Metal CNC Router For Sale

1. What is a Metal CNC Machine?

A CNC metal Machine is a computer numerical controlled machine tool for carving, engraving, cutting, molding, or milling on different metal materials. A metal CNC machine is also known as metal CNC machine, CNC metal engraver, small CNC machine for metal, small CNC metal engraving machines CNC metal router, CNC aluminum router, CNC router for metal cutting, mini engraving machine for metal, mini CNC metal engraving machines, CNC metal cutting router, desktop CNC milling machine for metal, CNC router for metal, aluminum CNC router, steel CNC router, metal CNC milling machine, CNC metal machine, CNC metal router, metal CNC router, metal carving machine, CNC machine metal, CNC milling machine.

2. Working Principle of the Metal CNC Machine

 CNC metal machining processes include the following four steps:
1)Using software to design a CAD model
2)Convert the designed CAD model into a CNC program
3)Set up the CNC metal engraver
4)Execute the CNC machining operation.

3. Applications of the CNC Machine Metal

Metal CNC machines can be applied on aluminum, steel, iron, brass, copper, stainless steel, mold steel, and much different metal materials. And the metal CNC machine also can be applied to non-metal material, such as wood, MDF sheets, PMMA, PVC Sheet, ABS sheet, KT sheet, timber, gemstone, marble, plastics, etc.

4. What industries the Metal CNC Machine can be used in?

The CNC Router metal machines can be used in the following industry:
1)Mechanical parts processing: The CNC router metal machine can be used for mechanical parts processing, such as carving, milling, molding and cutting compactly all sorts of materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and plastics, metal parts, aluminum parts, brass parts, steel parts processing.
2)Mold industry: the CNC router metal machine is widely used in automotive, injection mold, ironware mold, and engrave mold industries.
3)The Metal CNC machine is especially designed for molds, badges, brands, graphics, eyeglasses, watch, panels, and words of 3D and outside surfaces sleeking of large size molds.

5. Technical Parameters of the small CNC machine metal



Working Table

Iron cast

Working Size

400x400mm/600mmx400mm/600mmx600mm/600mmx1200mm/900mmx1200mm/custom made

Transmission system


Drive motor

Stepper motors or servo motors

Mechanical structure

Iron cast

Price range


6. How hard metal can the CNC metal engraver can engrave?

The CNC metal engraver is mainly used to engrave soft metals, such as aluminum, brass, iron, and other metals. If you want to engrave harder metals, such as quenched steel or stainless steel, with a Mohs hardness of about 7.0, you need a heavier bed and a more powerful spindle. The higher the hardness, the more difficult it is to engrave. The engraving line spacing should be small, and the depth of each layer should not be too large; if engraving materials with a Mohs hardness of 7.5 or higher, the requirements on the tools are very high. Cubic boron nitride tools can be competent, but the price is more expensive.

7. Does small metal CNC machine process metal need liquid coolant?

Yes, because metal materials are hard and easy to melt, we generally use coolant for cooling. Cooling with coolant will make the machining edge smoother, the machining effect will be better, and it can prevent the sticking of the knife and prolong the service life of the tool. Each metal CNC machine, stainless steel engraving machine, CNC router aluminum machine, CNC router metal machine, CNC metal engraver, desktop CNC mill aluminum, metal CNC router, desktop CNC for aluminum, engraving machine for stainless steel, small CNC machine for metal, CNC router for aluminum, aluminum engraving machine, CNC machine for aluminum, desktop CNC metal, CNC metal engraving machine for sale, steel engraving machine, desktop small CNC machine metal, or small metal CNC machine will be equipped with a cooling system.

8. Is CNC metal machine heavy duty?

Because the CNC machine metal is designed to process metal, the structure is heavier. The overall frame is cast iron. The advantage of the cast-iron frame is that the CNC metal engraver bed will not be deformed when processing metal, which can ensure the machining accuracy and service life of the metal CNC router machine. So you should not expect it to be a very light machine. In fact, it is very heavy. Even the smallest working size machine, such as a machine with a 400x400mm working stroke, can weigh more than 200kg.

9. Can the desktop CNC mill steel?

Can the desktop CNC mill steel? Can the desktop CNC mill aluminum? Is the engraving machine for stainless steel?
Yes, the metal CNC router can mill steel.
Yes, the metal CNC router can mill aluminum
Yes, the metal CNC router can be for stainless steel processing.

