the current economic situation caused by the epidemic is very bad, I did not choose the expensive fiber laser cutting machine, but I chose the CNC plasma cutter.

7.Chris Jackie
From Portugal
Sep. 3, 2021
I am very lucky. I received a very good plywood CNC router. This plywood CNC router has been working for several days and has passed my test! !

8. Jankovic, Brostaff
From Russia
Sep. 1, 2021
I need a hobbyist CNC plasma cutter, but I don’t know what power plasma source to choose. The seller showed me the plasma cutting parameter table: plasma cut 40, plasma cut 50, cut 60 plasma cutter. I finally chose cut 60 plasma cutter.

9. Shield Johnson
From Australia
 Aug. 20, 2021
The plasma cutter for sale near me is imported from China, but the price is very expensive, so I chose to buy it directly from China. The quality of my machine is good.

10.Paul George
From Mexico
 Aug. 8, 2021
I received the plasma laser cutter I ordered at this weekend, but I don’t know how to use plasma torch height control. The seller patiently taught me the detailed steps of arc cutting.

11. Aslovich, Ostowski
From Bulgaria
Jul. 15, 2021
Many plasma cutting tables for sale on the market are 3 phase plasma cutter, but my basement does not have 3 phase, only single phase. I tried to find single phase plasma cutter and 220v plasma cutter on the Internet, and I am lucky that I found it from BuyCNC.

12. Alan Muller
From Germany
 Jul. 14, 2021
I am very concerned about CNC plasma controller, because my English is not very good, I need a best CNC plasma cutter with Russian. The seller recommended to me Startfire controller. This CNC plasma controller has many languages to choose from, which is very convenient.

13. Benjamin Brown
From UK
July. 13, 2021
For 4×8 CNC plasma table and 5×10 CNC plasma table, I don’t know which one to choose. The seller gave me effective suggestions. I finally chose 5×10 CNC plasma table, because in the future, the plate I cut may be 5×10 size.

14. Noel Parker
From France
July. 11, 2021
It is difficult to find 110 volt plasma cutter or 120 volt plasma cutter in the market. Many of them are 220v plasma cutter or 240v plasma cutter. Fortunately, BuyCNC can provide 110 volt affordable plasma table.

15. Devin Bob
From Australia
July,9 2021
I need to cut metal and wood, so I need a CNC router and a plasma cutting machine, but my workshop does not have such a large space for two machines, so I can only buy a CNC router plasma cutter all-in-one machine . Few manufacturers can do this kind of machine. I saw that BuyCNC has experience in customizing CNC router plasma cutting machine, so I chose BuyCNC.

16. Geo Vincent 
From Saudi Arabia
May. 3, 2021
I looked at the cutting range of different machines, and finally chose this 80 amp plasma cutter. The cutting size of my machine is 4×8. I think the CNC plasma cutter 4×8 is a very common size, which fits my board.

17. Booker Albert
From Spanish
Feb. 23, 2021
My budget is only $5,000 USD, and I need an affordable plasma cutter. But what I want to buy is an industrial CNC plasma machine, not a hobby plasma cutter. The machine I need is at least 5×10, 100 amp plasma cutter. I told the seller about my needs, and the seller recommended me a suitable machine and guided me to install and use the machine. great!

18. Osman Muhammad
From UAE
Feb. 6, 2021
I bought this best plasma cutter with built in compressor, I used the machine to cut steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. I tried different cutting parameters and saved the cutting parameters in the CNC plasma controller.

19. Andrew Lee
From Canada
Jan. 20, 2021
I like to renovate my house by myself. I am making wrought iron shelves recently. My best budget plasma cutter is $3000. I bought a home CNC plasma cutter. What is incredible is that it is still an arc plasma cutter! I think this is the best cheap plasma cutter.

20. Mr. Bruce Quiñones
From Chile
Sep. 14, 2020
The plate I cut is very thick, about 50mm-100mm. The seller said that the plasma arc cutting machine can no longer meet my needs, so I recommend the CNC flame cutting machine. The thickest Plasma arc cutting machine can cut 200mm thick iron plates. The seller is very professional.

