How To Use Stone CNC Router Machine?

BuyCNC recently launched a number of professional stone CNC router machines with comprehensive performance. Here we will share some information related to Stone CNC router.

What is a stone CNC router machine?

The Stone CNC router machine is an advanced fully automatic CNC cutting machine, which is mainly used for processing stone, marble and other kinds of stone, which can realize drilling, cutting, lettering and so on.

Applicable materials: natural marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, jade, crystal, ceramics, glass, plastic, wood, bamboo, cambered surface, sphere, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy and other materials.

The function of this Stone CNC router machine: 3D embossed stone, as well as line carving, chamfering, drilling 2D carving and other processing methods.

Main application areas: Stone Industry, Stone Monument Industry, Stone Decoration Industry, Stone Art Industry, Ceramic Industry, Tombstone Industry, Glass Industry, Others.

stone sample

Three important things to note

Choose the right drill bit

In order to be able to engrave the stone perfectly, you need to choose the right drill bit according to the material you are processing and the work you need to complete.

Never Cut Vertically

Because the material of the stone itself is very hard, in order to prolong the service life of the diamond grinding head, it is necessary to avoid vertical processing of the stone. You need to choose a certain angle to process the stone.

Choose the right cooling device

When processing the stone, it will generate a lot of heat. In order to improve the quality and safety of the product, we have to choose a cooling device to cool down. We have an advanced oil mist cooling system, which can solve it perfectly. this problem.

stone sample

Steps for correct operation of CNC stone engraving machine:

1. First make sure that you have correctly connected the controller and the machine, and all the lines are connected properly, then turn on the power supply of the Stone CNC router machine and the controller.

2. After opening the controller NC-studio or DSP Hand controller, select the “return to machine origin” menu, this tombstone engraver machine will return to the origin and the coordinate system will be corrected automatically.

3. Fix the stone to the work table, and then determine the origin of processing. You can move the X axis and Y axis to the place you want to process, and then set it as the origin, and then you can start processing the stone .

BuyCNC has a variety of types of Stone CNC router machines for sale, the price ranges from 5,000 US dollars to 10,000 US dollars. You can send us your needs and we will recommend the most suitable Stone CNC router machine for you.

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