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What is The CNC Router Machine

The CNC is the English abbreviation of Computer numerical control, so this is a precision CNC machine controlled by a computer. it is also called CNC Carving Machine, CNC Engraving machine and CNC milling machine. You can use the CNC router machine to process various materials, such as wood, acrylic, metal, stone and other materials. With the development of the engraving industry, the market has put forward higher requirements for engraving machine manufacturers. The market segmentation of the engraving industry has become increasingly mature. CNC engraving meets the needs of large-scale production, while the operation interface is more concise. So the CNC router machine is becoming more and more popular in the industrial processing industry.

2.What Products The CNC Router Machine Can Make?– Aplications of A CNC Router

The CNC machine have a wide range of applications for several industries, such as for woodworking, sign making, furnishings making, cabinets making, door carvings, exterior and interior decors, wood panels, indication boards, wooden frames, moldings, musical instruments, furnishings, counter top, components, custom millwork, channel letters, design making, joinery, orthotic production, point-of-purchase (pop), fashion jewelry manufacturing, CAD/CAM training, prosthetic production, school, educational, strong surface production, prototyping, radius mouldings, aerospace, foam product packaging, counter top production, plastic product packaging devices producers, mannequin production, metal working, musical instrument manufacturers, packaging, store fixtures, boat structure, extrusions cutting boards, PCB producers, security enclosures, conveyor makers, inscription, pool cues, magnetic, gun stock manufacturers, knife design template manufacturing, fan blade manufacturers, pistol grip producers, korbal manufacturers, kneuls producing, creative carvings, name tags, MDF doors, puzzles. They are commonly applied in commercial production, small business, small store, home based business, house store, school education, enthusiasts and SMBs.

3.How To Use The CNC Router?—-Use Principle of CNC Router

The CNC carving machines are managed by a computer. CNC engraving machine are often used with 2 software application applications– one to make styles (CAD) and another to equate those designs into a G-code program of guidelines for the machine (WEB CAM) in vertical, perpendicular and horizontal collaborates. As with CNC milling machine, CNC routers can be managed straight by manual programs, however CAD/CAM enables broader possibilities for contouring.

The operator selects the tool, speed, cut depth and tool path. For cut path, most machines give the options of tracing the vectors, cutting outside the vectors, or cutting inside the vectors. The operator determines the center point of the part, clamps the part onto the table, moves the bit directly above the marked center and down to the face of the part, and marks this as the starting point. The operator moves the bit up a few inches and selects the run G-code function. The machine begins to work.

4.How Fast Of A CNC Router?—-Feeds And Speeds Of The CNC Router

At present, most of the spindle of CNC engraving machine’s speed is between 5000rpm and 24000rpm. This is the processing speed of the spindle, which has a lot to do with the feed speed of the machine. About the moving speed of the CNC router machine, usually speaking, the greater the torque of the drive motor, the quicker the maker moves. A CNC carving router with a 4-8N. If a CNC router machine with a 1000w servo motor, the machine moving speed can be around 60m/min.

5.Are Chinese CNC Routers Good?

Not like previously, The Chinese CNC engraving machine is with great quality now.These machines all use internationally renowned brands of accessories and sturdy body structure, and their service life is extremely long, and the failure rate is extremely low.BuyCNC is a trusted CNC Router supplier from China, please feel totally free to call us if you need any tip about CNC engraving machine.

6.What Size CNC Router Should I Buy?

What size of the CNC engraving machine that you need to buy is depend on the size of your workpiece. The most popular sizes of CNC router machines on the market are 4×8 CNC engraving machine, 4×4 CNC mill router machine and 4×9 CNC engraving. machine. If you are an amateur then I recommend you to buy a small CNC wood router machine, such as 6090 CNC carving machine. If you want a customized made size machine, please don’t fret, BuyCNC can make the CNC router engraving machine size according to your unique requirement.

The following table is the common size of the CNC Router.





2’x 2′



2’x 3′



2’x 4′



4’x 4′



4’x 6′



4’x 8′



5’x 10′



6’x 12′


Custom made

Any size

Any size

7.How Much Does A CNC Router Cost?