10. Manufacturer Guide for the CNC Machine Metal:

As a quality-assured metal CNC machines supplier and manufacturer, BUYCNC provides a variety of the best metal CNC machines for sale to meet your needs. BUYCNC provides the customer cost prices for your metal processing plan without any intermediate links. And you will get the best CNC metal machines from us at an affordable price. BUYCNC also provides intelligent 2D/3D CNC metal processing solutions, 24/7 one-to-one metal processing service, and support, free of charge.
The following is the detailed Buying Guide for the CNC Metal Machine:
1)Consultation: BuyCNC will recommend the most suitable small CNC machine for metal according to your requirements. So please tell us the information such as the material you want to engrave, and the maximum size of the material.
2)Quotation: We will provide you with a detailed quotation based on the metal CNC machine for home consulted. You will get the most suitable specifications, with the best accessories and affordable prices.
3) Process evaluation: We both parties evaluate carefully and discuss all the details of the order to eliminate any misunderstandings.
4) Place an order: If you have no questions, we will send you a Proforma Invoice, and then we will sign a contract.
5) Production: We will arrange the production of the CNC metal engraver immediately after receiving your signed sales contract and advance deposit. The latest news about production will be updated during the production process and notified to CNC metal router buyers.
6) Quality control: The entire production process will be subject to regular inspections and strict quality control. Complete CNC machines metal will be tested before leaving the factory to ensure they can work properly.
7) Delivery: After confirmation by the CNC metal engraving machines purchaser, we will arrange the delivery in accordance with the terms of the contract.
8.)Customs clearance: We will provide and deliver all necessary transportation documents to buyers of CNC metal engraving machines and ensure smooth customs clearance.
9) Support and service: We will provide professional technical support service through telephone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat, Teamviewer, and remote service. We also have door-to-door service in some countries and areas.
If you are interested in the metal CNC router, please contact BUYCNC Now!

Customer reviews and testimonials of CNC Metal Router Machine

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1. Steve Rogers
From the United States
Oct, 10 2021
I want to engrave iron. Because the iron is very hard, I chose a professional CNC Machine metal. The seller told me that this machine can not only engrave iron, but also engrave aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc. It is an all-round CNC metal engraving machines.

2. Russell Antonio
From Italy
Sep. 30, 2021
Thank you very much for the professional service of BuyCNC. The spindle of my aluminum CNC metal engraving machines can adjust the speed.

3. Ball Jason
From the Canada
Sep. 16, 2021
I am cutting thin metal plates, so I bought this CNC metal cutting router. I am studying the suitable spindle speed for metal cutting.

4. Jack
From UK
 Sep. 14, 2021
I originally used a water pump to cool the small CNC machine for metal, but the technical engineer said that the cooling effect is better with a chiller, so I now use a chiller for cooling.s

5. Bob Robert
From the United States
 Sep. 11, 2021
The size of the parts I made is very small. The working size of this small CNC machine for metal just meets my needs. It is 400x400mm.

6.Zach Martinez
From France
Sep. 8, 2021

I originally wanted to choose a 1.5kw spindle for my desktop CNC machine metal, but the seller said that the 2.2kw is more powerful and durable. I have received my desktop metal CNC machine for home, and the spindle cutting depth is deeper than the 1.5kw spindle of my friend’s desktop CNC metal milling machine.

7.Rodriguez Bennett
From UK
Sep. 3, 2021
My 600x900mm metal cutting CNC router weighs more than 350kg, OMG!

8. Georgia, Ostrovsky
From Russia
Sep. 1, 2021
Before shipping, I asked the seller to carve a steel plate for me. In the video, I saw that the steel engraving machine works very steadily without shaking, and I am very satisfied.

9. David Johnson
From Australia
 Aug. 20, 2021
There are many desktop small CNC machines for metal on the Internet, but they all have very light aluminum alloy frames. I want an engraving machine for stainless steel. Obviously, the hardness of the aluminum alloy frame is not enough, so I bought this heavy-duty one. desktop small CNC machine for metal.

