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  Nowadays, with the rapid development of the CNC engraver industry, more and more people have invested in the CNC engraver industry. According to statistics, there are approximately two million new people working in this industry every year around the world. With its rapid development, the sales volume of The CNC engraver machine is also increasing year by year. And Chinese CNC router has been warmly welcomed by customers all over the world. As of the first quarter of 2021, China CNC router’s sales accounted for a large share of global sales and received unanimous praise from customers. Then you know why China CNC router is so popular in all over the world.

Development Prospects of Chinese CNC Router

In recent years, the development of global engraving machines has been quite rapid, from manual engraving in previous years to machine engraving now. Its appearance has brought great convenience to people, saved a lot of engraving machine time, and improved the engraving process, making many industries benefit from engraving machines, especially woodworking engraving machines have become one of the necessary equipment for all processes in the woodworking industry . Engraving machines have been purchased by more and more people, so why are engraving opportunities developing so rapidly?

First of all, the engraving machine has low investment and quick results. Like the standard model engraving machine, the price is about several thousand dollars, and the price is relatively popular, and it is a price acceptable to ordinary people.

Secondly, the Chinese engraving machine is easy to learn and easy to operate. The requirements for the operator of the engraving machine are not high. Take an elementary-level computer as an example. If you receive company training, you can master it in less than a week. Now there are many related engraving software on the market, which are easy to learn.

Finally, Chinese CNC router machine has a wide range of processing and a broad prospect. Engraving machines involve various craftsmanship in the woodworking industry, and have been widely used in many industries:

1. Furniture decoration industry: large-area plank carving, solid wood and board furniture carving. Solid wood art murals, solid wood doors, cabinet door carvings.

2. Wood product processing: sewing machine countertops, electrical appliances countertops, sports equipment.

3. Musical instrument industry: It can engrave three-dimensional curved surfaces and shape cutting of musical instruments.

The above three industries are the three most widely used industries for China wood CNC router. In addition to these three industries, there are many industries that already use engraving machines for work.And as more and more industries start to use CNC engraving machines, then the development of Chinese CNC router become more and more popular.

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Why Chinese CNC Router is Popular

Affordable Price

An important factor in the popularity of Chinese CNC router is its low price, as a country that occupies a large portion of the CNC mill machine industry. There are many China CNC router manufacturers in China, and it is precisely because there are so many manufacturers, so the price of Chinese CNC router is cheaper than other country. This greatly reduces the burden on buyers and can make more and more Many ordinary people have their own Chinese CNC router.

High Quality Machine

The quality of Chinese CNC router is very high. Most of the machine bottom frame is welded by heavy steel, so the stability of the machine is very high. And the accessories of the machine adopt high-quality accessories of famous brands, such as servo motors, Japan Shimpo Gear Reducer, XYZ axis Hiwin square rails and high quality High Frequency Automatic Tool Changer Spindle etc. So the service life of the machine will be longer.

Comprehensive service

BuyCNC is a well-known CNC machine china manufacturer. We have been engaged in the sale of CNC engraver machine, fiber laser cutting machine and other machines for about 20 years. We will provide buyers with comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. If you want to buy Chinese CNC router, please contact us. We have dedicated colleagues to provide you with the most cost-effective quotation and one-to-one answers. 

The quality of our machines is very high, and every machine sold has been well received by buyers. The failure rate of our engraving machine is extremely low, and there are dedicated engineers to provide you with professional guidance. At the same time, we also provide a two-year warranty. If your machine has any problems, you can contact us. We will provide you with a comprehensive service. As of 2021, the service life of the machines we sell is very long.

Fast technology update

China is now the largest developing country in the world and has a high position in the field of industrial machinery, so the technology updated is more quickly. As long as there is a new technology, we will apply it to CNC machines, so that the machine can obtain higher cutting accuracy and faster cutting speed. This also makes China CNC machines more competitive.

Easy Controller System

In order to meet the needs of more and more buyers without CNC machine industry experience, we will provide you with a variety of operating systems, such as Mach 3, DSP Hand Controller, NC-Studio Controller and so on. Learn these operating systems Soon, even if you are a newcomer, you can quickly master how to use the machine.

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How to Choose Chinese CNC router Manufacturers?

When you are ready to buy CNC mill machine from China, then you need to choose a good CNC router China manufacturer. Because there are many CNC machines manufacturers in China, there are both professional and unprofessional suppliers.

 1. First of all, a good CNC router China manufacturer should have strong company strength, good after-sales service, good company reputation, and good quality assurance.

2. Professional suppliers should have their own official website. There are a variety of machines for customers to choose from on the company website. If there are only a few machines for sellers, I suggest you don’t believe it, because this kind of general will not provide you with a more comprehensive Service. Secondly, there must be a professional sales team to provide you with services. If you feel that the seller you are communicating with does not understand Chinese CNC router, then this must be a fake supplier.

3. A professional supplier will provide you with comprehensive information, such as the relevant configuration of the machine, the production video of the machine, etc. At the same time, it will also provide you with professional after-sales service.

4. If it is convenient for you, you can actually come to the supplier’s factory to take a look. Up to now, we have many customers come to our factory to check the production status of the machine on the spot, if you are inconvenient, you can also Use video chat to view the supplier’s factory. If it is a professional supplier, I believe he will not refuse you. Of course, we have a professional factory. Customers are always welcome to visit on site.

5. Quality certification.This is a very important factor. If the supplier you are looking for does not have a quality certificate, it is a pity that this is a liar. Because the quality certification certificate is a must for professional suppliers, if there is no such certificate, then both the Chinese customs and the buyer’s local customs will reject the machine.

BuyCNC is a best chinese CNC router manufactures. BuyCNC has passed the ISO certification, has the CE certification, the product quality is reliable, and the service is good. We provide buyers with a two-year warranty and full service.So if you want To purchase a Chinese CNC router, then please contact us, we will provide you with the most satisfactory machine and preferential prices.


  If customer want to buy CNC machines from China, it is better to choose a reliable CNC router China manufacturer. And the customer should choose a China CNC mill machine according to the different industries and different products. The material hardness, size, required machining accuracy and your budget for the Chinese CNC machines will affect the choice of Chinese CNC Engraving machine. If you need a CNC mill machines from China, please tell your needs to BuyCNC, and BuyCNC will recommend the best Chinese CNC router machine to you.

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