1.What is Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)?

  The ATC means Automatic Tool Changer for the CNC machine. It is a device for tool changing, loading and unloading between the ATC CNC machine spindle and the tool magazine. The automatic tool changer can realize the need for continuous different tool change between the workpiece processes. It means, the new tool used in the next process will be automatically changed to the spindle, after the previous process is completed, so as to ensure the concentration of the process of the CNC machining center. According to the process characteristics of the cutting tools, tool change is generally completed through the coordinated action of manipulator, tool magazine and CNC router ATC spindle. Compared with the spindle head of ATC CNC Router turret head with tool magazine and CNC Router Tool Changer since there is only one spindle in the headstock, the spindle components have enough rigidity to meet high precision machining requirements. What’s more, the tool library can store a large number of tools for multi-step machining of the complex parts, and can significantly improve the ATC CNC router’s machining efficiency.

2.What is an ATC CNC router?

ATC CNC router machine is an intelligent CNC automatic tool changer tool kit with automatic tool changing spindle. It is widely used in many industries, such as carpentry woodworking, stone carving, foam engraving cutting, mold manufacturing and metal fabrication. The tool magazine can carry 4-20 pieces of different tools. When working, CNC tools can be automatically replaced according to work requirements, without manual operation, and greatly improve work efficiency. There are two types of CNC ATC kits, including linear Automatic Tool Changer CNC and disk Automatic Tool Changer CNC.

3.Why choose ATC CNC Machine?

1).ATC CNC router generally adopts high-power CNC Router Tool Changer spindle, and the most commonly used ones are 9kw and 12KW spindle. The high-power spindle has fast startup and high torque, which can give full play to the advantages of high speed and high efficiency of high-power tool change spindle.
2).ATC CNC router generally adopts high torque servo motor made in Japan and is equipped with reducer with high reduction ratio. This makes CNC router with tool changer machining center have the advantages of low noise, high speed and high positioning accuracy.
3).Equipped with a unique tool changing device, the required tools can be changed at will, and the special tool setting table can accurately compensate the tool length error. The tool change time of the cnc automatic tool changer is only a few seconds. The standard tool magazine comes with 8 tools, which can customize the tool magazine with larger capacity.

4.Type of tool changer

The tool magazine and the automatic tool change device make up the The automatic tool change system of the CNC machining center. The cnc automatic tool changer system has two major advantages: one is that it only retains one spindle, which is conducive to simplify the structure of the spindle and improve the spindle’s rigidity; the other is that a large number of different types of tools and functions can be stored in the library, which facilitates the completion of various complex and multi-step machining processes. So, whether there is an automatic tool change system is an important sign to distinguish between manual tool change CNC machine tools and CNC machining centers.

There are 3 types of Automatic tool changer: direct tool change, manipulator tool change method and turret head, and in the next, we will introduce the three types of CNC Router Tool Changer for you one by one.

(1).Direct Tool Change type

The direct tool change means the tool change is completed by the tool magazine and the spindle box. Like the name says, this is a direct tool change type.

According to whether the tool magazine moves when tool changes, the direct tool change has two types: the tool magazine moving type and the tool magazine fixed type. In the tool magazine moving mode, the tool magazine can be moved. Before the tool changing, the tool magazine moved to the tool change working zone, and exits the zone after the tool is changed. This kind of tool change type is more movement in the tool magazine, tool changes speed is faster, and the the layout is more particular, but it is also has disadvantage, such as the poor flexibility and adaptability.
In the tool magazine fixed type, the tool selection is mainly performed by the movement of the gantry. The tool magazine can be static, or it can only rotate in position. The former one can only perform sequential tool selection, which is suitable for CNC automatic tool changer with a small number of tools, such as 8 tools, while the latter can realize tool selection by indexing. This tool selection method reduces the movement of the tool magazine, can greatly simplify the design structure of the tool magazine, and the control of the tool change process is simple and reliable.

(2).Automatic Tool Change type

Automatic tool change type is a widely used tool change method, which is composed of tool selection system, tool magazine,tool exchange mechanism and other parts. Compared with other tool change method, this kind of CNC tool change structure is more complicated. It transfers the tool between the tool magazine and the spindle, and pushes the tool to the spindle, then sends the replaced tool back to the tool magazine inside.Although this CNC tool change method is not as simple as the previous one, it prevents the tool magazine and spindle from moving due to tool change and is replaced by an CNC Router Tool Changer. In this way, the range of motion of mechanical parts is reduced, the tool change can be completed faster, and the design layout is more flexible, so it has been widely used in most CNC Router Tool Changer Machine.

