What is 4 axis CNC router?

4 axis CNC router is to increase the fourth axis C axis on the basis of the ordinary plane three axis CNC router machine. The existence of the C-axis can be a main shaft that swings from side to side and rotates 180°, or it can add an additional rotating shaft that can rotate 360°.

The main shaft can swing 180°C axis left and right. This 4 axis CNC machine can not only realize plane processing, but also realize double-sided processing. And mainly do some surface treatment of 3D workpieces.

Another type of 4 axis CNC router is also called rotary axis CNC router machine. Compared with the 3-axis CNC router machine, this type of 4-axis CNC machine adds a rotating device to the 3-axis CNC router. The rotary device mainly realizes the processing of cylindrical workpieces. It should be noted that whether it is the X-axis or Y-axis direction of the machine, the rotating device can be placed in any position you want. In addition, the rotating device can not only be placed on the machine, but also independent of the machine. And easier to operate, maintain and transport. Therefore, the CNC 4 axis router can realize the machining and planing engraving of cylindrical workpieces.

2. Features of CNC router 4 axis machine control system

Performance characteristics:
CNC 4 axis router uses a four-axis industrial control system, such as the new generation four-axis system, LNC four-axis control system, DSP four-axis control system, etc. Four-axis linkage control, with excellent and stable quality, good maintenance, and usability. It can control the completion of the 3D processing of the cylinder and the rotation of the tetrahedron. It is especially suitable for the three-dimensional processing of figure statues, European furniture legs, and stone statues. , Sculpture. Has the following characteristics:
◆The brand-new four-axis linkage motion control method can be used offline without an additional computers.
◆Support A/C code format, and special M code control
◆Customizable and editable I/O interface, providing users with a wide range of development platforms
◆Intelligent processing memory function, support breakpoint continuous carving
◆Strong anti-interference ability, passed a number of CE tests
◆With parameter backup and parameter recovery functions, it effectively prevents the loss of important parameters
◆It can realize the processing of complex workpieces such as cylinders, prisms, polyhedrons, etc.
◆Widely used in the system control of three-dimensional sculptures, Buddha statues, stair columns, sofas, table legs, molds, and other processing equipment

3. 4 axis CNC machine applicable industries and materials:

◆Woodworking furniture industry: carving techniques such as embossing and engraving of furniture, and carving of 3D three-dimensional patterns such as furniture legs.
◆Decoration industry: 3D three-dimensional portrait or object carving, large foam 3D decoration pattern.
◆Crafts industry: 3D three-dimensional handle carving, three-dimensional pattern carving.
◆Mold industry: woodworking molds, metal molds, shoe molds, aluminum molds, chocolate molds, cake molds, lost foam, plastic molds, and mold making.

4. What are the advantages of 4 axis CNC machine for sale?

1. Improve production efficiency: CNC lathe 4 axis machine can be programmed to reduce human interference in specific manufacturing processes. This helps reduce production time, thereby ensuring increased production efficiency.
2. Simplify work: The process performed manually by operators using traditional machines requires a lot of time and effort. These processes can be programmed using a CNC router 4 axis machine to simplify the operator’s work.
3. High precision: The best 4 axis CNC router can consistently produce precision workpieces. After confirming the programming control, 4 axis CNC wood router produced thousands of pieces in a short time.
4. Flexible processing: As the process is programmed, the 4 axis CNC wood carving machine is flexible. You can run a key program for a segment, save it, and then call it again when you need to clone the segment.
5. Easy to set up: CNC router machine 4 axis for sale is easy to set up and easy to operate, which helps you save time and allows you to complete tasks on time effectively.