10.Aldridge Wisman
From Mexico
 Aug. 8, 2021
This stainless steel CNC machine engraver machine can meet my needs. Although the engraving speed is not fast, the stainless steel is really too hard.

11. Vincent Beckham
From UK
Jul. 15, 2021
I told the supplier that I need a CNC machine for wood and metal, because I make a model, so the seller recommended me a CNC machine metal.

12. Robin Adolph
From Germany
 Jul. 2, 2021
Because of the limited space, I chose this desktop CNC machine metal, I think it is the best CNC router for aluminum.

13. Hughesman Jackson
From Colombia
Jun. 12, 2021
Before buying this CNC router machine for aluminum, I did a lot of homework and finally chose this small CNC machine metal.

14.Belvich Lisbon
From Estonia
Jun. 1, 2021

The cost performance of the CNC metal engraver machine is very important to me. I think I can only buy the best desktop CNC for aluminum in my budget.

15. Kevin Berwick
From Australia
May. 18, 2021
Among the many metal CNC machines for home, I chose this mini CNC machine metal, because the machine is too large, the accuracy will be reduced.

16. Isca, Sloka
From Greece
May. 3, 2021
 I have been looking for the best metal CNC machine for home, I do shoe molds, and I need a desktop CNC metal machine for the aluminum model. This machine of mine is a servo motor with high accuracy.

17. Damian Jackson
From USA
Feb. 23, 2021
I use this desktop CNC metal machine for aluminum on the second floor. I made the room soundproof, so the sound is still acceptable.

18. Kunal Prabahkar
From India
Feb. 6, 2021
I have bought 3 sets of the CNC routers for aluminum from BuyCNC, I have great confidence in BuyCNC!

19. Bruce White
From Canada
Jan. 8, 2021
I received my CNC metal cutting router, the machine looks very strong!

20. Mueller Erdorf
From Germany
Sep. 14, 2020
My friend recommended this engraving machine metal CNC machine for home to me, and the machine is currently running well!

21. Koizumi
From Japan
Sep. 1, 2020
I opened the wooden box, this desktop CNC metal machine brought a lot of accessories.

22. Andrei Baslovsky
From Russian
Dec. 19, 2020
My aluminum plate is very thick, so I can only carve the aluminum plate in layers. This desktop CNC metal machine can engrave about 3mm each time.

23. Dreyer Aquino
From Indonesia
Sep. 12, 2020
There are not many manufacturers specializing in selling desktop CNC metal routers in the market. I am very thankful that I chose this CNC aluminum engraving machine.

24.Faried, Alberta
From UAE
Sep. 1, 2020
For higher accuracy, I chose this CNC machine metal. This machine is gantry fixed, with very high accuracy, very stable movement, and no jitter.

25. Gisville, Williams
From the U.K
 Aug. 17, 2020
Now the freight is too expensive. In order to save the freight, I bought this desktop CNC mill for aluminum, the packaging volume is only 1.5cbm, I am very satisfied.

26. Pierre Parisnov
From France
 Aug. 2, 2020
I saw a lot of aluminum CNC machine metal for sale on the Internet because my friend also needs a desktop CNC mill steel machine, so I bought it with him.

27. Mr. Yukci Oleg
From Russia
 Jul. 12, 2020
I don’t need a large CNC router for metal cutting, because the price of a large machine is very expensive, I only need a small desktop CNC mill aluminum. If you also need a CNC metal engraver, I recommend BuyCNC.

28. Arroyo Anderson
From Argentina
Jul. 12, 2020
My CNC router machine for aluminum arrived at the port today, and I look forward to seeing it soon!

29. Adof Handuklo
From Israel
Jul. 5, 2020
Because I am a novice, I didn’t know how to use a desktop CNC aluminum milling machine at first. I read the tutorial provided by the supplier and learned it slowly.

30. Elkerson, Georgia
From Australia
Jun. 19, 2020
 I don’t know where to buy CNC router bits for my CNC router cutting aluminum. Can anyone advise?

31. Richard Jakson
From Belarus
 Jun. 19, 2020
The cast iron bed is very important for the CNC router metal cutting machine. I finally found it.

32. Hill George
From USA
Jun. 2, 2020
Whether you need a CNC router for aluminum or a metal CNC machine for home, you can always find a suitable CNC machine metal on BuyCNC.

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