How to Choose CNC Router for Woodworking Machine

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What is The CNC Router Woodworking Machine

    The CNC router woodworking machine is designed for processing wood materials. This machine has powerful processing capabilities, it can perform drilling, engraving, cutting, writing and other processes. Best CNC router for woodworking machine has always been liked by all walks of life, such as wooden doors, cabinets, furniture industries, etc., it has always been one of the main processing equipment in these industries. This CNC woodworking router machine has a variety of machining sizes, such as 6090 CNC router, 1325 CNC router, 3015 CNC machine and so on. So we can choose the most suitable CNC woodworking machine according to the size of the material we are processing. Of course, the reason why it is popular is also because of its affordable price, strong processing capacity, long service life, and low failure rate.

Development Prospect of CNC Router Woodworking Machine

    In recent years, with the rapid development of CNC router woodworking machine, the market for woodworking furniture manufacturing is broad, and the market for CNC woodworking machine is even broader. After all, CNC router woodworking machine is an important tool in the woodworking manufacturing industry. Many businessmen in other industries are optimistic about this market. Accelerating the investment in the woodworking furniture manufacturing industry, a large number of woodworking processing factories have been established to produce solid wood doors, furniture, and antique furniture. And this caused the out of stock of the CNC router woodworking machine.

    Looking forward to the future of the woodworking engraving machine industry, the development prospects are broad, and with the upgrading of furniture, wood floors, cabinets and other production enterprises in recent years, the demand for woodworking mill machines will continue to increase. The performance, function, and price of mechanical equipment directly affect the sales market of the product. In the woodworking machinery industry, woodworking engraving machines occupy a large part of the processing market with its multiple functions and high cost performance.

    The CNC router reviews woodworking is easy to learn and easy to operate. The user’s requirements are not high, no matter what degree you have, you can quickly master the operation and use. The software aspect of the equipment is also developing in a more humane direction. 

From the processing of handicrafts to the production of musical instruments, to the furniture relief carving, whether it is two-dimensional or three-dimensional processing, the woodworking engraving machine can do everything. With the gradual deepening of customers’ understanding of woodworking milling machines, the scope of application will be continuously expanded, and the application level will gradually improve. CNC woodworking engraving machines will have a broader prospect.

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How to Control the CNC Woodworking Router Machine

    Some new customer always have certain worries when buying CNC router woodworking machine. For example, is the CNC router woodworking machine easy to operate? What if I can’t learn? In fact, there is no need to worry, because mini CNC router machine woodworking is a fully automated machining process. This seems to be a very complicated operation of woodworking milling machine. As long as you learn with your heart, it is easy to learn. There is nothing difficult to learn. BuyCNC today Briefly introduce how to operate CNC wood engraving machine (controlled by computer).

    1. Before using CNC woodworking Router, first make sure that all connections between the machine tool and the computer are normal, and then turn on the power supply of the machine tool and the computer. After the system is started, enter the NCStudio CNC system/Mach 3 Controller.

    2. After opening the control system, select the “Back to Machine Origin” menu. The machine tool will automatically return to the mechanical origin and correct the system coordinate system. In some cases, such as after the last normal shutdown, restarting and continuing the last operation, the user does not need to perform a mechanical reset operation. When NCStudio system exits normally, the current coordinate information will be saved. In addition, if the user confirms that the current location is correct, this operation may not be performed.

    3. Before processing, the user generally needs to load the processing program that needs to be searched, otherwise, some functions related to automatic processing are invalid. Select “Open (F)|Open (O)…” menu, a Windows standard file operation dialog box will pop up, from which you can select the drive, path and file name where the file to be opened is located. After clicking the “Open” button, the processing program is loaded into the system.

    4. Determine the origin of the workpiece, move the woodworking engraving machine in the X and Y directions manually to the desired origin position on the workpiece, select the “Set current point as workpiece origin” menu, or set the coordinate value of the current position in the coordinate window Clear to zero, so that the current position is the starting point for processing when the processing program is executed.

    After reading the above article, do you have a more comprehensive understanding of the operation of CNC router woodworking machine for sale, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to operate the CNC router woodworking machine. If you are a newcomer, then please tell us, we have a dedicated engineer to guide you how to operate the woodworking engraving machine. 

In point 3, the processing program is mentioned. In fact, it is the engraving path, which needs to be made by engraving software, but it is not difficult. For mass processing customers, you can ask the technician to make the required path for you in advance. Make the path again.

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Several Points of CNC Woodworking machine spindle

  The main shaft of machine is the most important part of the  machine. The quality of the main shaft will directly affect the processing speed and cutting accuracy of the woodworking engraving machine. Therefore, how to choose a high-quality engraving machine spindle is very important. BuyCNC has summarized several points of view.

  1. If you want to pursue the processing efficiency of the CNC woodworking router machine, the processing speed must be fast and the processing accuracy must be high, such as processing solid wood materials, producing cabinets, etc., then a spindle motor with a power of more than 3KW is required.

  2. Whether the spindle motor of CNC woodworking router machine needs to use high-precision bearings? If high-precision bearings are not us ed, the spindle motor will generate a lot of heat after long-term high-speed rotation, which will affect the service life of the spindle motor.

  3. See if the main shaft of the woodworking machine rotates at different speeds, especially at high speeds, whether the sound is uniform and harmonious.

  4. Check whether the spindle of the woodworking router machine is under radial force. The main reference is whether it is possible to cut harder materials at high speed. Some spindles can only cut harder materials at a very low speed, otherwise the performance of the spindle will be affected, and then it will affect the accuracy of the spindle, or even malfunction.

3.2KW High Frequency MTC Spindle


This CNC woodworking machine is now one of the best-selling CNC machines. BuyCNC has also sold multiple CNC router woodworking machines. And buyers have given very satisfied responses. If you want to work in the wood processing industry, then I I think it is necessary to buy a wood processing machine. 

If you are a fresh man, then we can recommend the entry-level mini CNC router machine woodworking for you. When you are proficient, it is up to you to decide whether to buy a professional one CNC router woodworking machine for sale. BuyCNC has always been committed to providing customers with the most suitable CNC machine. If you want to know more about the machine, please leave your contact information.

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