Why Use Laser Welder Machine To Welding Aluminum

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What Kind of Aluminum Is Suitable For Laser Welding Aluminum

The aluminum welder for sale, as the most popular welding machine today, has always been loved by the majority of users, especially those who often process aluminum, because it is the best welder for welding aluminum. Then you know what kind of aluminum is suitable for use Laser welder aluminum machine for welding?

The aluminum below the grade 6 series is more suitable for laser welding (accurately, it is suitable for YAG pulse laser welding, and the 6 series aluminum can be considered for laser welding of semiconductor devices—for continuous welding), and the 1 series to 3 series aluminum are more suitable for use. Laser welded. To judge whether it is suitable to use the laser welder aluminum machine for welding, the most important aspect is the absorption rate of the material to the laser. The absorption rate of aluminum to the laser is inherently low, so the laser energy must be increased. When the weld metal is crystallized, a low melting point eutectic such as Al-Si or Mg-Si, A1-Mg2Si is formed at the columnar grain boundary, which leads to cracks. The discontinuous heating of the pulsed laser is prone to crystallization cracks. CW lasers tend to crack a little less. Taken together, aluminum alloys are prone to cracks and pores, especially 6 series aluminum and 7 series aluminum. Personal experience, the following three methods can improve the absorption rate of the laser, so as to achieve a good welding effect.

1. Welding structure design

The groove of the workpiece is designed to be inclined at an angle of 30°, so that the laser beam can be reflected multiple times in the gap to form an artificial small hole, thereby increasing the absorption rate of the laser beam.

2. Laser parameter adjustment

The selection of short focal length lens and low-order mode output can reduce the spot size, increase the laser power density, and increase the absorption rate of the aluminum alloy to the laser.

3. Take appropriate surface pretreatment process

Anodizing and sandblasting can significantly improve the energy absorption of the laser beam by aluminum. In addition, aluminum surface pretreatment measures such as sandpaper grinding, surface chemical etching, surface plating, graphite coating, and oxidation in an air furnace are effective for laser beam absorption.

Why Use Laser Welder Aluminum Machine to Weld Aluminum

The range of laser welder aluminum machine is very wide, all metal materials are suitable for welding with laser welder aluminum machine, stainless steel is the best material for welding, aluminum, copper, etc. because of their high metal reflectivity, and The alloy composition is most likely to explode if the ordinary laser welding contains a large amount of zinc. So can aluminum be welded with laser welder aluminum machine? The following will be explained to you by the technical staff of BuyCNC:

The spot pattern of the laser welder aluminum machine determines the material to be welded, and a good spot pattern can weld a wider range of materials and achieve better results. Laser welding machines not only have the advantages of many traditional welding methods, but also can weld many special materials, with many advantages such as cost saving, high quality, high speed and smoother welding area.

1. It is an ideal laser welding tool, which can completely replace the traditional spot welding machine.

2. Cost saving – no need for expensive fixtures.

3. High speed – the welding speed is twice that of traditional spot welding.

4. High quality – based on the reliable welding quality at the welding wire, higher welding strength and hardness can be obtained.

5. Flatter – compared with spot welding, it can effectively reduce the protrusions in the welding area; all-round – it is safer to weld special materials.

In the manufacturing industry and other consumer markets, laser welder aluminum machines can replace traditional resistance spot welders. At the same time, laser welding machine can realize the aluminum material that cannot be welded by traditional spot welding machine, and can guarantee the perfect welding quality. With many advantages, laser welding machines have broad application prospects.

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Precautions for laser welder aluminum welding aluminum

In order to weld aluminum and aluminum alloy products or accessories firmly and beautifully, it is of course inseparable from the aluminum alloy laser welding machine. Although the laser welding effect is good, aluminum and aluminum alloys have the characteristics of high reflection and low attraction rate, and there are still technical difficulties in welding, so pay attention to 3 points when laser welding.