(3).Turret head type

The turret head is another tool change method, which moves the required tool to the corresponding position by rotating the brick tower. Usually it is a sequential tool change, so it has the advantages many advantages, such as the compact structure and extremely fast tool change speed. It is usually used for machining the workpieces that need complete multiple processes such as crankshafts and some other slender workpieces.
The turret head automatic tool change is divided into two types: turret tool post tool change type and brick tower spindle head tool change. The tool change method of the turret tool post is to install the annular tool post on the turret spindle. Different tools are arranged in sequence on the tool holder. Through the rotation of the turret head, automatic tool change action is realized. The position of the tool depends on the rotation of the tool holder. Index to position. This is the simplest CNC Router Tool Changer with good structural rigidity and can withstand the cutting force of rough machining. This kind of CNC Router Tool Changer has higher requirements on the positioning accuracy of the rotation of the tool post. If there is an error in the positioning accuracy of the rotation, the tool cannot be sent to the exact position.

5.Application of ATC CNC Router

Automatic CNC Router Tool Changer machine can be used in many industries, such as wood furniture, advertising, wood cabinets, decoration, funeral, wooden handicrafts, screens, musical instruments industries. Machinable materials mainly include various materials such as wood, MDF, acrylic, stone, glass, plastic, etc.
The following is the main industries that the Automatic Tool Changer CNC applied:
1. Woodworking industry: Wood door, cabinet body, cabinet door, outdoor3D wave board processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, game cabinet, game table, screens, craft window production, shoe polishers, game machine cabinets and panels, computer desks, panel furniture production.

2. Advertising industry: sign, making, logo making, lettering, acrylic sign cutting, blister forming, decoration for sign.

3. Mold making industry: It can make metal molds such as copper, aluminum, iron, and non-metal molds such as wood, stone, plastic, and PVC.

4. Some other industries: art industry, Aerospace industry, decoration industry, metal processing industry, shipping industry, craft gift industry.

6.Five Factors Affecting the Stability of ATC CNC Router Machine

As we all know, with the continuous expansion of the panel furniture market and the continuous innovation of woodworking cutting machine manufacturers, the Automatic Tool Changer CNC machine is welcomed by many furniture manufacturers, but the equipment may malfunction during use, so the selection and daily maintenance of the equipment is very important. important. What are the factors that affect the stability of the CNC router ATC ? Now, let’s take a closer look.

1. Design team of the ATC CNC Router

The Automatic Tool Changer CNC machine needs a professional design team, strong technical strength, and a reasonable design of equipment organization in order to have stable performance and after-sales technology in the subsequent use process. If the equipment fails, it can reach the customer’s workshop as soon as possible, reducing customer losses.

2.The configuration of the ATC CNC Router

The configuration of the Automatic Tool Changer CNC machine is also very important. The main parts of the ATC CNC Router machine must be used well, not pirated.

3. The quality inspection of the ATC CNC Router

After each CNC router with tool changer is assembled, the key is the equipment mode and quality inspection. Before leaving the factory, each CNC router ATC needs to complete each data and parameter mode, and each CNC router with tool changer on each quality inspection sheet must meet the standard CNC router with tool changer. Some customers will come to the factory to inspect the CNC router ATC machine before leaving the factory, and the CNC router ATC will be delivered to the customer only after it is qualified.

4. The processing of the ATC CNC Router bed

The machining process of the CNC router ATC bed of the CNC router ATC equipment, from the material to welding, steel, the welder operation of the special CNC machine tool, and then to the machining process, the equipment’s guiding table, rack table, drilling, and tapping are all CNC five-sided It is processed by a milling machine, and the accuracy and stability of the equipment can be ensured by one-time positioning processing.

5. Maintenance of the ATC CNC Router

In different processing environments, the CNC router with tool changer is interfered by various factors, such as magnetic field, vibration, ambient temperature and humidity, dust, etc. These external factors have different effects, so the workshop should be clean and tidy, and the CNC router with tool changer should be cleaned and tested before and after use to prevent dust from falling on the electronic components, affecting the heat dissipation of the CNC router with tool changer and the sensitivity of the contactor.

Before leaving the factory, CNC router with tool changer manufacturers need to complete the mode of each data and parameter, and can only be sold after meeting the standards. Therefore, when choosing Automatic Tool Changer CNC, you must choose a large and mature manufacturer to better guarantee Equipment quality and maintenance of later equipment!

Customer reviews and testimonials of ATC CNC Router Machine

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Miller from Canada

I am a manufacturer of furniture cabinet doors. After a friend’s recommendation, I bought an Auto tool changer CNC router machine from BUYCNC. At the beginning, I couldn’t operate it proficiently. After half a month of exploration, I can now Operate it skillfully to produce all kinds of cabinet doors.


Kevin from France

This is the second CNC router machine I bought at BUYCNC. This time I bought a cheap ATC CNC router machine. Of course, it was my second purchase, so they gave me a certain discount. After I bought this ATC CNC router, I can produce and process my products by myself without the need for two workers to help me produce the workpieces, so I reduced the labor cost and improved the production speed and processing quality of my factory.

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