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This is the latest handheld laser welder. This welding machine has a novel shape and supports a variety of welding methods. The fiber laser welder can weld iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials, and it has a small footprint and is easy to move. If you want to know about this fiber laser welding machine, then please leave us a message.

Fiber Laser Welder Video

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Introduction of Laser Welder Machine

Handheld laser welder is a new generation of laser welding equipment, which belongs to non-contact welding, and does not require pressure during the operation. The working principle of fibre laser welder is to directly irradiate a high-energy laser beam on the surface of the material, and through the interaction between the laser and the material, the interior of the material is formed. It melts and then cools and crystallizes to form a weld.

Fiber laser welding machine fills the gap of hand-held welding in the laser equipment industry, subverts the traditional working mode of laser welding machine, replaces the previous fixed optical path with hand-held, is flexible and convenient, and has a long welding distance. The handheld laser welder makes it possible to operate laser welding outdoors.

Advantages of Handheld Fiber Laser Welder:

Compared with traditional welding techniques, handheld laser welder welding is faster, deeper, and less deformed. In addition, after the laser is focused, a small spot can be obtained, and precise positioning welding can be carried out for the group welding of micro and small workpieces in the automatic production of large quantities.
Fibre laser welder has a beautiful design, powerful functions, and a multi-purpose machine. Low failure rate and strong practicability. Small size, light weight, etc. And resistant to high temperature and severe cold, handheld laser welder

 is suitable for various harsh environment operations and mobile operations.

Applications of Fiber Laser Welding Machine:

1. Advertising industry. In the advertising industry, due to a lot of customization, the traditional method is inefficient. Using handheld laser welder, no matter how thick the board is, no matter how many fonts, fibre laser welder will satisfy you.
2. The automotive industry. Light handheld laser welder welding car doors, exhaust pipes, etc.
3. Kitchenware industry. Now that there are more and more houses, more and more decorations, and more and more kitchenware-related products are in demand, handheld laser welder is suitable for welding thin-plate stainless steel, with fast speed, high precision, and high satisfaction, and can realize customized and personalized product development. It is loved by kitchenware manufacturers.
4. Sheet metal processing. To put it simply, processing is a variety of plates and welded parts with different graphics. The characteristics of fibre laser welder are developing in full swing in this industry.
5. Cabinet industry. Including power distribution cabinets, filing cabinets, etc., all are standardized production of thin plates, which require efficiency. It is more suitable to use fiber laser welding machine four-station or six-station, and the efficiency is high. Double-layer welding is also possible for certain sheets.
6. Fitness equipment. Due to the country’s emphasis on sports health and the development of personal health concepts. Square fitness equipment and home fitness equipment have gradually developed, and the demand for handheld laser welder has gradually increased.

our service:

pre-sale service:

1. Professional sales manager at your service
After you leave your contact information, we will have professional sales managers to provide you with comprehensive services. You can communicate all your needs and information you want to know with our sales managers.

2. Provide free sample Welding
If you are worried about whether this fiber laser welding machine can weld the metals, we can provide you with free sample welding, and then edit it into a video and send it to you, so as to dispel your doubts.

After-sale service:

1. Ensure the safety of machine transportation
(1) Inner layer: plastic stretch film and white foam.
(2) Middle: Small pieces of wood and screws.
(3) Outside: Standard export wooden box.
So we will ensure that the machine can be delivered to you safely.
2. Two-year warranty
We back this machine with a two-year warranty, starting from the date of shipment.
3. 24×7 Live Chat Service
Our customer service is available 24×7, if you have any questions please contact us directly.
Official website: https://buycnc.com/

Official website: https://buycnc.com/

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