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Types of The Industrial CNC Router

The industrial CNC Router is also called professional CNC Router, including the industrial CNC Router for Woodworking, industrial CNC Router for stone processing , and industrial CNC Router for sign making. 

Industrial CNC Router Table for Woodworking

1).Industrial CNC Router for Wood Nesting 

cnc nesting machine100

    Regarding the professional CNC machine for Woodworking, the most popular now is the CNC machine for making panel furniture. For such professional CNC router machines, people are most concerned about the production efficiency and machining accuracy. For such professional CNC metal router machines, the configuration is generally higher, as follows:

☆ Heavy duty machine structure

☆ 9kw (12HP) spindle

☆ Automatic tool change function

☆ Powerful servo motor

☆ Gear reducer

☆ Industrial controller

☆ Pup-up pin

☆ Automatic loading&unloading system(for option)

    With the faster cutting speed, drilling speed, and tool changing speed, the professional CNC engraving router table machine can process a sheet in 10-20 minutes for eight hours.

sample cnc router

2).Industrial CNC Router for Wood Engraving/Hollowing

    The professional CNC wood router for wood engraving is widely used in the solid wood furniture making, and the professional CNC Router for hollowing is widely used in the MDF partition making. 

    For the Industrial CNC wood Router for Wood Engraving/Hollowing, the configurations of the industrial CNC router table machine don’t need very high, the main configuration is as following: 

☆ 3-6kw spindle 

☆ Manual tool change 

☆ Stepper motor(or easy servo motor)

☆ Easy to ues Controller( DSP or Mach 3 or Nc controller)

☆ Double drive motor on Y axis 

  When choosing the professional CNC wood router

    Engraving/Hollowing, the most important thing is to consider the cost performance of the  industrial CNC router table machine, because the engraving and hollowing work does not need very high precision and fast speed. Therefore, it is particularly important to buy a cost-effective  industrial CNC router table machine.

cnc router sample

Here are some Industrial CNC wood Router for Wood Engraving/Hollowing that you might interested:

Industrial CNC Stone Router for Stone Processing

(1)Industrial CNC Router for Stone Countertop Making

The professional CNC Stone router for Stone countertop Making is usually with high configuration as following: 

☆ Automatic tool change function 

☆ High torque and low speed mechanical spindle

☆ Powerful servo motor 

☆ Gear reducer 

☆ Heavy duty structure 

stone sample

This stone ATC industrial CNC Stone router table processing center is a set of integrating drilling, cutting, edge grinding, shaping, polishing as one of the comprehensive shaped processing equipment. For stone countertops, stone bar, desktop cutting edge grinding and polishing, front face complex shape grinding edge polishing, round bottom arc polishing, to solve the  stone processing plant employment difficult, low-end processing technology, strong product homogeneity, low profit problem.

Fully automatic realization of stone countertops drilling, cutting, grinding edge, front hole European side, back hole round arc processing;

According to the actual needs of quartz stone countertops processing, combined with top research and development team and years of experience in the production of stone  industrial CNC router table machine, research and development the custom made control system. The whole industrial CNC router table machine is with high standard manufacturing process, in the equipment design, dust-free treatment, configuration selection, tool development and other aspects , the industrial CNC router table machine is perfect.

If you want to make countertop, maybe you will be interested in this professional CNC Stone router: 

(2)Industrial CNC Router for Stone carving

The Industrial CNC Stone Router table for Stone carving is widely used in the tombstone carving, monument carving, external wall decoration, stone bridge decoration. 

The professional CNC carving router machine don’t need a very high precision, and carving work is not hard, so a normal machine configuration can meet the requirement: 

☆ 5.5kw water cooling spindle 

☆ Manual tool change spindle 

☆ Stepper motor 

☆ Water tank for collecting the water 

stone sample

Industrial CNC Engraving Router for Sign Making

     The industrial CNC Acrylic Router table for sign making is acrylic cutting, signage making, letter cutting… Because the material is not hard to process, so a normal configuration machine is enough for sign making. 

☆ 3kw spindle 

☆ Stepper motor 

☆ Easy to operate controller 

woodworking CNC sample

Here are some machine that maybe you are interested in:


    Customer should choose a Industrial CNC Router machines according to the different industries and products. Material hardness, size, required machining accuracy and budget will affect the choice of machine. If you need a Industrial CNC Router machine, please tell your needs to BuyCNC, and we will recommend the most suitable machine to you.

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