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The Main Functions of CNC 5 axis wood router:

The CNC 5 axis wood router is a high-precision CNC machine tool, which supports the processing of multiple processes in one clamping process. At the same time, the 5 axis CNC machine also has a tool library and an automatic tool change function. The rich functions of this CNC 5 axis router machine determine its popularity.

The large 5 axis CNC router can realize linkage control of three or more axes (4 axis, 5 axis) to ensure that the tool can process complex surfaces. In addition to linear interpolation and circular interpolation functions, it also has various machining canned cycles, automatic tool radius compensation, automatic tool length compensation, processing graphics display, man-machine dialogue, automatic fault diagnosis, offline programming and other functions.

The large CNC 5 axis wood router is developed from an ordinary CNC milling machine. The difference from the CNC milling machine is that the large CNC 5 axis wood router has the ability to automatically exchange machining tools and has 5 machining axes. By installing tools for different purposes on the tool magazine, the spindle can be changed by an automatic tool changer in one clamping. The processing tools on the top, realize a variety of processing functions.

The large CNC 5 axis wood router can be divided into vertical, horizontal and composite 5 axis CNC router machine from the appearance. The main shaft of the vertical CNC 5 axis wood router is perpendicular to the worktable, which is mainly suitable for processing plate and shell workpieces, and can also be used for mold processing. The spindle axis of the horizontal CNC 5 axis wood router is parallel to the worktable surface. Most of its worktables are CNC rotary tables controlled by servo motors. In one-time clamping of the workpiece, multiple machining surfaces can be processed by rotating the worktable. , Suitable for processing of box-like workpieces. The composite CNC 5 axis wood router mainly refers to a machining center with two vertical and horizontal spindles or the spindle can change the angle by 90°, so it can realize the machining of five faces in one clamping of the workpiece. The price of this machine is also the most expensive.

Factors for Choosing CNC 5 axis wood router machine

Since the large CNC 5 axis wood router is far more expensive than ordinary machine tools, it is subject to more restrictive factors, and the choice of machine tools is more important. The correct selection is to choose the most suitable machine according to your own needs, which is the key to bringing benefits. When purchasing a large CNC 5 axis wood router, it is most important to carefully examine these five key points:

1. The rigidity of CNC 5 axis woodworking machine

  Because the rigidity of CNC 5 axis woodworking machine will directly affect the production efficiency and the machining accuracy of the machine tool, because the processing speed of the large 5 axis CNC router is much higher than that of ordinary machine tools, and the motor power is also higher than that of ordinary machine tools of the same specification, so its structure The rigidity of the design is also much higher than that of ordinary machine tools. When ordering, check calculations according to the larger values of process requirements, allowable torque, power, axial force and feed force, according to the values provided by the manufacturer. In order to obtain the high rigidity of the machine tool, it is often not limited to the size of the part, but a machine tool with 1 to 2 specifications larger than the size of the part is selected.

2. Machining accuracy of CNC 5 axis wood router

   Machining accuracy will directly affect the quality of your products. When many people deny the accuracy of your machine tool, it will directly affect the buyer’s decision. So we have to choose 5 axis CNC wood carving machine with high machining accuracy. It should be noted that machining accuracy and machine tool accuracy are two different concepts. It is wrong to regard the position accuracy on the manufacturer’s sample or the product certificate as the machining accuracy of the machine tool. The position accuracy indicated on the sample or certificate is the accuracy of the machine tool itself, and the machining accuracy is the sum of the errors produced by various factors of the entire process system including the allowable error of the machine tool itself. When selecting models, refer to the evaluation method of process capability kp as the basis for selection of accuracy. Generally speaking, the calculation result should be greater than 1.33. 

3. The choice of CNC 5 axis wood router CNC system   

The CNC operating system is the core brain of the 5 axis CNC woodworking machine. The CNC functions are divided into basic functions and selection functions. The basic functions must be provided, and the selection function will only be provided by the manufacturer after the user selects these functions. The function of the numerical control system should be selected according to the performance needs of the 5-axis machine tool. When ordering, the required functions should not be omitted, and at the same time, to avoid waste due to low usage, but also to pay attention to the correlation between the functions. Among the available CNC systems, the performance level varies greatly. It should be selected according to needs, and high targets should not be pursued one-sidedly to avoid waste. When selecting multiple machine tools, use the same manufacturer’s CNC system as much as possible, so that operation, programming, and maintenance are more convenient. 

