BuyCNC 12000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Shipped Successfully

BuyCNC Laser 12000W high power fiber laser cutter machine successfully delivered to the customer in transportation facility construction industry.

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Recently, BuyCNC Laser 12000W high power fiber laser cutting machine has been carefully packaged and delivered to customers in the communication facility construction industry to help enterprises produce efficiently.

1.12000w high power fiber laser cutter

The 12000w high power fiber laser cutter series is a full-enclosed high-power plate laser cutting equipment specially developed for the cutting conditions of 20mm-50mm medium-thick plates. Small and medium batch, single workpiece metal processing needs, supported models: 6025/8025/12025, laser power 6000W-50000W.

2.Advantages of 12000w fiber laser cutting machine

High-power 12000w fiber laser cutting machine series adopts high-power bus cutting technology, based on the combination of high-power bus cutting head and high-power bus system, high-power continuous laser output energy is stable, high-precision cutting technology, accurate positioning of plates, equipment positioning accuracy ± 0.03mm, repeat The positioning accuracy is ±0.02mm, which realizes the rapid cutting of medium and thin plates, and the lightning-fast piercing of thick plates.

12000W high power fiber laser cutting machine adopts high-quality airflow system and high-energy laser beam to cut plates of different thickness materials. Therefore, the high power fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with highly intelligent and flexible processing, which greatly improves the cutting performance and stability of the equipment, and has obvious advantages in the processing of medium and thick plates. 12000 watt high power fiber laser cutting machine can ensure long-term batch processing, stable equipment performance, no burrs and dross in cutting, and improved production yield and delivery efficiency.

12000w high power fiber laser cutter has the characteristics of high cutting precision, fast speed, high efficiency, improved plate utilization, cost saving, flexible processing, energy saving and consumption reduction, and low operating cost. High power fiber laser cutter has incomparable advantages over traditional metal processing equipment in many aspects.

As a manufacturer of intelligent high-end laser equipment, BuyCNC Laser has been shouldering the corporate mission of “changing the world with technology” since its establishment. Take control and check at every level. To ensure the performance and quality of equipment, BuyCNC Laser has a professional R&D, manufacturing, after-sales team and excellent laser equipment manufacturing technology to provide customers with high-quality equipment products and perfect services.

Customers choose BuyCNC Laser, which is not only the recognition of BuyCNC Laser’s excellent equipment product quality and excellent service, but also provides BuyCNC Laser with a broad market expansion space. In the future, BuyCNC Laser will firmly grasp the opportunity, adhere to customer-centricity, continue to upgrade and build high-quality equipment, and create greater value for the metal manufacturing industry.

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