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Laser cutting machines are widely used in elevator industry

Now with the rapid development of real estate, urban public construction and other industries, the elevator market maintains an annual growth rate of 20%. In the 1990s, the whole machine factory basically used multi-station punching machines to process plates. Later, with the introduction of metal fiber laser cutting machines in domestic sole proprietorships or joint ventures with several world-renowned brand elevators, laser cutting machines are used in the elevator industry. start using.

Since the last century, the process of rapid development in the manufacturing industry is the “multi-station punching process”. With the development of science and technology and the enhancement of people’s health awareness, more and more elevator manufacturers use laser fiber metal cutting machines. Of course, the upgrading and transformation of enterprises are not only due to these reasons. They will choose the appropriate machine to process elevators according to their actual situation and comprehensive consideration of their own processing capabilities.

There are many types of cars in the elevator industry, and the interior decoration is also very different. With the improvement of people’s aesthetic level, the cycle of new elevator products is getting shorter and shorter, resulting in a wide variety of elevator sheet metal parts and a relatively small number of single products. Multi-station CNC punching machines have been unable to keep up with the development trend of the elevator industry due to the long mold opening cycle, complex programming and high requirements for operators, and will be gradually replaced by fiber laser cutting metal sheet machines. In particular, fiber laser cutting technology can not only cut sheet metal materials, film materials, mirror materials, etc. with high quality, but also cut various complex components, with better flexibility, lower operating costs, and extremely fast cutting speed, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

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There are many stainless steel plates and film materials in the elevator industry, and the requirements for the smoothness of the section are relatively high. Compared with traditional CNC punching machines, laser cutting has the advantages of high surface finish, no cutting edge, and no mold loss. The laser CNC metal sheet cutting machine can also cut finer and smaller sharp corners, which can effectively avoid the plastic deformation of the workpiece during the punching process and enhance the core competitiveness of the product. The cutting precision is higher and the processing speed is faster.

Regardless of whether it is used in commercial or residential buildings, most elevator components are currently made of metal materials. Elevator manufacturing is mainly based on intelligent control technology. Later, with the introduction of metal fiber laser cutting machines in the form of wholly-owned or joint ventures between China and foreign countries, laser fiber metal cutting machines began to be gradually applied in the elevator industry. At the beginning of the 21st century, laser CNC metal sheet cutting machines were recognized, and laser cutting machine manufacturers continued to emerge. This kind of machine can process various elevators more conveniently.

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Why use metal fiber laser cut machine to process elevators

Today, with the rapid development of the city, there are more and more high-rise buildings and communities, so the sales volume of the elevator manufacturing industry is gradually increasing. According to incomplete statistics, the elevator market sales maintain an annual growth rate of 20%. So, what kind of manufacturing methods are used to quickly process such a large amount of elevators? Here I have to introduce the origin of laser fiber metal cutting machine and elevator industry.

In the early days of the elevator manufacturing industry, people realized the importance of flexible laser cutting. CO2 laser cutting machines were the first equipment used in the elevator industry. However, with the rapid development of the elevator industry, CO2 laser cutting machines have disadvantages such as high cost and complicated debugging. Has been unable to keep up with the pace of the development of the elevator industry. With the development of laser technology, the emergence of The laser CNC metal sheet cutting machine has gradually replaced CO2 laser processing.

As we all know, elevators are basically made of stainless steel of about 3mm. In order to ensure the smoothness of the stainless steel plate during the processing, most of them are stainless steel with single-sided film, which brings certain advantages to the traditional processing method. difficulty. So, do you know why many elevator manufacturers use fiber laser cutting metal sheet machine to produce elevators?

 1. Flexible processing and low cost: elevators are basically customized products in small batches, and the interior decoration is also very different. There are many types of elevator sheet metal parts. However, traditional processing methods have long mold opening cycles, complex programming, and high requirements for operators. Factors restrict elevators With the development of the industry, the advantages of flexible processing of laser fiber metal cutter have also been brought into play, reducing product development costs.

 2. Efficient processing and high quality: The fiber laser cutting metal cutter can not only cut sheet metal materials, film materials, mirror materials, etc., but also various complex components, and the cutting speed is extremely fast, which improves the processing efficiency. In addition, the non-contact fiber laser processing method avoids the deformation during the cutting process, improves the quality of elevators, elevates the grade of products, and enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises.

 3. Intelligent processing and high qualification: The fiber laser cutting machine has a high degree of automation and intelligence, and can flexibly respond to various production tasks, effectively reducing the labor intensity of operators, optimizing the production process flow, and improving the automation level of production management in elevator manufacturing workshops. Therefore, more and more manufacturers are now using laser CNC metal sheet cutting machines to produce elevators.

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Four advantages of laser CNC metal sheet cutting machine

1. Higher cutting flexibility

Don’t think that an elevator is just a rectangular metal plate. Today’s elevators are not aesthetically pleasing in the past. The products have various styles, shapes and complex contours. Common processing methods may require a variety of machines to achieve. The metal fiber laser cut machine has a high degree of automation and intelligence, and can handle various special-shaped workpiece processing, one-time molding, optimize the production process flow, and effectively reduce the cost of operators and machines.

2. Shorter cutting cycle is shorter

The sheet metal parts in the elevator industry have a large variety and a small number, and sometimes they need to be determined according to customer needs. The advantages of flexible processing of laser fiber metal cutting machine have also been brought into play, reducing product development costs. Compared with the processing of the multi-station punch, it has obvious advantages. Due to the limitation of the tonnage and the mold, some sheet metal parts cannot be processed, or the long production cycle of the mold leads to a longer production cycle, and the programming is relatively complex, which requires operators. also relatively high.

3. More cutting materials

Laser cutting can cut metal materials including stainless steel, titanium alloy, carbon steel, silicon steel, etc., and can also take high-reflection materials such as copper and aluminum in one fell swoop. One machine is multi-purpose, and fiber laser cutting machine has become the preferred tool in the elevator processing industry.

4. Better cutting effect

There are many stainless steel plates used in elevators. At the same time, the surface finish of the plates is required to be high, and the cutting lines should be smooth and flat, beautiful and beautiful. If a multi-station punch is used for sheet cutting, the surface finish is easily affected, but if a fiber laser cutting machine is used, there is no need to worry, laser cutting has no mechanical stress, no deformation during the cutting process, no secondary processing, reducing It reduces the cost of elevator manufacturing, improves the quality of elevators, and elevates the grade of products.

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