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What is a plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine

  With the continuous advancement of technology, metal pipes and plates are widely used in all walks of life, and are inseparable from our lives, especially furniture, fitness equipment, agricultural machinery, passenger cars, forklifts and other industries. With the continuous expansion of market demand, the processing market for pipes and plates has become larger and larger. The traditional production mode can no longer meet the requirements of high-speed market development and low-cost production mode. Therefore, this tube-sheet integrated laser cutter machine for sale has come into being.

  The tube-sheet integrated laser cut machine is a professional equipment for tube sheet and sheet cutting. It has more advantages than other machines in cutting tubes and sheets. It can cut efficiently and accurately no matter what kind of special-shaped tube sheet. The laser tube-sheet integrated cutting machine quickly occupied various metal processing industries with its professional and stable cutting effect, especially in automobile manufacturing, oil exploration, machinery manufacturing, etc. It has been widely used.

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Processing principle

The tube-sheet integrated laser cutting machine is essentially two sets of cutting machines. The sheet cutting is a normal laser cutter machine for sale, which can meet the cutting process of metal sheets of various materials, and the cutting effect presented is no different. 

Pipe cutting is to fix the pipe by clamping and rotating equipment, while the laser head and the clamping equipment can move at the same time, making the cutting of the pipe more flexible.

Features of This Fiber laser cutter for sale

The volume of the tube-sheet integrated laser cutter for sale is relatively large, because it needs to meet the cutting of both plate cutting and tube cutting at the same time, and the format is also determined by the requirements of the processing party. The format of the fiber laser cutter is usually 1325, which is a conventional format. The pipe cutting machine has a long length, up to 3-6 meters.

Tube-sheet integrated laser cutting machines are rapidly becoming popular in my country. The rapid growth in demand for CNC cutting talents and laser tube cutting technology also highlights the serious shortage and lag of laser tube cutting equipment and CNC cutting talents and processes. The tube-sheet integrated machine produced by BuyCNC laser provides targeted solutions for tube and sheet applications.

The main feature of the plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine can not only reduce the occupied space, but also reduce the investment cost. It is an ideal choice for users with double cutting requirements for plates and tubes. It uses advanced brand fiber lasers and electronic components to ensure the stability of the equipment , Vertical pipe cutting device, providing double cutting function for plates and pipes; the drawer type receiving tray is convenient for the collection and cleaning of debris and workpieces.

Processing material of The Fiber laser cutting machine for sale

This laser cutter machine for sale can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, copper plate, galvanized plate, various alloy plates, rare metals and other metal plates at high speed and high precision. It is also suitable for cutting square pipes and oblong pipes. Hole, cutting pattern, cutting intersecting line (any angle), and the loss of the machine can be greatly reduced compared with the general fiber laser cutting machine.

Industry of This 3d Laser Cutting Machine for Sale

The plate and tube integrated laser cutter machine basically covers all kinds of metal industries, including sheet metal, jewelry, glasses, mechanical equipment, lighting, kitchen and bathroom products, communications, digital products, electronic components, clocks, computer accessories, instrumentation, precision equipment, hardware molds , Auto parts, craft gifts and other dozens of industries. The plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine can be said to be a machine with multiple functions, so that metal cutting machine manufacturers can cover most industries with just one machine. After buying a plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine, manufacturers no longer have to worry about changing the industry. The machine is up.

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Plate and Tube Integrated Machine VS Professional Pipe Cut Machine

  In actual production, many users of laser cutting machines need to cut both plates and pipes. The plate-tube integrated laser cutting machine was born! In production, is it better to use a plate-tube integrated laser cutter or a professional laser tube cutting machine?

  This is mainly based on the industry that the buyer is engaged in. If it is for normal processing in the stainless steel industry, consider choosing a plate and tube integrated laser cut machine to obtain a wider range of processing orders.

  But in the subdivided stainless steel market, if there are already many flatbed machines around, you might as well try a professional pipe cut machine. After all, there are still some differences in speed and accuracy; if you specialize in pipe processing or pipe equipment, you should still be a professional CNC laser. tube cutting machine for sale is more reliable! ! !

  The use of professional CNC laser tube cut machine for sale to process pipes has many advantages: laser pipe cutting machines have been well developed in recent years, and various pipe cutting machine manufacturers have launched many targeted research on the needs of pipe cutting. For the laser tube cutting machine, BuyCNC Laser has launched as many as four laser tube cutting machines for users who only need to cut round tubes.

  For users who need multi-function cutting of pipes (such as cutting, opening, beveling, arc cutting, pipe carving, etc.), there are a variety of laser pipe cutting machines with different configurations to choose from; for forming pipes such as elbows, etc. Users with cutting needs and users with different needs such as welded pipe online have different equipment to choose from!

  We Can provide high quality CNC laser tube cutting machine for sale. Each of these laser tube cutting machines for tube cutting subdivisions has its own different cutting advantages, and these advantages are all that the plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine can expect Unreachable!

Classification of Sheet and Tube Cutting Machines

    Tube-sheet integrated fiber laser cutting machine, BuyCNC based on the collection and analysis of customer usage data over the years, and continuous practice, we have summarized a set of cutting solutions that are fully compatible with various customer sheet and tube processing. We roughly divide the tube-sheet integrated machine into four categories according to the different conditions used by customers.

      1. In terms of structure, it is divided into suspension type and split type all-in-one;

      2. In terms of power, it is divided into: single power and dual power;

      3. On the chuck, it is divided into: manual chuck, electric chuck, and pneumatic chuck;

      4. In terms of chuck clamping mode, it is divided into: two-by-two linkage clamping, and four-jaw synchronous clamping;

   Each customer has its own different conditions for processing tube sheets and plates. Some customers have more plates and less tubes; some have more tubes and less plates; and some have more plates and tubes. In addition, if you only look at pipe cutting, it can be divided into several situations: small pipe batches and large batches; large pipe specifications and small batches; thin pipe wall thickness and pipe diameter. These aspects need to be considered comprehensively. Choose the tube-sheet integrated machine of the suitable model.

   Therefore, when customers choose 3d laser cut machine for sale, they must analyze the specific situation. If you are not sure, you can consult us. Tell us the materials you want to process and your budget, and we will recommend it for you. The most suitable laser cutter machine for sale.

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BuyCNC currently has a variety of tube sheet cutting machines and professional cnc laser tube cutting machine for sale, and this tube sheet cutting machine has been well received by our customers. If you want to know more about tube sheet cut machines , Please contact us.

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