5. How to choose the right 4 axis CNC wood carving machine

In addition to the most common three-axis CNC Router, there are now four-axis three-linkage CNC Router and four-axis four-linkage CNC Router, which are what we say as the real four-axis and fake four-axis engraving machines. For customers who want to do both three-dimensional materials and flat materials, they don’t know what they can do and what are the differences, and they are entangled in their own requirements to choose which one is suitable. Then BuyCNC is here to give you a detailed answer to distinguish between true four-axis and fake four-axis, to help you find a machine that suits you.
1. The four-axis three-linked movement mode is X (beam), Y (table), Z (carving spindle), and C (rotating axis). Three of the four axes can move at the same time, either X, Y, C or X, Z, C. In other words, table Y and the rotation axis C can only be transformed into each other, but they cannot move at the same time. That is to say, the three axes are really moving, that is to say, the engraving machine only rotates around the axis when engraving. The four-axis four-linkage movement mode is: X, Y, Z, C four axes move simultaneously.
2. The four-axis three-linked engraving machine is mainly suitable for engraving planes and symmetrical, regular-shaped, symmetrical circular carving patterns that are not complicated, such as olive pits, cylindrical reliefs, that is, embossed carvings on the surface of the cylinder, wood Most of the stone materials, such as the famous Panlong Column, can be realized by this kind of three-axis and rotating-axis engraving machine. Four-axis suitable for carving can be used for regular, irregular, symmetrical and asymmetrical round carvings with complex and asymmetrical patterns. It is difficult to generate 4-axis curved surfaces, and there is generally no subsequent processing of 4-axis. Workpieces that can be processed by a 3-axis machine can also be processed by a 4-axis machine tool, but the workpiece that can be processed by a 4-axis machine tool may not be processed by a 3-axis machine tool.
3. When engraving on a quadruple and triple-link CNC engraving machine, whether it is flat or round, you can think of it as flat engraving. When carving, it is calculated according to the pulse. When the four-axis engraving machine is engraving, it is calculated according to 360, which means that each step is 0.000* degrees. Therefore, the operating principles of the three-axis engraving machine and the four-axis engraving machine are completely different. A four-axis engraving machine can only be called a true four-axis engraving machine if it is equipped with a special four-axis system and draw a special tool path, and it can also complete the work that only a four-axis engraving machine can complete.
4. The real four-axis linkage machine will be more expensive, and learning drawing will be more troublesome. The advantage is that the engraving speed is fast, and the four-axis can be easily done where the ordinary three-axis can’t engrave. Stair legs, general pillars, dragon holding pillars, European style furniture legs, four-axis three-linked engraving machine is to carve some reliefs and line carvings on the surface of the cylinder and can only carve simple figures like cylinders or ellipses. The four-axis linkage engraving machine is also called a three-dimensional engraving machine. This engraving machine can not only engrave cylindrical reliefs, but also engrave complex figures, European sofa legs, irregular curved surfaces, and semi-3D three-dimensional engraving.
5. Our suggestion for choosing a machine is that the different engraving requirements determine the different model and configuration of CNC milling machine 4 axis. Only the real four-axis engraving machine will be used for 3D three-dimensional engraving. For the engraving needs of cylindrical plane relief, you only need to use a three-axis system with a three-axis and rotary-axis engraving machine. After all, the price between the genuine four-axis system and the three-axis system is somewhat different. The fake 4-axis knife is always at the center of the A-axis, and the real 4-axis knife can go to both sides of the A-axis. It has a little effect on engraving the hollow objects inside. If the engraving surface is basically the same.

If you have any questions about CNC wood router 4 axis, please do not hesitate to contact us. BuyCNC team will do our best to support you.

Customer reviews and testimonials of 4 Axis CNC Machines

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1. Kevin Macurs
From the USA
10. Oct 2021
I like this small 4 axis CNC desktop machine very much. Its processing functions are very comprehensive. This machine has helped me a lot.
2. Tony Aledser
From France
9. Oct 2021
I am a woodworking industry enthusiast. In order to be able to produce some cylindrical woodworking workpieces, I bought this desktop 4 axis CNC wood machine. It performs very well.

3. Baaty Basous
From the United States
5. Oct 2021
I have a factory. In order to expand the scale of the factory, I bought an advanced desktop 4 axis CNC milling machine. This machine is great.
4. Muller Menfacaq
From Germany
3. Oct 2021
One of the 4 axis CNC engraving router machine I used before broke down, and then I searched the Internet for 4 axis CNC milling machine, and I chose many companies and chose to buy it here.


5. Mr.Hard James
From UK
My friend recommended me to buy the machine at BuyCNC, because he bought a cheap 5 axis CNC carving router machine here.

6. Mr. Adams Edridge
From Australia
I bought a 4 axis CNC lathe machine in March. What makes me happy is that I received the machine in July.

7. Mr. Adam Lewis
From UK
I like this brand new 4 axis CNC wood router for sale very much, its price is very attractive, and this machine is easy to use.

8. Mr. Alex Anderson
From Australian
I have a furniture factory, in order to be able to produce 3D furniture, I bought a 4 axis CNC wood machine.

9. Mudir Muller
From Germany
My workers like this 4 axis CNC milling machine very much because its work efficiency is much faster than the previous old machine.

10. Mr. Scott Williams
From UK
In order to process trees into pillars, I specially purchased 4 axis cnc wood carving machine.

11. Mr. Baria Plov
From France
The processing quality of The CNC lathe 4 axis is very high, and my customers like the products processed by this new machine.

12. Mr.Tony Alan
From Spanish
I quickly assembled this 4 axis CNC kit machine, its assembly process is very simple, and the engineer of BuyCNC also helped me.

13. Mr.Jeff Richardson
From USA
I customized the accessories of my 4 axis CNC mill machine. When I received the goods, these accessories were what I wanted.

14. Mr.Mikhailyuk, Ivanovic
From Russian
I have selected a lot of 4 axis CNC machines for sale on the Internet, and the BuyCNC machine is my favorite.

15. Mr.Shevchenko, Milovich
From Finland
This is the best 4 axis CNC router machine I have seen. It can not only process 2d plane workpieces, but also 3d three-dimensional

16. Mr.Yorks Drexler
From Canada
Jan. 20, 2020
I bought a CNC 3030 4 axis machine specially for my research project. Although this machine is small in size, it can also process workpieces with high quality.

17. Mr.Gilbert Chamberlain
From UK
Jan. 12, 2020
This CNC router 4 axis machine is very sturdy and can process a variety of materials.

18. Mr.Bruce Smith
From Australian
Jan. 9, 2020
I like the control system of this 4 axis CNC router machine very much, it works very well.

19. Mr.Benjamin Berger
From France
Jan. 6, 2020
I bought a 4 axis CNC mill router machine for my new factory. Its processing speed and quality are very high.

20. Mr.Mark Daniel
From USA
Jan. 5, 2020
This is really a great 4 axis desktop cnc, not only the price is cheap, but the quality of the machine is also high.

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