Precautions For Using Handheld Laser Welding Machine

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Introduction of Handheld Laser Welding Machine

As we all know, in the traditional welding industry, it is difficult to find a good welder. Especially in the production of high-end products, the requirements for welders are particularly high, which also causes the cost of welders in the product production process. 

New technology products in today’s society: handheld laser welding machine are becoming more and more popular in factories. This kind of machine is easy to operate, has strong welding ability, and can achieve fast welding. It has been widely used in the welding industry.

Several advantages of a handheld laser welder. The operation is simple, no professional welding technical experience is required, and the operation can be started after 2 hours of simple training. Welding is super fast. A handheld laser welding machine can basically replace the output of 3-5 ordinary welding machines. Welding basically eliminates the need for consumables, saving production costs. After welding, the weld is bright and white, and basically no grinding is required.

 The invention has the advantages of energy concentration, small heat reflection range, and the product is not easily deformed. The laser welding machine has concentrated energy and high welding strength. The energy and power of the laser welding machine are digitally controlled, which can meet various welding requirements. 

To sum up, the laser welding machine can completely replace the traditional welding equipment. Handheld laser welding has the advantages of simple operation, fast welding speed, and beautiful and bright welds.

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How to place the handheld laser welding machine

Handheld laser welding machines are precision instruments. We purchased the laser welding machine to make it effective and improve productivity. Energy efficiency can only be achieved by taking good care of it. So how to place the handheld laser welding machine correctly? What should I pay attention to when placing it? Care should be taken to avoid placing the laser welding machine in the following occasions and environments.

1. The environment where the space temperature of the fiber laser welding machine is placed exceeds 0°C–50°C, and the environment where the space humidity exceeds 10%–90%;

2. In places where the weather temperature changes suddenly in a short period of time;

3. The fiber laser welding machine should not be placed outdoors where dew condensation and direct sunlight will be exposed;

4. In places where there is too much dust and dust, this point needs to be paid attention to. Many manufacturers have low production efficiency because of dust and dust;

5. The place where the fiber laser welding machine is placed should be unstable and vulnerable to vibration.

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Precautions for using handheld laser welding machine

Precautions for handheld laser welding machine when welding metal materials, as long as it is something that can be welded by traditional welding, laser welding machine can do it. Compared with the traditional welding method, the hand-held laser welding machine can weld a wider range, such as non-ferrous and metallurgical metals can be laser welded. So, what are the precautions when welding metal materials?

First of all, carefully check whether the shutter reflector is clean, the contaminated lens will soon burst in use. At this point, the adjustment of the laser part is over. With the development of laser welding technology, the skills of laser welding machines are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the professional application is constantly strong. However, in the process of practical welding production, various problems also arise due to various reasons.

Therefore, how to solve these problems and how to deal with these quality problems has become the most important part of the production and processing process. As for the welding effect, we will analyze the reasons according to the welding effect. Generally speaking, if the welding effect is not good, there are two reasons, the problem of welding materials, and the use of laser welding machine to weld different materials can effectively deal with this type of problem. The second is the setting of technical parameters, which requires the welding test of the same part according to the product to be welded, and the analysis is carried out according to the welding results presented.

The high safety of the handheld laser welding machine, the welding tip is only useful when the switch is pulled when it touches the metal, and the pull switch has a body temperature sensor. The hand-held laser welding machine can complete welding at any location, and can weld workpieces with various complex welds and irregular rectangular shapes of large workpieces. Complete welding at any point of view.

It can also maintain a clean and tidy working environment in the factory. Selecting a friendly plan suitable for laser welding and optimizing the sheet metal production process Compared with traditional welding, the advantages of laser welding are obvious, but laser welding also has higher requirements on the machining accuracy of the workpiece and fixtures, which can better utilize the advantages of laser welding.

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