The Advantage of the Vacuum Work Table

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Nowadays, there are two main types of workbenches in the CNC Router machine industry. They are Aluminum T-slot work table and Vacuum work table.

The most common tabletops of ordinary woodworking engraving machines are vacuum adsorption tabletops and profile fixture tabletops. Many customers who purchase woodworking engraving machines for the first time do not know the difference between these two types of tabletops, and which tabletop is more suitable for them. The following is a detailed explanation of the engraving machine to explain the difference between the two tabletops, the working principle and the industry used for reference.

T-Slot Aluminum Work Table

The T-Slot profile fixture table is a way of fixing the workpiece on the table by manually tightening screws. The profile table is an aluminum profile with a T-slot at the bottom and a layer of PVC material on the top. Then use a splint to fix the workpiece to be engraved on the table, so that it can be fixed arbitrarily according to the size and thickness of the workpiece. This type of table saves costs, but it takes time to fix, is labor intensive, and has low production efficiency. But like some materials that cannot be absorbed, such as irregular materials, copper and aluminum and other materials, you must use the profile fixture table. If you If the processing technology is embossing, hollowing, cutting, etc., then you’d better choose the profile fixture table.

T-Slot table

Because the engraving time of embossed prints is relatively long, it doesn’t care about the few minutes of manual fixing on the splint, and the hollow embossed cutting and other processes cannot be absorbed by the vacuum pump. The woodworking engraving machine of the profile fixture table is suitable for embossed crafts; hollow partitions, screens and other home decoration; advertising industry PVC, acrylic, two-color board cutting and engraving, etc.

Vacuum Work Table

At present, in the field of engraving machine use, there are more customers for BuyCNC’s CNC engraving machine using vacuum adsorption table, which saves the time of fixing the plate and improves the processing efficiency. Therefore, when customers are purchasing equipment, they must choose according to processing requirements.

The vacuum adsorption table is connected under the table of the woodworking engraving machine with a vacuum pump through a pipeline.
Vacuum adsorption table refers to that the table of the engraving machine is vacuum adsorbed. There are generally 6 adsorption holes on the table, which is also called 6-zone vacuum adsorption (also three-zone, nine-zone, etc.). The function of vacuum adsorption is to put the workpiece on the table, turn on the vacuum pump, open the control valve, and directly suck the workpiece on the table without clamping it with clamps. At this time, the engraving machine starts to work, and the entire loading and unloading process does not exceed ten seconds, with high efficiency and fast speed. It is very suitable for the line carving of wooden doors and panel furniture.
Vacuum table

Many Areas Of Vacuum Work Table

The vacuum work table can be divided into four, six or eight areas. In this way, the adsorption function can be further enhanced. Now, the vacuum table with 6 zones is the most popular. We can also design the area according to customer needs. You only need to open the valve next to the Vacuum work table, and the corresponding work can be performed in this area.

Vacuum function switch

The advantage and disadvantage of Vacuum Work Table

The advantages of the vacuum adsorption table are: convenient fixation, saving fixation time and improving efficiency. The actual specific operation is: spread a thin Aosong board on the table and seal it well, so as to ensure that there is no air leakage and the workpiece is flatly fixed. 

The conditions for vacuum adsorption are: no air leakage! Cutting hollow is not suitable. Special-shaped plates are also not suitable. Suitable processing materials: ordinary density boards with a thickness of about 2 cm are very suitable. Too thin is not suitable, it will be recessed when sucked. If it is too thick, it won’t work.

Hybrid Vacuum and T-slot table

Hybrid Vacuum and T-slot table

Mainly Applicable Industries

1. Woodworking industry: all kinds of doors, windows, cabinets, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft fan windows, wave board processing and other furniture, wood processing.

2. Advertising industry: advertising signs, sign production, advertising material cutting, blister molding, LED neon light production and other materials advertising decoration products production.

3. Handicraft industry: Carving various exquisite patterns and characters on wood, bamboo, artificial marble, organic board, two-color board, crystal and other materials.

4.Many Other Industry.

But There is a good news, BuyCNC In order to meet all customer needs as much as possible, we have developed Hybrid Vacuum and T-slot table, which can not only absorb materials through vacuum, but also fix materials through T-slot, which makes you not Will be entangled because of which work table to choose. If you want more information, please contact us as soon as possible.

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