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Preparation before buying a laser welding machine

Now, the number of users buying fiber laser welding machines is gradually increasing, because many users are very optimistic about the performance of such equipment, and with the trend of automated operation, fiber laser welding machines will definitely become mainstream. Although the automatic light welding machine has many advantages, it is still necessary to avoid blind choices when purchasing. Next, BuyCNC will tell you what you need to do before buying a laser welding machine.

1. In order to avoid blind choices when purchasing a fiber laser welding machine, the first thing to do is to check the scope of work. The advantage of a laser welding machine is that it is not as inefficient and difficult to operate as physical welding, but for metals with high reflectivity, laser welding is not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the welding scope of the equipment to ensure that the purchased equipment can meet our welding requirements.

2. For laser welding equipment, specific parameter configuration and layout requirements should also be considered. Because this laser welding machine has requirements for the use environment, we should pay attention to whether our environment is suitable. For example, the dust-free environment is a kind of protection for the laser transmitter itself, and different parameter configurations are also related to the operation ability of the welding machine, which should be paid attention to.

3. Since all laser welding equipment is fully automatic, it is natural to pay attention to the specific operating system. Ensure that the selected operating system itself can reasonably control the equipment, and at the same time, it can also meet the daily operation needs and do regular updates and maintenance, so as to better complete the operation and deployment of the fiber laser welding machine. At the same time, the control training of the equipment itself cannot be ignored.

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Factors About Buying Laser Welding Machine

1. Optical characteristics: spot size (laser rod diameter, fiber diameter and type, exit head parameters), focal plane height, depth of field, spot position, spot incident angle;

2. Control characteristics: selection of feedback control mode and power waveform.

The optical characteristics of the fiber laser welding machine can be determined at the time of proofing, and the user can intuitively determine the welding effect when the product is initially trial-produced. Therefore, we will not repeat them here, but focus on the laser control characteristics that affect the consistency of laser welding.

The fiber laser welding machines currently on the market are mainly divided into two categories in terms of control characteristics: current negative feedback and laser power negative feedback.

Current negative feedback is a control method to control the laser pumping xenon lamp current to keep the xenon lamp current constant every time. However, the laser output power is not linearly proportional to the current of the pumped xenon lamp, and with the prolongation of the pumped xenon lamp usage time, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is significantly reduced, which will reduce the output laser energy, thus affecting the consistency of the welding effect. sex.

Laser power negative feedback is a control method in which a photodetector is added at the output end of the laser cavity to compare the detected laser power with the required laser power, and then control the pump current of the xenon lamp.

Laser power negative feedback is divided into real-time negative feedback and non-real-time negative feedback. Real-time negative feedback is a control method in which the detected laser power is compared with the required laser power within a laser power pulse, and then the pump current of the xenon lamp is controlled. Non-real-time negative feedback is to compare the laser power waveform detected by the previous pulse with the set waveform, and then determine the control method of the current size of the next pulsed laser pumping xenon lamp.

Compared with the current negative feedback control, the laser power negative feedback can greatly improve the control accuracy of the output laser energy, which is especially suitable for mass production.

The output energy instability under negative feedback of laser power is less than 3%. Moreover, with the prolongation of the use time of the pumped xenon lamp of the fiber laser welding machine, the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the pumped xenon lamp will be further reduced, and the output energy will gradually decrease in the state of negative current feedback. Quality control personnel are required to frequently detect the output laser energy, thereby increasing production. cost.

When using laser power negative feedback, the system automatically compares the output laser energy and adjusts the compensation pump xenon lamp current in real time, so it can ensure that the output laser energy is always within a relatively stable range.

In addition, the fiber laser welding machine using negative feedback control of laser power can easily realize the waveform control of laser power. In fact, for different materials, using different laser power waveforms can make the welding effect more beautiful, and sometimes even use traditional welding methods. The material that cannot be used can also get better welding effect by changing the laser power waveform.

When selecting the laser power waveform, generally speaking, under the premise of outputting the same laser energy, the wider the pulse width, the larger the welding spot; the higher the peak power of the laser power waveform, the deeper the welding spot. At present, there is no complete set of laser power waveform setting method. Users can gradually explore in the process of use to find the laser power waveform suitable for their own products.

The choice of fiber laser welding machine is very important to the yield of batch processing; therefore, users can try to use laser power real-time negative feedback welding machine to improve the quality rate of products under the premise of conditions permitting.

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maintenance of laser welding machine

When a customer purchases a laser welding machine, there may be some safety issues in the customer’s daily operation. For every customer, they are very worried about this kind of problem. In order to avoid these problems, effective preprocessing work is required to ensure better operation results and prevent some problems.

Now all walks of life have different requirements when choosing to use laser welding machines, and they can be operated according to different operation methods. Many people may not be able to operate and maintain in time when they operate, so it will cause certain damage to the equipment, so people It is likely to affect its service life in terms of operation and use time, so it must be able to pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance during operation.

Of course, in some cases, there will be certain fixed procedures for the maintenance of equipment, or some fixed equipment and materials for customers to choose, which should attract people’s attention. After all, the procurement cost is relatively high, and the use process will be more High attention to the relevant elements is likely to result in wasted costs and may cost us more, so people must be able to pay attention.

Now many people pay more attention to their practicality when choosing these laser welding machines, and when choosing, they should make the correct selection and matching according to their own industry, so that the equipment can play an excellent role and be used in actual operation. In the process, we can also understand some elements and attention issues in other aspects.

 The maintenance and maintenance of the laser welding machine is more critical. When operating and using, people should choose and operate in the correct way, and in the actual operation. In the selection process, some other elements may also be paid attention to, so that people can understand in many aspects.

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