CNC router machine with various specs will cause different costs. The main aspects that primarily lead various machine cost consist of: Machine bed frame, CNC controller, spindle, gantry, ball screw, guide rail, running system, table (T-slot table or vacuum table), air pump, motorist, motor, software, collet, rotary 4th axis, limit switch, power pinion, supply and rack etc.The CNC router from various brands also have different service and assistance, which will lead to various expenses too. The CNC carving machine from different countries have various tax rates, different custom-mades, different shipping costs.If you wish to buy a CNC Router overseas, and get the last price, please call us to get a complimentary quotation, and we’ll compute the final rate of your needed CNC Router for sale.

Price Range of CNC Router


Minimum Price

Maximum Price

Average Price

CNC Wood Routers




CNC Stone Routers




CNC Metal Routers




CNC Foam Routers




3 Axis CNC Routers




4th Axis (Rotary Axis)CNC Routers




4 Axis CNC Routers




5 Axis CNC Routers




8.How To Use A CNC Router Machine?

For most of the newbies, the operation and use of CNC carving machine has actually constantly been an issue, since in people’s impression, it is a totally automated machining devices, and people usually think it must be very tough to operate this high-precision CNC router machine. Numerous individuals pull away prior to they attempt to learn, fearing that they will not be able to discover it well.In fact, The operation of the CNC engraving machine is simple. As long as you discover it with your heart, and learn step by action, it is simple to discover for novices, and there is absolutely nothing challenging to learn.

Now BUYCNC will introduce 5 operation steps in details for your recommendation.

Step 1. Turn on the CNC engraving machine.

  1. Turn on the power of the control computer system and begin the CAM/CAD software.
  2. Press the power switch of the CNC engraving machine.
  3. Switch on the spindle motor cooling water pump and inspect the cooling water circulation At the proper level.
  4. If the CNC carving machine is turned on for the very first time today, please depress the handle of the lubricating oil injector once, and include lubricating oil to the transmission system lubed part.
  5. Perform the mechanical origin return operation in the software, and remove possible crashes prior to the operation.
  6. Manually move each feed axis 1 to 2 backward and forward within the full stroke.

Step 2. Workpiece Clamping:

1. Location the cushion product in the center of the work table.
2. Location the workpiece to be processed on the cushion product.
3. Usage at least 4 sets of pressure plates to repair the workpiece on the worktable strongly.
4. Check whether the workpiece is clamped strongly. When push it, the workpiece must not move.
5. Discover the edge of the workpiece and set the workpiece origin, please do as list below step by action:.
5.1. Move the spindle along the feed axis that properly sets the origin till the tool will touch the workpiece.
5.2. Start the spindle.
5.3. Switch to single-step movement with step size 0.01 mm or 0.05 mm.
5.4. Relocate one action until the rotating tool touches the workpiece. At this time, a minor sound will be heard.
5.5. Absolutely no the workpiece collaborates of this axis or tape the current CNC carving machine coordinates.
5.6. Move the axis to move the tool far from the workpiece, and take notice of validate that the moving direction is proper.

Step 3. CNC Tool Changing:

1. Disconnect the power of the CNC carving machine to make sure that the spindle stops.
2. Move the spindle to a position where it is easy to change the router bit, and put the soft material directly under the router bit to avoid harming the cutting edge when the router bit falls.
3. Repair the spindle with a little wrench, and turn the chuck nut clockwise (seen from leading to bottom) with a large wrench, making sure not to strike the cutting edge with the wrench.
4. Loosen the chuck nut and replace the chuck to eliminate foreign items in the CNC carving machine chuck and chuck nut if you require to change the chuck.
5. Check whether the cutting edge of the router bit to be clamped is undamaged.
6. Set up the collet and nut on the spindle.
7. Place the router bit to be clamped into the hole of the chuck, as far as possible according to the real scenario (however the cylindrical part of the bit can not be completely inserted), and tighten the nut by hand. This action can not be reversed from the previous step: do not insert the bit prior to installing the nut on the spindle.
8. Tighten the nuts with 2 wrenches, being careful not to utilize excessive force, and likewise being careful not to strike the cutting edge with the wrench.
9. Verify that the wrench is away from the spindle, and switch on the power.
10. Set the router bit once again and set the Z coordinate of the workpiece origin.

