How to Choose the Suitable CNC Router Machine

Nowadays, more and more CNC milling machines have been developed and used in many fields, but these CNC milling machines have their own characteristics and suitable processing materials and application fields. And everyone’s processing needs are different, so how do we choose the most suitable CNC milling machine? Next, we first understand some of the more common CNC router machines on the market.

If you are a small shop owner or a beginner of CNC router machine, and you are mainly used to process some wood, acrylic, soft metal and other materials and engage in advertising, signs, small sculptures and other products. Then you can choose a small desktop CNC router machine. The desktop CNC router machine is cheap, high precision and easy to operate.

Main model: AMN-6090 / AMN-6060/ABT-6060 etc

woodworking CNC sample

 If you are an experienced CNC router machine user or mainly use CNC router machine to produce wood doors, furniture, decoration, wood engraver and many other industries. A common CNC router machine can meet all your needs.

Main model: ABS-1325/ABS-3015 etc

Cabinets sample2

 If you want to process cabinets, cutting or carving, wooden doors, wooden tables and other more complicated processing, then The ATC CNC router machine is a good choice for you.

Main model: AMN-6090-ATC/AMN-1313-ATC etc


 If you own a large factory or you are mainly engaged in the production and processing of large-scale products and panel furniture industries, then I believe you need an inline machining center to help you complete the work. Our inline machining center is equipped with automatic up and down The material system can greatly reduce your workload and improve work efficiency.

Main model: APS-1325-ZK/AIS-1325-L/AIS-1325-ZK etc.


If you are mainly a businessman in the stone industry or metal industry, then you can choose stone CNC router machine or metal CNC router machine. They are CNC router machines specializing in processing stone or metal.

Main model: ASC-1325/ASC-3015

stone sample

We already have a preliminary understanding of the more common CNC router machines on the market, so how should we choose them? Next, I will analyze in several aspects.

1. Processing method:

According to materials:

Most CNC router machines can process wood, plastic, acrylic, aluminum and other soft materials. If you want to process stone, please choose CNC router for stone. If you want to process metal, please choose CNC router for metal. If you are not sure which CNC router machine your materials require, please leave your contact information and we will help you choose.

Distinguish according to the number of axis:

3 axis CNC mill machine: This type of 3 axis CNC mill machine is the most common CNC machine on the market. It has three axes, X, Y, and Z. This kind of machine is relatively simple to operate, so it is suitable for beginners of CNC machine. It can almost meet all the needs of ordinary plane processing, if you just process relatively simple materials, then you can choose it. And it also has many options: such as mini CNC router, desktop CNC router, ATC CNC machine and so on.

4 Axis CNC machine/5 Axis CNC router: The 4 axis CNC machine has X, Y, Z, A axis. These spindles can approach the workpiece from different angles, so it can realize not only plane carving, but also 3D stereo carving. The 5 axis CNC router machine not only has all the axes of the 4 axis CNC router, but also a rotary axis. This woodworking engraving machine is equipped with a special rotating device, which can effectively process four processing surfaces, especially when processing cylindrical and four-sided three-dimensional workpieces, greatly reducing the number of clamping times, and can easily perform multi-sided processing.

BuyCNC Can Help you to Choose CNC Router

In addition to the above main types of CNC router machine, there are many CNC router machines, such as four-axis, five-axis CNC router machine, multi head CNC router machine and so on. If you want to choose a CNC router machine that suits you best, please tell us the materials you want to process, the products you want to make and your budget. We have professional CNC router machine engineers to recommend the most suitable CNC for you router machine.

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