21. Koizumi Yukio
From Japan
Sep. 12, 2020
I want to cut aluminum plates. I originally wanted to buy a fiber laser cutter, but I heard that cutting aluminum plates by fiber laser cutter would easily damage the laser source, so I decided to buy CNC plasma cutting aluminium. Although the cutting effect of automatic plasma cutting machine is not as good as fiber laser cutter, the price of metal plasma cutting machine is lower.

22. Dheeraj Gaurav
From India
Dec. 19, 2020
 The tube I want to cut is about 200mm in diameter. Sometimes aluminum profile is also cut. A 3d plasma cutter is perfect for me. I have used this CNC plasma tube cutter to cut iron and stainless steel tubes, and the cutting speed is very fast.

23. Mr. Richard Johnson
From Unite Kingdom
Sep. 12, 2020
The CNC plasma tables for sale is good enough for me. The table size is 5×10, enough for me!

24.Farahat Muhammad
From UAE
Sep. 1, 2020
I want a personal CNC plasma table, only for hobby use, so this hobby plasma cutter is a very good choice for me. 

25. Mr. Hassibi IT
From the U.K
 Aug. 17, 2020
I have got the cutting plasma machine this morning, and insalled it just now, everything looks good. 

26. Alexander Pollor
From Greece
 Aug. 2, 2020
I compared the plasma table prices, and chose the plasma laser cutting machine, thanks to the seller for the free spare parts. 

27. Yuri Vladimir
From Russia
 Jul. 12, 2020
The laser plasma cutting machine is working well now. The seller gave very good service. 

28. Diego Costa
From Spanish
Jul. 10, 2020
The CNC plasma machine for sale almost from China, so I ordered the machine from China too. Very strong machine. 

29. Steven Williams
From Unite States
Jul. 5, 2020
The metal CNC cutter for sale is a stable machine, the machine works about 8 hour a day, and the performance is very good. 

30. Mr. Alexander Shumko
From Belarus
Jun. 19, 2020
I like this plasma profile cutting machine. I searched long time for the plasma profile cutting machine, and chose the machine from BuyCNC, the machine is very solid. 

31. Bono Anatole
From France
 Jun. 19, 2020
The plasma source of this entry level CNC plasma table is plasma cut 50, which is a plasma cutter with built in air compressor.

32. Jeff Peter
From Canada
Jun. 18, 2020
I opened the package of my 4×8 plasma table, there is no damage, this 4×8 CNC plasma table looks good.

33. Juan Fernandez
From Spain
 Jun. 2, 2020
I wanted to buy a cheap plasma cutter, but my friend advised me not to buy a cheap plasma cutter, because the cheap plasma cutter is easy to break.

34.Mr Justing Bobs
From UK
 May. 28, 2020
I have used my hobbyist CNC plasma cutter to cut a 3mm thick steel plate.

35. Monta Hancock
From USA
 May. 05, 2020
Because of the limited space, I chose this 4×4 CNC plasma table. It has a plasma cut 40 plasma source, and the cutting thickness is about 5mm.

36.Lacuna Alan
From UK
Apr. 11, 2020
I am very satisfied with this affordable CNC plasma table, the seller’s service is very good!

37. Olga Faried
From Germany
Mar. 03, 2020
This 80 amp plasma cutter is very capable!

38. George Eveans
From USA
Sep. 11, 2020
The plate I cut is very thick, about 50mm-100mm. The seller said that the plasma arc cutting machine can no longer meet my needs, so I recommend the CNC flame cutting machine. The thickest Plasma arc cutting machine can cut 200mm thick iron plates. The seller is very professional.

39. Nicholas Adam
From UK
Sep. 10, 2020
I want to cut aluminum plates. I originally wanted to buy a fiber laser cutter, but I heard that cutting aluminum plates by fiber laser cutter would easily damage the laser source, so I decided to buy CNC plasma cutting aluminium. Although the cutting effect of automatic plasma cutting machine is not as good as fiber laser cutter, the price of metal plasma cutting machine is lower.

