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  Simply talk about the wood cutting machine, then you will think about machines such as chainsaws, saw blades, and so on. These machines used to be the most popular wood cutting machines, but with the development of the times, these machines are now being removed. The advanced automatic woodworking cutting machine has become more and more popular. For example, wood cutting CNC machine and laser cutting wood machine. These machines can process wood more quickly. They have enabled the woodworking industry to obtain a comprehensive development, and the quality and speed of wood processing have been greatly improved.

  This article offers a purchaser’s guide for the most popular wood cutter machine. It covers short info and suggestions for wood cutting CNC machines, laser cutting wood machines, and woodcutting saws. If you are thinking about purchasing a wood cut machine to begin your woodworking work, then you must not miss this post.

  The wood cutting CNC machine can be a manual or automated cutting machine according to the driving mode. Manual wood cutting machines consist of hacksaws, leading saws, bow saws, crosscut saws, chisels, and other hand tools. These hand tools are home woodcutters. They have fairly low effectiveness and bad precision and are only appropriate for cutting small amounts of wood. Now wood factories are gradually replacing manual saws and normal electrical saws with CNC cutting machines.

1.The Wood Cutting CNC Machine

What is the wood cutting CNC machine

  The wood cutting CNC router machine is a machine specially used to process wood. It has faster cutting efficiency, higher cutting quality, and is safer than ordinary motors. You can use it to perform a series of processing on wood, and you can also repeat these processes later. If you need to process wood multiple times, then the CNC cutting wood machine is your best choice.

  BuyCNC offers numerous types of CNC woodworking cutting machines, consisting of wood cutting CNC router machines, laser cutting wood machines, computer system panel saws, and so on. Each CNC woodworking cutting machine has different designs and configurations. Of course, we also accept customer’s customization requirements, We will make a CNC router machine for you according to your requirements.

Advantages of CNC Woodworking Cutting Machine

1. High Performance and precision

   Compared with the previous hand tools, the wood cutting CNC machine has higher cutting performance and cutting accuracy and can complete operations that the previous tools could not complete. And CNC cutting wood machine can greatly avoid engraving errors and cutting errors. Because this machine is controlled by a computer program. The previous processing methods were all processed by workers, and manual operation cannot avoid the occurrence of errors. Therefore, This wood-cutting CNC router machine is loved by more and more people in the woodworking industry. Because it can save time and money to produce higher quality products.

 2. Easy to operate

  The CNC wood cutting machine for sale adopts an automation system, which is extremely hassle-free to run. The operator just needs to go through easy training to find out how to utilize the CNC engraving machine software to operate the machine. The majority of CNC router software has a user-friendly user interface and is easy to learn. With the help of a router software application, you can recognize all kinds of even complicated pattern engraving and cut.

3. Minimize labor costs

  The use of a CNC cutting wood machine can quickly and properly complete jobs that require numerous technicians to utilize a handheld router. One person can operate two or even three machines, significantly minimizing labor expenses.

4. Security

  The CNC cutting is much more secure than hand-held cutting saws. What the operator needs to do is to correctly install the CNC inscribing machine drill bit and design the cutting on the computer.

5. Repeatability

  Due to those high-precision qualities, the repeatability of CNC wood cutting machines for sale is much higher than that of handbook tools. Wood CNC routers can cut wood boards quickly and precisely over and over once again. It conserves time and money by decreasing waste and speeding up work. The repeatability potential is very good

The best 4×4 CNC wood router machine for sale. Do you want to buy a CNC woodworking router machine that is cheap and capable of processing multiple sizes? Then please take a look at this 4×4 CNC wood router machine, this machine has the right size and the price is very cheap. The service life of the machine is very long, the body is made of high-quality steel, and it is equipped with an advanced cutting spindle. You can use this CNC router wood cut machine to process wood in various processes. If you want more information about this machine, please contact us.