4. The number of coordinate axes and linkage axes of the large 5 axis CNC router

    The CNC 5 axis router for sale has the number of coordinate axes and the number of linkage axes that should meet the requirements of typical workpiece processing. The number of coordinate axes is also a sign of the machine tool grade. Under normal circumstances, adding a standard coordinate axis to a machine tool of the same manufacturer, specification and accuracy will increase the cost by about 35%. Although increasing the number of axes can strengthen the functions of the machine tool, in the end, we must pay attention to the process requirements and the balance of funds. Be sure to choose the large CNC 5 axis router for sale that best meets your requirements.

5. Automatic tool changer and tool magazine capacity

  The selection of automatic tool changer mainly considers the time and reliability of tool change. Short tool change time can increase productivity, but the tool change time is short. Generally, the tool change device has a complex structure, high failure rate and high cost. Excessive emphasis on tool change time will greatly increase the cost and increase the failure rate. According to statistics, about 50% of the failures of the 5 axis CNC woodworking machine are related to the automatic tool changer. Therefore, on the premise of meeting the requirements of the use, try to select the high-reliability automatic tool changer to reduce the failure rate and the cost of the whole machine.

The work quality of the automatic tool change and the capacity of the tool magazine will directly affect the performance and quality of the CNC 5 axis router for sale. The capacity of the tool magazine is based on the principle of meeting the needs of tools for a complex machining part.

Why the 5 axis CNC router price is so high

The main reason is the number of axes and the indexing head of the machine, because the 5 axis CNC router machine has five machining spindles and its indexing head is more advanced.

The price difference between the 3 axis CNC carving router machine and the 4 axis CNC carving router machine is between several thousand dollars under the same model and the same configuration. However, the price difference between the 5 axis CNC wood carving machine and the four axis CNC carving router is very large, ranging from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The price difference between the two machines is very large.

The reason why there is such a big price difference between 5 axis CNC woodworking machine and four axis CNC wood engraving router machine is because the indexing head of the five axis CNC woodworking machine is more expensive than the indexing head of the four axis machining center, the large 5 axis CNC wood router The indexing head of the machine is at least tens of thousands of dollars. There is also the numerical control system. The numerical control system used by the five-axis CNC machine tool is different from the numerical control system of the three-axis and four-axis machining centers. The CNC 5 axis router for sale system must be equipped with five-axis linkage function, and the programming and operation of the CNC 5 axis router are more difficult, which requires the CNC system to have more powerful functions to better program and operate. So the price is more expensive than ordinary CNC machine tools

Indexing head: The indexing head is a machine tool accessory that is installed on the milling machine to divide the workpiece into any equal parts. Using the indexing scale ring and the vernier, the positioning pin and the indexing plate and the exchange gear, it will be installed in the center or the card. The workpiece on the disc is divided into any angle, and the circumference can be divided into any equal parts. The auxiliary machine tool uses various tools of different shapes to process various grooves, spur gears, spiral spur gears, and Archimedes spiral cams.

In addition to other price-influencing factors, because CNC 5 axis woodworking machine has higher positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy than ordinary three-axis four-axis CNC machine tools, it is undoubtedly higher, and large 5 axis CNC is usually used. The workpiece processed by the router has higher requirements for accuracy. The higher the accuracy, the more expensive the machine regardless of the type. Then there is the tool magazine. The options of the tool magazine are the same as other machines. The linear tool magazine is more expensive than the disc tool magazine. For other configurations, please refer to the purchase plan of ordinary CNC machine tools.

So when you want to chooses to buy a CNC 5 axis router for sale, you must choose the most suitable CNC 5 axis wood router according to your actual needs, because the price of this kind of machine is relatively expensive, if you can’t be sure For the machine you want, you can tell us your needs by leaving a message. We have professional staff to recommend the most suitable CNC 5 axis wood router for you according to your needs.

The large 5 axis CNC router can process all the workpieces that can be processed by three-axis and four-axis CNC machine tools, as well as many workpieces with complex spatial surfaces. Its processing range is very wide. Moreover, it can also effectively avoid the accuracy error caused by multiple installation of the workpiece, and at the same time save the time of multiple installation of the workpiece, thereby improving the production efficiency and reducing the processing cost. If you have any other questions, please leave us a message, we are happy to help you.

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