How To Choose Stone Engraving Machine Suppliers

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BuyCNC is an stone engraving machine suppliers, we are source manufacturer with strong company strength, complete models and sufficient inventory. BuyCNC focuses on the production of CNC stone carving machine, manufacturers supply, quality assurance, price concessions, stable performance, and perfect after-sales system.

1. CNC stone carving machine product features:

1) CNC stone carving machine adopts high-power brushless frequency conversion water-cooled spindle motor, which has high precision, long life and stable operation, and the water-cooled spindle motor can run for a long time.

2) The CNC stone carving machine control method is: computer connection, using the breakpoint memory method to ensure that it can be processed in the event of an accident (broken knife) or the next day, and the unique method of setting multiple work origins for multiple workpiece processing can be processed on the workpiece Prioritize processing. Therefore, BuyCNC’s CNC stone carving machine is more user-friendly, and it can also be programmed for engraving and cutting control, with better numerical control.

3) The Y-axis of the stone router machine is driven by dual motors to ensure that the machine runs evenly and smoothly.

2.The main scope of application of stone router machine:

Stone engraving machine has a wide range of applications. It can not only be used for embossing, routing, chamfering, lettering, etc. Embossing, lettering, cutting, etc. on non-metallic materials such as crystals. It is suitable for stone engraving on tombstones, monuments of meritorious deeds, foundation stones, architectural decorations, engravings on stones in squares, three-dimensional engravings of figures, advertisements and other industries. The following are the most common CNC stone carving machine application industries:

1) Stone lettering, tombstone lettering

2) High-speed relief: guardrail relief, tombstone relief, background wall relief, mural relief, etc.

3) Tile groove relief

4) Shape trimming

3. Stone engraving machine after-sales service from BuyCNC:

3. Stone engraving machine after-sales service from BuyCNC:

1) Door-to-door delivery, professional logistics service.

2) Free remote video installation training for technicians.

3) One year free warranty, 24 hours technical service.

4. A free engraving library worth thousands of dollars, and a free engraving tool

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