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1. What is the 5 axis CNC router?

The 5 axis CNC router machine is the latest high-tech CNC router machine. Most of the 5 axis CNC machine is large-scale multi-spindle 3D machining center. The 5 axis CNC mill machine integrates advanced structural design technology, computer control, High-performance servo drive, and precision machining technology are integrated, and it has been widely used in metal cutting processing, precision machining, large-scale material processing, and other fields. The 5 axis CNC machine has significantly improved the manufacturing level of aviation, military products, automobiles, models, and other industries.

5 axis CNC machine means that the tool can process the workpiece in five different directions. This processing method is not only fast in processing speed, but also in high quality. The 5 axis CNC machine is also called 5 axis CNC router, 5 axis CNC mill, 5 axis CNC machine for sale, the best 5 axis CNC machine, CNC router 5 axis and so on. Many suppliers now sell the 5 axis CNC router machine as a woodworking engraving machine. In fact, it can also process metal, plastic, and other products. If you are interested in the 5 axis CNC router, you can contact BuyCNC and we will recommend the most suitable for your machine.

2. Types of 5 axis CNC machine

There are many classifications of 5 axis CNC machines. The most popular ones are 6 types of 5 axis CNC machines. They are small 5 axis CNC machines, 5 axis linkage machining centers, 5 axis precision CNC engraving machine, 5 axis high-frequency CNC engraving Machines, 5 axis CNC engraving machines, vertical five-axis CNC engraving machine, etc.
If it is classified according to the number of processing axes, it can be divided into three categories. The first one is that there are two rotating shafts on the head of the machine, and this machine has a rotating head that can rotate 360 ​​degrees around the Z-axis, which is greatly The processing flexibility of this 5 axis CNC router is improved, and the processing area is larger and the processing quality is higher. The second type is that the rotation axis is on the worktable and the machine head. Such a 5 axis CNC machine has a simple structure and flexible operation. The third type is the 5 axis CNC mill machine with two rotating axes on the worktable. The working angle of this machine is +30° to -120°. There is also a turntable in the middle of the workbench. It is generally a mini 5 axis CNC machine.

3. Application of 5 Axis CNC Router Machine

5 Axis CNC Router Machine, also known as five-axis machining center, 5 axis CNC mill machine, 5 axis CNC router center, etc., has the advantage of high machining accuracy and is specially used for machining complex curved workpieces. It is the most advanced CNC engraving machine in the world, and it has been applied to more and more industries. One-time clamping of the workpiece can complete complex processing requirements and can be adapted to the processing of modern molds such as auto parts and aircraft structures. There is a big difference between a five-axis machining center and a five-axis machining center. Many people do not know this and mistake the five-axis machining center as a five-axis machining center. The five-axis machining center has five machining axes X, Y, Z, A, and C. The X, Y, and Z axes and the A and C axes form a five-axis linkage processing. It is good at space surface processing, special-shaped processing, hollow processing, and drilling. Inclined holes, bevel cuts, etc.; while the pentahedron processing equipment side is similar to a three-axis machining center. Although it can process 5 faces at the same time, it cannot do special-shaped processing, beveled holes, cut bevels, etc.
1. Machinery manufacturing: Because of the high processing accuracy and large processing area of 5 axis CNC routers, it is very popular in the field of large-scale machining, such as the production of aircraft parts, automobile engines, and automobile gearboxes.
2. Mold manufacturing: Because the 5 axis CNC mill can process workpieces in 5 directions, it can almost produce a variety of molds, and it will not be impossible to process because the mold is three-dimensional.
3. Furniture manufacturing: the 5 axis wood CNC machine can realize multiple batches of repeated processing of furniture, and can process large wood at one time to maintain the integrity of the furniture. Improve furniture production efficiency and quality.
4.3D processing industry: Now more and more 3D processing industries choose to use 5 axis CNC router machines to realize 3D processing of workpieces, which can not only process various 3D workpieces quickly but also mass production.

In addition to the above fields, the 5 axis CNC router can also be used in the military industry, scientific research, precision machining, and medical fields. It is currently the most effective method for processing impellers, blades, marine propellers, large diesel engine crankshafts, etc. It plays an important role in the military industry, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical, and other fields.

