What Is The Laser Jewelry Welding Machine

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What Is The Laser Jewelry Welding Machine

Laser jewelry welding machine is one of the laser welding machines. It refers to the laser equipment specially processed for jewelry products. The laser jewelry welding machine uses the laser beam emitted by the laser to realize the action of high-density energy on the object, so that it can achieve precise welding. Effect. The welding process is to heat the workpiece by laser processing, the laser beam irradiates the welding position of the workpiece, and the heat is transferred to the inside of the workpiece through the surface heat. During the work, parameters such as pulse width, energy, peak value and repetition frequency are controlled, and it is melted to form a molten pool. Welding effect.

Laser welding technology is a process applied to thin-walled materials and precision welding requirements. It has obvious advantages in spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding and other welding. It has a high aspect ratio (5:1 or 10:1), heat Small deformation, fast welding speed, no pores, smooth welding seam, beautiful appearance and no need for processing and micro-processing after welding. During the welding process, the welding effect is controllable, accurate positioning can be achieved, and it can be fully automated.

Laser jewelry welding machine is a special equipment for welding holes, blisters and spot welding of gold and silver jewelry. The spot welding technology in laser welding is widely used. During the laser welding process, the surface of the workpiece is heated, which is then transmitted to the inside of the material and diffused, and then the parameters such as the width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency of the laser pulse are controlled by operation to melt the workpiece and form a specific molten pool. Due to its unique advantages, it has been successfully used in gold and silver jewelry processing and welding of micro and small parts.

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Advantages of Laser Jewelry Welding Machine:

1. The laser welding machine is a non-contact welding machine, which does not require pressure during the operation. The welding machine has fast speed, high efficiency, large depth, small residual stress and deformation, and can be carried out at room temperature or under special conditions (such as closed space). Welding machine, laser welding gold jewelry machine has a simple device and does not generate X-rays.

2. Laser jewelry welding machine can be used for refractory materials such as high melting point metals, and even welding machines for non-metallic materials such as ceramics, plexiglass, etc., to weld special-shaped materials, with good results and great flexibility. Non-contact long-distance welding machines are used for parts that are difficult to access by laser jewelry welding machines.

3. The laser beam can be focused to obtain a small spot. Since it is not affected by the magnetic field and can be accurately positioned, it can be used for micro welding, which is suitable for the assembly welding of micro and small workpieces in mass automatic production.

4. The laser beam is easy to realize the beam splitting according to time and space, and the switching device can transmit the laser beam to multiple workstations. Therefore, multi-beam simultaneous processing and multi-station processing can be performed, which provides conditions for a more precise welding machine.

5. Laser jewelry welding machine is non-contact processing, so there are no problems such as tool wear and tool replacement. At the same time, it does not need to use electrodes, so there is no concern about electrode pollution or damage, and it is easy to automate high-speed welding machines. Digital or computer control is also possible.

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Why laser jewelry welding machine is popular

Laser jewelry welding machine has ultra-high precision, long and stable life, can be adjusted in a wide range, and low-consumer consumables, professional companies have good after-sales. At present, it has a wide range of applications, and its performance is extremely stable. If you choose factory direct sales products, the cost performance of the products will be greatly improved, so why do many jewelry companies choose jewelry laser welding machines?

1. High work efficiency

For jewelry companies, which have a large business volume, choosing a high-quality laser jewelry welding machine can greatly improve the work efficiency, the welding efficiency has been significantly improved, the welding time of a single workpiece is greatly shortened, and the welding process can be accelerated for customers. Accelerating the return on investment is beneficial for indirectly improving the profitability of jewelry companies.

2. Low maintenance cost

From the internal and external structure of easy-to-use laser welding machine jewelry, it mostly adopts integrated molding structure, the overall volume is small and compact, the laser has a long service life, can work continuously for 24 hours, and can be maintained and maintained free of charge , greatly reducing the maintenance cost, the maintenance frequency is relatively low, and it only needs to be maintained for more than three months when it is used less frequently.

3. High quality and high performance

The high quality of laser welding machine jewelry is not only reflected in the long service life. The welding quality of the jewelry laser welding machine is high, and the welding seam is extremely beautiful. The welding seam can be as strong as wood, without secondary processing, which can effectively improve the qualification of the product. Therefore, the excellent material, advanced mold technology and good airtightness make the jewelry laser welding machine come out on top in the market.

After using the laser welding gold jewelry machine, the welding speed is greatly accelerated and the welding efficiency is significantly improved. It has been inspected for many times, so the products have passed the test of the quality inspection department, with good environmental adaptability, and are also equipped with high-definition display and super efficient heat dissipation , to prevent the machine from heating during use, and to ensure work efficiency for a long time.

Application Industry of Laser Jewelry Welding Machine

Laser jewelry welding machine is mainly used in optical communication devices, electronic components, batteries, medical machinery, precision parts of watches and clocks, optical fiber coupling devices, glasses, IT products, digital communication products, precision parts, hardware metal parts, mobile phone shields, mobile phone vibration Motors, metal mobile phone casings, optical fiber coupling devices, metal capacitor casings, computer hard disks, micro motors, sensors, metal shielding nets, automotive steel sheets, razor blades, automotive lights and other types of electronic products and other industries. Efficient laser spot welding, sealing welding, overlapping welding, etc. The scope of application of laser jewelry welding machine includes: jewelry, accessories, golf heads and aluminum alloy dentures, etc. It is especially suitable for repairing holes in gold and silver jewelry, spot welding blisters, repairing seams and inlaid parts claw feet and so on.

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