We know that aluminum and aluminum alloys are the most widely used non-ferrous metal structural materials. The metal properties are very good. Compared with ordinary metal alloy materials, they have high strength and good corrosion resistance, and their usage is second only to steel. It has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industries. With the rapid development of the industry, the demand for aluminum alloy welded structural parts is increasing, and the research on the weldability of aluminum alloys has also become more and more in-depth. So far, aluminum alloy is the most widely used alloy material, and it is a large demand in the laser welding industry. And the aluminume welder for sale is the best welder for welding aluminum.

1. When laser welding aluminum alloy, light reflection will appear on the surface of aluminum alloy, because aluminum alloy is a non-ferrous metal, which has strong reflectivity to all kinds of light. Aluminum alloy is a non-ferrous metal with high reflectivity to laser. and low absorption rate. Therefore, before welding the aluminum alloy, the surface of the aluminum alloy needs to be cleaned to remove the oil stains on the surface. At the same time, to prevent safety threats such as explosion caused by oxidation during welding, it is also necessary to thoroughly clean the oxide film on the metal surface to completely remove the oxide film.

2. Be fully prepared when welding aluminum alloy with laser welder aluminum machine, because aluminum alloy has the characteristics of being active and easy to be oxidized, and it is easy to attach a lot of dust and moisture on its surface. Therefore, during the welding process, if there is no Make adequate preparations, the things attached to the surface are easy to stay on the surface of the aluminum alloy with the rapid welding of the laser, thus affecting the quality of the aluminum alloy and the effect of welding.

3. In addition, metals have thermal conductivity, so aluminum alloys also have strong thermal conductivity, and it is easy to reflect the laser or quickly transfer the heat of the laser when laser welding is used, which will eventually lead to aluminum alloys. Welding failed. Therefore, when laser welding aluminum alloys, it is necessary to pay strict attention to and quickly increase the power density of the laser to prevent reflection or transmission, and strive to weld aluminum alloys with extremely high density at an extreme time, so as to avoid reflectivity. Wait for the problem to appear.

Difficulties In Welding Aluminum With Laser Welder Aluminum Machine

The aluminum alloy in the laser welder aluminum machine has high strength, high modulus and high fatigue strength, as well as good fracture toughness and low crack propagation rate, and also has excellent forming process and good corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in various welding mechanisms and products. Traditional aluminum alloy welding generally adopts TIG welding or MIG welding technology, but the main problem is that the large amount of heat input in the welding process causes the aluminum alloy plate to deform greatly, the welding speed is slow, and the production efficiency is low. Due to the large welding deformation, the subsequent calibration work often wastes a lot of time, increases the manufacturing cost, and affects the production efficiency and manufacturing quality. The BuyCNC aluminum welding machine has the characteristics of high power density, low welding heat input, small welding heat affected zone and small welding deformation, which make it receive special attention in the field of aluminum alloy welding.

When welding aluminum alloys, there are usually the following difficulties:

1. Aluminum alloy welding is easy to produce pores;

2. Aluminum alloy welding is prone to hot cracks;

3. The linear expansion coefficient of the welding seam is large, which is easy to cause welding deformation;

4. The aluminum alloy welded joints are severely softened and the strength coefficient is low, which is also the biggest obstacle to the application of aluminum alloys;

5. The surface of the alloy is prone to produce a refractory oxide film (the melting point of A12O3 is 2060°C), which requires a welding process with high power density;

6. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is large (about 4 times that of steel), and the heat input is 2 to 4 times larger than that of welded steel at the same welding speed.

Therefore, the welding of aluminum alloys requires high-efficiency welding methods with high energy density, low welding heat input, and high welding speed. The series of laser welding machines independently developed and produced by HGLASER have the advantages of high welding efficiency, small heat-affected zone, and beautiful and firm welds. They are suitable for welding gold, silver, titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum and other metals and their alloys. The ideal model for the material. The laser welder aluminum machine is the best welder to weld aluminum.

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