How to Use a CNC Machine and Operate CNC Machine

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Do you know what is CNC Machining?

The CNC machining is a professional term often used in industry and manufacturing. It represents a series of engraving, cutting and other processing methods on raw materials through a computer-controlled machine (CNC router machine) to obtain some products. Now the technology is applicable to a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, composite materials, etc. At the same time, it has been widely used in metal industry, furniture industry, mold making and other industries.


How to use a CNC machine

First of all, you have to choose the most suitable CNC machine for you. For example, if you plan to process wood or plastic materials, please choose CNC router machine. But if you want to process hard materials such as metal, CNC mill machine is your best choice.


Learn the necessary skills

When a CNC machine performs CNC machining, there are mainly the following three steps.

First, draw the product graphics according to your needs in the CAD program, then convert the graphics into G code through the CAM program, and finally import the G code into the CNC machine for processing. Although some people like to write G code directly and import it into the machine, most of the operations are still more stable through the CAM program.



The abbreviation of CAD is the Computer-aided design software. It is generally a program used to draw 2D vector diagrams, 3D three-dimensional diagrams or solid renderings. Most of the graphics drawn by CAD programs are further processed by CAM programs, so that CNC machine can produce parts stably and efficiently.You can download CAD programs in most application stores. There are free and paid versions of CAD programs. The paid version is more powerful. I suggest you practice in the free version of the CAD program first, and then purchase the advanced paid version. Version of CAD.


Short for CAM is the Computer-aided manufacturing software. After you have finished drawing the graphics in the CAD program, import the graphics into the CAM program, and then you need to enter some important instructions here, such as cutting tools, cutting depth, and running speed. After you have entered all the information, it will automatically create a G code.

G Code

In general, small CNC machines and amateur CNC machines are controlled by an external CNC control system, which will import G code into the machine to control the operation of the machine. However, some large CNC machines and commercial CNC machines will directly transfer G code to the machine, thus bypassing the work content of CAD and CAM. Although this can simplify the process and design time, it is only suitable for some relatively simple tasks. If you want to create more detailed work, please try to use CAD software to create G code.

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Carry out CNC Machining

Finally, when you import the code into the CNC machine, you also need to place the material in the proper position by vacuum suction or a fixed tool, then leave the work area, start the machine, and then wait for the product to be completed.

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