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Why You Need to Choose The Right Laser Welding Equipment

With the rapid development of laser welding equipment. More and more types of laser welding equipment have been developed, so if you want to buy a laser welding machine, do you know how to choose the most suitable laser welding equipment for you?

Before we choose laser welding equipment, whether the selected laser welding equipment can meet the needs of the enterprise, can achieve the processing effect of the enterprise, and whether it can bring benefits to the enterprise, such equipment is what the enterprise wants. However, for laser welding machine manufacturers, the price of laser welding equipment is high-end and low-end. In terms of processing effect, high-end equipment can make the processing effect more complete, such as when processing multi-material and metal material properties. The processing effect is also very good, but the price of such equipment is also high.

If the processing effect does not have such a large requirement, it is recommended to choose a device with general performance, because the more functions, the better the effect of the equipment, the more expensive it is. In addition, you can’t use all its performance when you buy it, then It’s just money for decoration, so it’s not worth it.

Therefore, when choosing precision laser welding equipment, only the right one is the best. The so-called suitable means that it can process the products of the merchants, the industries with the most applications, and the performance can meet the requirements of the enterprises. Such equipment is value for money. In this way, the money for purchasing laser welding equipment will not be wasted.

cnc laser welder machine sample

Notes About Buying Laser Welding Equipment

When we choose laser welding equipment, we can consider what kind of laser welding machine to choose from the following aspects.

1. Choose according to your needs

Confirm whether the product is suitable for welding with automated laser welding machine

When we choose an automated laser welding machine, we must confirm whether our products are suitable for welding with a laser welding machine. Now most laser welding machine manufacturers provide free proofing services, and we must ask the other party to proof before purchasing. In this way, you can confirm whether the laser welding equipment can meet your own requirements.

2. Consider the power of laser welding equipment

The laser is the core of the laser equipment, the higher the power, the higher the price. Because the higher the power, the higher the requirements for the laser rod and the cooling system; generally, the deeper the welding depth is required, the higher the power of the corresponding laser welding equipment.

3. Consider the corresponding configuration and use

The configuration of the laser welding equipment involves many aspects. The configuration of laser welding machines for different purposes is different, such as mold welding for welding molds, jewelry welding for welding jewelry, and galvanometer welding and optical fiber transmission laser in automatic welding machines. Welding machines, etc., are equipped with different equipment.

4. Make a reasonable choice according to your budget and hobbies

Some people are more loyal to foreign brands, and the price will naturally be higher. Since there is no tariff problem, the price of domestic laser welding machines will be relatively low. Now the domestic laser technology has also reached international standards, and after-sales problems will be dealt with in a more timely and convenient manner, so it will be more secure. We can choose according to our budget and preferences.

After considering the above four aspects, I believe that when choosing a laser welding machine, everyone will not be at a loss.

cnc laser welding machine sample

Laser Parameters About Choose A Laser Welding Machine

In addition to the above four considerations, we also need to choose the laser parameters of the laser welding equipment, because these laser parameters have a great influence on the laser welding machine, we need to choose the industrial laser welding machines that best meet our own parameters. Parameters that directly affect the quality of industrial laser welding machines include: laser pulse energy, laser beam spot diameter, laser pulse frequency, laser pulse width, laser pulse waveform, relative light absorption rate of the material to be welded, welding speed , protective gas, etc.

Laser pulse energy: refers to the maximum output energy of a single laser pulse, in J (joules). This is a main parameter of the laser, which determines the maximum energy that can be generated by industrial laser welding machines. According to the purpose of mold repair, the laser energy below 70J can meet the needs of any occasion, no matter how large the energy is, it is in vain , or can’t be used at all, and the volume of the laser power supply and the radiator volume are constantly increasing, which reduces the use efficiency of the power supply.

Laser spot focusing diameter: This is an extremely important parameter reflecting the design performance of industrial laser welding machines. The unit is (mm), which determines the power density and processing range of the laser. If the optical design of the laser is reasonable and advanced, the laser energy is concentrated, and the focusing is accurate, the laser spot diameter can be controlled within the range of 0.2mm-2mm, and whether the laser focusing diameter can be controlled within 0.2mm is a strict requirement for the laser generator. test. 

The industrial laser welding machines of general design in China only want to reduce the cost. Therefore, the laser device processing is simple, the design is not rigorous, and the laser diverges seriously in the resonator cavity, which makes it difficult to focus accurately. The laser spot output by the industrial laser welding machines The diameter cannot reach the nominal 0.2mm at all, but can only reach a minimum of 0.5mm. 

Due to the divergence of the laser, the output laser beam cannot be in a regular circle, which causes the actual irradiation area of the laser to be too large, resulting in burning. The phenomenon of etched welds, that is, unnecessary laser irradiation at both ends of the welds, causing depressions at both ends of the welds. This phenomenon has a particularly serious impact on repairing polished molds, and sometimes even makes the molds scrapped. Tongpu’s lasers are well-designed, strictly selected materials, and meticulously debugged, so that the diameter of the beam spot output by the laser can be precisely monitored, so that the minimum size of the focused spot can reach 0.2mm, and can be within the range of 0.2mm and 2mm. Carry out stepless adjustment to reach the international advanced level.


Frequency of laser pulses: This is the ability to reflect how many pulses an automated laser welding machine can produce in one second, in Hz. The first thing to note is that the welding metal uses the energy of the laser, and when the laser power is constant, the higher the frequency, the smaller the energy output by each laser. Therefore, we need to ensure that the energy of the laser is sufficient to melt the metal. In the case of , considering the processing speed, the output frequency of the laser can be determined. In the case of laser repairing abrasive tools, 15Hz can already meet the needs of welding. Too high frequency will inevitably cause the pulse energy of the laser to be too low, resulting in welding failure.

Pulse waveform of laser: For the processing of welding with pulsed laser, the laser pulse waveform is an important issue in pulsed laser welding. When a high-intensity laser is incident on the surface of the material, the metal surface will reflect 60% to 98% of the laser energy, and the reflectivity varies with the surface temperature. Therefore, different metals have different reflectivity and utilization rate of laser light. 

For effective welding, lasers with different waveforms must be input, so that the metal structure at the weld can be crystallized in the best way to form a A consistent structure of the metal can form a high-quality weld. The general automated laser welding machine in China uses a cheap single-waveform laser power source. Therefore, its welding flexibility is low, it is difficult to adapt to the welding of various mold materials, and it is often reworked, which greatly wastes the time of welding materials, and may Causes the scrapping of the mold. 

The degree of reflection and absorption of laser light on the surface of different metal materials is very different, and the same laser will produce different welding effects on different metals, and affect its penetration, welding speed, crystallization speed and hardness. Therefore, a single rectangular wave Welding does not address the requirements of different die metal welding. 

TPM intelligent laser mold repair welding machine adopts domestic unique intelligent waveform technology to achieve high flexibility of automated laser welding machine, and can adjust the waveform according to different applications, so that the metal structure of the weld is consistent with the base metal, the mold or metal After the parts are repaired by welding, the hardness of the weld seam reaches HRC50-HRC58, which truly achieves non-destructive welding and greatly improves the quality of repair welding.

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