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With the development of technology, there are more and more types of fiber laser machine, and the laser cutting machine is a derived product. Because the application industry is different, the name is different. The working principle of The fiber laser machine is to use high power density. The focused laser beam acts on the surface or inside of the material to vaporize or physically change the material. Then you know what kind of fiber laser machine is a high-quality fiber laser machine. Below, BuyCNC will introduce what is the high quality fiber laser machine.

When judging the performance of a laser cutting machine, cutting accuracy, speed, effect and stability are the most important factors. They are also factors that determine the quality of the laser cutting machine’s cutting quality, and are some of the most concerned issues for customers. BuyCNC’s laser cutting machine has the advantages of high cutting accuracy, fast speed, no limitation of cutting pattern, low processing cost, etc., and it is gradually replacing traditional metal cutting process equipment. At present, the application range of laser cutting machine is becoming wider and wider, and the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machine is related to the processing technology, so it is also one of the most concerned issues for buyers. For the understanding of laser cutting accuracy, many people have certain misunderstandings. In fact, the cutting accuracy of a laser cutting machine does not entirely depend on the equipment itself, but is affected by many factors.

Cutting Accuracy of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The fiber laser cutting machine is a machine with extremely high cutting accuracy. It can complete the cutting accuracy that ordinary machines cannot process. Do you know those factors that affect the cutting accuracy of the machine?

1. The spot size after the laser beam passes through the focus. The smaller the spot after the laser beam is concentrated, the higher the cutting accuracy.

2. The positioning accuracy of the worktable determines the repeatability of the cutting. The higher the table accuracy, the higher the cutting accuracy.

3. The greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the accuracy and the greater the slit. Since the laser beam is tapered, the slit is also tapered. The slit is also stainless steel. The slit of 0.3mm stainless steel is much smaller than that of 2mm stainless steel.

4. The material of the workpiece has a certain influence on the accuracy of laser cutting. In the same situation, stainless steel has higher cutting accuracy than aluminum, and the cut surface is smoother. So when we choose fiber laser for sale, please Choose the most suitable machine according to the material you need to process, otherwise it will affect the machining accuracy of the machine. If you choose the fiber laser machine based on the processed material, then BuyCNC will recommend the most suitable machine for you.

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Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Speed

Laser cutting machine has no burrs, wrinkles and high precision. For many electromechanical manufacturing industries, because the complete fiber laser cutting systems controlled by computer programs can easily cut workpieces of different shapes and sizes. it is often preferred to punching and molding processes; although the processing speed of laser cutting machines is still slow It is better for die punching.

  But the fiber laser machine has no mold consumption, no need to repair molds, and save time for mold replacement.Thereby saving processing costs and reducing production costs, so it is more cost-effective from an overall consideration. In the metal processing industry where the industrial manufacturing system accounts for a heavy share, many metal materials can be cut without deformation regardless of their hardness. However, for high-reflectivity materials, such as gold, silver, copper, and aluminum alloys, because they are also good heat transfer conductors, laser cutting is difficult or even impossible.

  Adding auxiliary gas suitable for the material to be cut during the laser cutting machine process can improve the cutting quality and cutting speed of the machine. For example, when steel cutting is performed, oxygen is used as an auxiliary gas to produce an exothermic chemical reaction with molten metal to oxidize the material, while helping to blow away the slag in the slit. Use compressed air when cutting polypropylene and other plastics. Use inert gas to cut flammable materials such as cotton and paper. The auxiliary gas entering the nozzle can also cool the focusing lens, preventing smoke and dust from entering the lens holder to contaminate the lens and cause the lens to overheat.

  When the laser cutting machine is cutting, the choice of cutting speed is actually very important. The faster the cutting speed is not necessarily the better. The best cutting speed can be selected according to the actual situation of the machine or determined by experiment. Due to the thickness of the material, the material is different , Melting point, thermal conductivity, surface tension after melting and other factors, the cutting speed should be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, the fiber laser machine with the larger cutting speed range can adapt to the processing speed of various materials, and this kind of machine is more popular.

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Cutting Effects of Fiber Laser Machine

1. A moderate increase in the cutting speed can improve the quality of the cut, that is, we can cut slightly narrower, the surface of the cut is flatter, so the deformation can be reduced.

2. when the cutting speed of fiber laser machine is too fast so that the cutting line energy is lower than the required value, and the jet in the cutting seam cannot quickly blow off the melted cutting melt immediately and form a large back drag, accompanied by cutting slag and cutting The surface quality is degraded.which will effect the quality of the products.

3. When the cutting speed is too low, because the cutting site is the anode of the plasma arc, in order to maintain the stability of the arc itself, the anode spot or anode area must find a place to conduct current near the slit closest to the arc, and it will flow to the jet at the same time. More heat is transferred in the radial direction, so that the incision becomes wider. The molten material on both sides of the incision gathers and solidifies at the bottom edge, forming dross that is not easy to clean, and the upper edge of the incision becomes rounded due to excessive heating and melting.

4. When the speed is extremely low, the arc may even go out due to the wide cut. It can be seen that good cutting quality and cutting speed are inseparable.

Stability of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

How to measure the stability of a laser cutting machine is a problem that many buyers are more concerned about. The common laser cutting machines on the market are mainly composed of main machine, guide rail, rack and pinion or ball screw, transmission mechanism and other components. Below we will make a simple analysis from these components.

    The host is composed of a beam and two longitudinal end frames. The machine gantry is composed of an end frame and a cross beam. The cross beam adopts a rectangular square tube structure, which is tempered to remove internal stress, and has high strength and rigidity. Multiple mobile trolleys can be installed on the cross beam. 

    The horizontal movement device adopts towline. The mechanical part realizes high-precision rack and pinion transmission. The guide rail is made of high-precision special imported guide rails. The precision-processed sliding guide rails are fastened on a concrete or steel frame foundation with a support, and are equipped with adjusting bolts for easy installation and Adjustment. The longitudinal drive system is installed in the longitudinal end frame, and the low position design makes the transmission more reasonable and stable.

    There are two front and rear rolling wheels at the bottom of the longitudinal end frame, which can smoothly roll along the guide rail. The front and rear ends are equipped with guide rail scrapers to ensure that there is no debris on the guide rail surface. Both sides of the bottom are equipped with guiding eccentric clamping wheels. 

    The laser cutting machine ensures The guidance accuracy of the machine is that the machine is equipped with high-strength linear guides (transverse transmission or high-precision precision grinding guides) in the horizontal transmission and cutting torch lifting. The precision-machined gears and racks ensure the vertical and horizontal transmission accuracy of the machine. And eliminate the gap. This also makes the stability of the fiber laser machine greatly improved.

The four factors of cutting precision, cutting speed, cutting effect, and working stability are the important criteria for determining whether this machine is a high-quality fiber laser machine. BuyCNC always aims to provide customers with high-quality fiber laser machine. If you want to have a high-quality machine, please leave your contact information and we will contact you immediately.

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