Why do you need to add water to Stone CNC Machine?

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Stone CNC Machines

When processing hard materials such as stone and metal, we often see that water is added from time to time during Stone CNC Machine processing. Why is this? Today BuyCNC will give you an analysis.

1.Cool the spindle of Stone CNC Machine

Stone CNC Machine needs to be connected to the power supply during the working process. When the power supply circulates on the machine, it will inevitably generate heat. When the Stone Design Machine spindle is powered on for a long time, the temperature may be too high, so we need to cool the spindle with water.

2.Cool the router bit of Stone Design Machine

Stone CNC Machine

On the other hand, compared to the stone to be carved by Stone Design Machine, if the stone is too hard, the router bit will also overheat after long-term carving, so the cutter head also needs water cooling.

In the process of Stone Design Machine work, the spindle is prone to problems. Dry burning of the spindle will cause excessive heating of the spindle. Once the heat is too high, the spindle may be burned. The main shaft of the stone engraving machine is overheated, and there may be vibration or misalignment, which is fast for a while, slow for a while, and a little unstable.

To sum up, when operating the Stone CNC Machine for processing work, it is necessary to operate the machine reasonably to ensure the normal use of the machine, improve production efficiency, and prolong the service life of the Stone Design Machine.


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