What’s the matter with the noise of the stone router spindle?

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The noise of the stone router spindle is generally due to the following situations:

Question 1: The buzzing sound of the stone router spindle

The main shaft makes a beeping sound when it is running without load, and the CNC tombstone

 main shaft has abnormal axial vibration, and there is a buzzing sound when it is turned on or off.

Solution: This situation mostly occurs when the lubrication state of the stone cnc router spindle is not good, and the spindle with ball bearings at both ends in winter. It is mainly an unstable vibration generated under the influence of axial vibration when the spindle’s self-aligning performance is not good.

Question 2: CNC tombstone router spindle impurity noise

This is caused by the bearing or high-quality cleanliness of the CNC tombstone router spindle, which emits an irregular abnormal sound. The sound sometimes disappears, sometimes loud and sometimes small, and it occurs frequently on high-speed spindles.

Solution: choose good grease, improve the cleanliness before grease injection, strengthen the sealing performance of the bearing, and improve the cleanliness of the installation environment.

Question 3: The stone CNC router spindle makes a rattling sound

The sound frequency of the stone CNC router spindle varies with the bearing speed, which is caused by the surface waviness of the part.

Solution: Improve the surface processing quality of the bearing raceway of the stone CNC router

 spindle, reduce the waviness amplitude, reduce bruises, correct the clearance preload and fit, check the operation of the free end bearing, and improve the precision installation method of the shaft and the bearing seat.

Question 4: The sound of stone router spindle drizzling

This is caused by vibration and collision between the CNC tombstone router spindle cage and the rolling elements, regardless of the type of grease used. It is more likely to occur when the moment, load or diameter gap is large.

Solution: improve the accuracy of the retainer, choose a bearing with small clearance or apply a preload to the bearing, reduce the moment load, reduce the installation error, and choose a good grease.

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