40. Harish Jagjit
From India
 Learning this plasma laser cutter is not difficult for me, the seller has already sent me a tutorial.

41. Chris White
From Canada

The CNC plasma tables for sale is good enough for me. The table size is 5×10, enough for me!

42.Jack Lopez
From USA
Sep. 8, 2020
I want a personal CNC plasma table, only for hobby use, so this hobby plasma cutter is a very good choice for me. 

43. Akalin Davis
From the Australia
 Aug. 7, 2020
I am a mechanical engineer and I have compared a lot of plasma cutting tables for sale. The machine I chose has plasma torch height control. This function is very necessary, especially when cutting thick plates.

44.Martin Sanchez
From Brazil
 Aug. 5, 2020
This 110 volt plasma cutter is just right in my garage.

45. Georgia Joseph
From Germany
 Jul. 29, 2020
I actually don’t recommend buying a CNC router plasma all-in-one machine, because it is not so convenient to use. If you have enough space, it is recommended to buy two machines.

46. Scott Aldridge
From UK
Jul. 14, 2020
My budget is $4500. For me, 60 amp plasma cutter is the best budget plasma cutter. 

47. Ray David
From Unite States
Jul. 15, 2020
The thickness that the plasma cutting steel is below 10cm, but I wan to cut 20mm steel, so I bought the CNC flame cutting machine. 

48. Diego Silva
From Belarus
Jul. 9, 2020
The 120 volt plasma cutter is the best personal CNC plasma table.

49. Rudy Adolf
From Germany
 Jul. 8, 2020
The 5×10 CNC plasma table is a very good choice for metal plasma cutting.

50. Bateman Rogers
From Canada
Jul. 4, 2020
The seller told me 220v plasma cutter and 240v plasma cutter is the same. I don’t know whether it is right.

51. Raul Leonardo
From Spain
 Jun. 2, 2020
My 100 amp plasma cutter can cut 20mm steel.

52.Bill Davis
From UK
 May. 26, 2020
For every family, it is very necessary to prepare a home CNC plasma cutter at home, which can save a lot of labor costs. But this machine must be an affordable plasma cutter, because if the price of the machine is too expensive, it will not be cost-effective. So before you buy, compare plasma table prices and choose an affordable plasma table.

53. Carter Stevenson
From USA
 May. 15, 2020
My machine is a CNC plasma cutter 4×8, it can not only cut 4×8 plates, but it is also a CNC plasma tube cutter, it is a 3d plasma cutter. I am very satisfied with its versatility.

54.Richard Jefferson
From UK
Apr. 17, 2020
The cutting speed of my plasma arc cutting machine is very fast. The speed of plasma cutting aluminium is about 5 meters per minute.

55. Lucas Ferocious
From Italy
Mar. 12, 2020
I really need an automatic plasma cutting machine, because my existing machine is manual, so the cutting speed is very slow, and the accuracy is very poor, so I want to buy an automatic plasma cutting machine.

56. Jacob Simmons
From Germany
Mar, 11, 2020
You don’t need to buy the best CNC plasma cutter, but you need to buy the CNC plasma cutter that suits you best.

57. Felix John
From Finland
 Feb, 18, 2020
For cutting aluminum profiles, plasma profile cutting machine is a good choice.

58. Robin Wilson
From Greece
Feb. 15, 2020
My machine is a 3 phase plasma cutter. Compared with the single phase plasma cutter, this 3 phase plasma cutter is more powerful.

59.Powell Richardson
From UK
 Feb, 13, 2020
I think the plasma cutting machine I bought is the best cheap plasma cutter.

60.Julius Catherine
From UK
 Jan. 11, 2020
The accuracy of the machine is very important to me, so my laser plasma cutting machine uses a servo motor.

61.Roberto Downey
From USA
 Jan. 03, 2020
This hobby plasma cutter cost me $3000USD.

62.Augusto Sache
From France
Jan. 01, 2020
Among many plasma tables for sale, I chose 160A cutting plasma machine.

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