Advantages of Laser Derusting Metal Surfaces Before Welding

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Laser rust remover: Advantages of Laser Derusting Metal Surfaces Before Welding

1. Introduction to laser rust remover:

Laser rust remover can replace the traditional pre-welding pretreatment and the traditional derusting method after welding, and derust the metal parts that need to be welded or the metal parts after welding.

Laser rust removal machine, it can remove rust, oil, oxide, paint, and oxide scale produced by welding. Handheld laser rust remover can meet the requirements of cleaning metal parts before and after welding, and at the same time, it can be mounted together with the welding torch, and can be welded while removing rust, which greatly improves the efficiency of welding and the quality of welding accessories.

In the case of welding with complex working conditions, the workpiece can be perfectly cleaned without disassembling the workpiece, avoiding the problems of disassembly, installation, and environmental pollution required by traditional cleaning methods. Laser rust remover can also greatly improve the welding efficiency.

2.Laser rust removal machine advantages:

1) Laser rust removal machine can remove impurities such as oxides and improve metal corrosion resistance

2) Handheld laser rust remover can optimize the surface condition before welding

3) Stable substrate fusion line interface

4) Handheld laser rust remover does not need medium and chemical reagents, and the operation is dry and clean

5) Immediate use before welding

6) Structural treatment of enlarged surface

3.Summarize of Handheld laser rust remover

Handheld laser rust remover can remove lubricants, ferrous and non-ferrous metal impurities on the metal, resulting in high-quality welding and brazing joints, smooth and porosity-free, and obtain the best stability and quality of visible welds. Laser rust remover is suitable for cleaning the surface of steel and aluminum, as a pretreatment of welding surface, used in industries including automobile industry, precision tool production, shipbuilding industry and so on.

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