4. Advantages of 5 axis CNC router machine

The biggest advantage of the 5 axis CNC router machine is that its machining area is large enough and there are enough machining axes. It can complete the work that 3 axis cnc router and 4 axis cnc router cannot process at one time. For example, the production of large diesel engines and ship propellers and other 3D objects. The 5 axis CNC router machine can also guarantee the high-quality machining of the workpiece under the premise of high efficiency. When using a three-axis machine tool to process complex curved surfaces, use a ball-end milling cutter. The cutting efficiency is low, the tool angle cannot be adjusted freely, and it is difficult to ensure the smoothness of the machined surface. The technology of the 5 axis CNC router machine eliminates the need to reposition the workpiece at complex angles for multiple debugging and clamping. This not only saves time, but also greatly reduces errors and saves the expensive cost of fixtures and fixtures required to install the workpiece in place. In addition to these the 5 axis CNC router machine has many advantages.
1. High precision and strong function
At present, the 5 axis woodworking CNC engraving machine is mainly an ordinary three-axis CNC engraving machine, which has the disadvantages of poor accuracy and single function. The relatively complex engraving requirements require multiple clamping of the workpiece, which makes the engraving cost high and the work efficiency low. Compared with complex engraving, the new five-axis woodworking engraving machine does not require multiple clampings and can be formed at one time, which can ensure the accuracy of the workpiece and improve the processing efficiency at the same time.
2. High efficiency
Because the 5 axis CNC mill machine has a large processing area, it can process the workpiece at one time, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency of the machine and effectively reduce the time wasted due to workpiece replacement and tool replacement. In addition, the 5 axis CNC machine has a large spindle speed and feed range, which enables the machine tool to have strong cutting capabilities. Even for relatively hard workpieces, it can achieve rapid processing, and it can cut and mill products at high speeds. This reduces the turnaround time of semi-finished products and improves production efficiency and accuracy.
3. High processing quality
The 5 axis CNC machine has extremely high machining quality. The surface of the produced workpiece is very smooth, because it has 5 machining axes, which can machine the workpiece from multiple directions, and can use different tools to machine the workpiece. Therefore, the quality of products produced by 5 axis CNC router is very high.
4. Strong processing ability
The best 5 axis CNC machine has 5 machining axes, of which there are two rotation axes, which allows us to realize the design and machining of complex shapes through it. For example, when processing irregular three-dimensional workpieces, we could not use 3-axis or 4-axis CNC engraving machine to realize the engraving of irregular workpieces, but now we can achieve this function through 5 axis CNC router machining center.
5. Extend tool life
When the five-axis CNC machining center is processing deeper and steeper cavities, the additional rotation and swing of the workpiece or the spindle head can create the best process conditions for the processing of end mills, avoiding tools, tools holders, and cavity walls. Collision reduces the jitter of the tool and the risk of tool damage during the machining process, thereby helping to improve the surface quality of the mold, the machining efficiency and the durability of the tool.

5. Components of 5 axis CNC router machine

1. Machine frame. It is the basic part of the 5 axis CNC router, which consists of a bed, a column, and a workbench. They mainly bear all the equipment of the 5 axis CNC machine and the pressure generated during the machining process, so the machine frame must be strong enough. Most of all these large parts are cast iron parts or welded steel structural parts. They are the largest parts in volume and weight in machining centers.
2. Machining spindle. The machining spindle is composed of a spindle box, a spindle motor, a spindle and a spindle bearing. Generally, we use the computer to control the start, stop and speed of the spindle, and realize the processing of the workpiece through the tool. The processing spindle is also a very important accessory of the 5 axis CNC machine because it will directly affect the processing quality and speed of the machine.

3. Control system. The controller system of the 5 axis CNC router machine is generally composed of CNC software, programming software, servo drive device, and operating system on the computer. We input instructions through the programming software and then import the instructions into the machine through the CNC software. Then realize the carving. This is also the most critical part of the 5 axis CNC router machine.
4. Automatic tool change system. It is composed of a tool magazine, manipulator drive mechanism, and other components. When the tool needs to be changed, the CNC system issues an instruction, and the manipulator (or by other means) takes the tool out of the tool magazine and loads it into the spindle hole. It solves the task of automatic storage, selection, transportation, and tool change of the tools in the continuous processing of multiple procedures after the workpiece is clamped once. The tool magazine (tool head) is a device that stores all the tools used in the machining process. The tool magazine is a disc chain type with a capacity ranging from several to several hundred. The structure of the tool arm also has many forms according to the relative position and structure of the tool magazine and the spindle, such as single-arm type, double-arm type, etc. Some machining centers do not use the tool arm, but directly use the movement of the headstock or tool magazine to change the tool.
5. Other auxiliary devices. In addition to the above-mentioned important components, the 5 axis CNC machine has many auxiliary devices, such as an oil-air lubrication system, a cooling device, a vacuum cleaner detection system, and other auxiliary accessories. These accessories play a role in extending the service life of the machine and ensuring the safe use of the machine. Plays a huge role, so this is also an indispensable important accessory.