Step 4. Start CNC Programming:

1. Confirm the following products before the CNC engraving machine working:
1.1. The router bit is securely clamped.
1.2. The workpiece origin is set correctly, especially the Z coordinate of the workpiece origin after tool change.
1.3. Workpieces are secured firmly.
1.4. The NC program is filled properly.
2. Adjust the feedrate override to about 30% in the CNC software and start the CNC program.
3. After verifying that there is no unusual operation, adjust the feedrate override to the regular value.
4. Someone needs to be on duty throughout operation.

Step 5. Shut Down to Stop:

1. Return to the mechanical origin.
2. Eliminate the router bit and the chuck nut is enabled to remain on the spindle.
3. Turn off the CNC carving machine.
4. Turn off the computer system, this action can not be reversed with the previous action.

9.Maintenance Guide for the CNC Router

The concept and structure of computer-controlled router makers are similar. BUYCNC has actually summed up some experience through more than 20 years of CNC manufacturing, sales and after-sales, and hopes that the CNC machine users can do the right day-to-day upkeep and long time upkeep.
1). Spindle-core element.

1.1:Supply reputable lubrication adjustment: For spindles with oil-air lubrication, steady and trusted lubrication conditions must be provided for the spindle. Routinely observe the amount of oil and the amount of oil added to avoid oil cut, and tidy the filter component and filter screen frequently.

1.2: Provide reputable cooling conditions: High-speed spindles normally have 2 approaches for cooling: water-cooled and air-cooled: water-cooled spindles need to regularly examine making use of coolant and supply them in time; air-cooled spindles require to maintain the spindle air-cooling system frequently to prevent breakdowns.

1.3 Run strictly in accordance with the specs of the operation handbook: the operator ought to have a standard understanding of the chosen spindle and devices, including the rated power and speed of the spindle, so as not to surpass the rated power. Overload operation may trigger the spindle to become stuffy and the rotor to jam, causing major damage to the spindle, leading to greater maintenance costs.

2. Regularly clean the CNC control box of the machine to avoid dust accumulation.
Most Important: The power supply should be cut off, and the operation can just be carried out after the inverter has no display screen and the main circuit power indicator light is off. For CNC engraving machine, the inside of the computer system need to be cleaned up. Excessive dust in the electrical box might trigger the wire ports to ignite and trigger a fire. Extreme computer dust will cause the computer system to breakdown, and signal errors will cause the CNC carving machine to be misaligned.

3. Maintain the drive system of CNC router machine
Whether it is a rack maker or a screw maker, after using the CNC carving machine every day, we need to clean up the dust on all parts of the machine. The CNC engraving machine with automated pump oil lubrication will automatically add oil for lubrication. For manual lubricating devices, it is needed to by hand oil the guide rack and screw rod every 3-5 days.

Note: The guide rail and rack need to be maintained with engine oil; the screw part must be lubricated at high speed; if the workplace temperature level is too low in winter, the polished rod and polished rod (square rail or round rail) should be cleaned with gasoline initially, and then refueled, otherwise it will cause excessive resistance in the transmission part Big. Trigger the CNC milling machine to dislocate.

4. Maintain The motor drive system
The current drive motors of CNC carving machine are divided into stepper motors, hybrid servo motors and pure servo motors. If irregular noise is discovered in the maker during daily work, it must be shut down in time. Run the CNC Routers manually to find the source of the sound, and then call the upkeep personnel or the producer to change the motor or fix in time.

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Brown from USA

I am very happy to buy a 1325 CNC router machine from BuyCNC. The price of this machine is the most affordable among the suppliers I have found. And when I received the goods, I am very satisfied with the quality of this machine. I like the 1325 metal CNC milling machine.I will introduce BuyCNC to my friends.


Smith from UK

I bought an ATC CNC wood router machine from BuyCNC in March this year. This machine works very smoothly. Since receiving the goods, this machine has hardly failed. It has greatly improved the processing speed of my factory. So
I can produce more wooden doors.


Lucas from France

My name is Lucas and I am from France. I saw a 6090 CNC engraving router machine from BuyCNC on the Internet. I am a fan of the woodworking industry. This is the first time I have purchased a wood CNC router machine to process my wood. So I chose a small desktop CNC machine. It can help me produce wooden toys and signs. I like this small wood CNC machine very much.

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