This is another one of the most popular wood CNC router machine. This machine is a transformer CNC machine. Its performance is very powerful. You can use this machine to process wood, plastic, acrylic, soft metals, including aluminum, yellow Materials such as copper. Of course, the size of this machine is a bit bigger, it is a 4×8 CNC router machine, so it can process larger size materials. And this machine is easy to operate, you can use mach 3 controller to control this machine.

home cnc router sample

2.The Laser Wood Cutting Machine

what is the laser cutting wood machine

  Laser cutting is currently the most advanced cutting technology in the world. Because it has the advantages of fine manufacturing, flexible cutting, special-shaped processing, one-time forming, fast speed, and high efficiency, it has solved many problems that cannot be solved by conventional methods in industrial production. The CNC laser wood cutting machine can process most wood, non-metal materials, and metal materials.

  As a kind of laser cutting machine, the laser cutting wood machine uses a high-power laser beam to process wood. Because of the particularity of laser beam, it can heat the wood to thousands of degrees Celsius in a short time, thereby making wood gas change. Then the high-pressure gas is used to blow away the impurities produced by the processing to achieve the purpose of cutting the material. The woodcut in this way has many advantages, such as no burrs, flat cuts, no mechanical stress on the cuts, and no damage to the surface of the material.

  At present, woodcutting is mostly carried out in the form of traditional saw blade cutting, but it will produce a lot of pollution such as sawdust and noise. The use of a laser cutting wood machine to cut wood can not only reduce noise but also reduce the generation of sawdust particles and reduce the harm to the human body. The section quality of laser-cut wood is also better than that of traditional cutting. The cut surface is rough, torn, or fluffy wood grain is not obvious but is covered with a thin carbonized layer.

Do you want to have a cheap and efficient fiber laser cut machine? I think this low-power fiber laser cut machine is a good choice. This machine is cheap to process and can process a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, etc. Non-metallic materials and metal materials such as steel plates and iron plates. Of course, if you want to have a high-power machine, then we can customize the laser Cutting machine you need.

laser wood sample

Advantages of laser wood cutting machine

1. Fast cutting speed

The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is fast. For example, using a laser with a power of 1200W to cut a 2mm thick low-carbon steel plate, the cutting speed can reach 1500mm/min. The improvement of efficiency saves a lot of working time.

2. High cutting accuracy

Laser cutting has a narrow slit, both sides of the slit are parallel and perpendicular to the surface, and the dimensional accuracy of the cut parts can reach ±0.05mm. The whole laser cutting machine is controlled by a computer, and the equipment is fully automatic operation with higher accuracy, which can be applied to different products and different fields.

3. Good cutting quality

The laser spot is small, the energy density is high, the cutting speed is fast, and the surface of the cut is very smooth. Therefore, the laser cutting machine can obtain better cutting quality and make the product more beautiful.

4. Avoid tool wear

There is no contact with the workpiece during laser cutting, and parts of different shapes are processed without changing tools, only the output parameters of the laser can be changed. It can reasonably avoid tool wear.

5. Laser cutting is safe and pollution-free

When the laser cutting machine is cutting, the entire cutting process can be CNC controlled, and only the CNC program needs to be changed during operation. No waste, safe and pollution-free.

The above are the five advantages of laser cutting machines shared by BuyCNC. There are many advantages of laser cutting machines. If you use a laser cutting machine, you will experience it firsthand. If you have not used a laser cutting machine, you can try to understand Down. BuyCNC wholeheartedly provides you with technical consultation, cost analysis, proofing and viewing, product pre-sales, and after-sales services, welcome to visit the factory.


  In this article, BuyCNC briefly introduced the most popular woodworking cutting machine in the woodworking industry. If you want to work in the wood processing industry, then you can choose the machine according to your budget. The wood cutting CNC machine is relatively cheap, and its price is about US$3,000 to US$5,000. And the price of laser cutting wood machine is relatively expensive, the price is about 7000 US dollars to 20000 US dollars. So you can tell us your budget and the materials you want to process, and we will have professionals recommend the most suitable machine for you.

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