6. The price of 5 axis CNC router machine for sale

The 5 axis CNC machine price should be the most concerned factor for everyone who wants to buy 5 axis CNC router. Because 5 axis CNC router machine has been more and more widely used in various fields, more and more factories have chosen to use 5 axis CNC mill machines to produce workpieces, so the 5 axis CNC machine price will be a bit high Because its main customers are factories, not individuals. If you have a factory that needs a 5 axis CNC machine to process workpieces, then I think this would be a good choice. The reason for the high price of the 5 axis CNC machine is also related to the configuration of the machine and the quality of the machine. The higher the manufacturing cost of the machine itself and the better the quality of the machine, the more expensive it will be. Of course, in addition to this industrial 5 axis CNC routers, BuyCNC also has a variety of small 5 axis CNC machines and mini 5 axes CNC routers. These machines are also five-axis, but the structure is simple and the functions are relatively small, but these small 5 The price of axis CNC machine is relatively cheap about 3000 US dollars. The price of an industrial-grade 5 axis CNC machine is about US$20,000 to US$50,000, so the price range of the 5 axis CNC machine price is also very large. If you want to buy a 5 axis CNC machine, you can tell BuyCNC For your budget and what you want to process, we will have professional engineers recommend the most suitable 5 axis CNC router machine for sale.

Customer reviews and testimonials of 5 Axis CNC Machines

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1. Macker Chandler
From the USA
10. Oct 2021

I like this big 5 Axis CNC Router Machine.
2. Ronaldo Sanchez
From France
9. Oct 2021

I am a enginner,I really need this 5 axis CNC engraver router.
3. Jason Wilson
From the United States
5. Oct 2021

I have a furniture factory. In order to be able to produce furniture better, I bought a 5 axis CNC engraving router. I can use this machine to process furniture at one time. 

4. Tatum Willison
From the UK
3. Oct 2021

The machining speed of this 5 axis CNC router Machining center is so fast, it is twice as fast as my previous engraving machine.

5. Noval Lisbon
From Spanish
23. Sep 2021
It is really a big 5 axis CNC cutting router with very high-cost performance, it is worth the price.
6. Betis Noel
From Finland
20. Sep 2021
I like this desktop 5 axis CNC router very much. Although it is small, it can complete 5 axis CNC machining work, which saves me a lot of money.
7. Chris Johnson
From the UK
15. Sep 2021
I bought the 5 axis CNC carving router in March. I received the machine in October. The packaging is very strong.
8. Jefferson Williams
From the USA
12. Sep 2021
My partner told me that BuyCNC’s machines are of high quality, so I also picked a machine here and paid a deposit.
9. Daniel Smith
From Canada
10. Sep 2021
My workers like this new 5 axis CNC metal cutting router very much. The cutting speed of this machine is very fast, and they can complete the work faster than before.
10. Mendy Cole Chrislovsky
From Russian
4. Sep 2021
When I purchased these 5 axis CNC milling machines, I was actually a little worried, worried that this machine could not meet my expectations, but when I received the goods, I was very satisfied.

11. Mudir Muller
From Germany
This 5 axis CNC wood carving machine has enlarged the scale of my factory. I like this 5 axis CNC wood carving machine very much.

12. Mr. Scott Williams
From the UK
In order to be able to process large furniture, I specially purchased 5 axis CNC machine for woodworking.

13. Mr. Baria Plov
From France
This 5 axis CNC router price is very attractive. I have selected many kinds of 5 axis CNC router machines on the Internet. The price of this machine is the most acceptable to me.

14. Mr.Tony Alan
From Spanish
The 5 axis CNC router kit is very suitable for people with less money like us, who can buy a 5 axis CNC router at a lower price.

15. Mr.Jeff Richardson
From the USA
This 5 axis CNC woodworking machine I saw on BuyCNC, this CNC 5 axis router for sale can meet all my needs.

16. Mr.Mikhailyuk, Ivanovic
From Russian
I went to BuyCNC’s 5 axis CNC router manufacturers in March. It is very advanced here. I think it is the best 5 axis CNC router I have seen.

17. Mr.Shevchenko, Milovich
From Finland
I really like this small 5 axis CNC router machine, and the small 5 axis CNC router prices are cheaper than the ones I bought before.

18. Mr.Yorks Drexler
From Canada
Jan. 20, 2020
I like the 5 axis CNC wood carving router very much. This machine has fast delivery and easy installation.

19. Mr.Gilbert Chamberlain
From the UK
Jan. 12, 2020
The large 5 axis CNC router machine can produce large furniture at one time, it saves my working procedures.

20. Mr.Bruce Smith
From Australian
Jan. 9, 2020
The CNC 5 axis woodworking machine can meet the processing needs of my factory, and the 5 axis CNC router machine for sale is very suitable for me.

21. Mr.Benjamin Berger
From France
Jan. 6, 2020
The 5 axis CNC wood milling machine can engrave and cut all woods, and its application industries are very wide.

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