What Is The Handheld Laser Rust Removal Machine

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1. What is handheld rust removal laser machine

Speaking of rust removal, in our daily life, the most common is chemical rust removal, and chemical rust removal is simply a method of participating in pickling, making it chemically react with rust and changing its rust composition into chlorination. Iron or iron sulfate, in order to achieve the purpose of rust removal, inorganic acid and organic acid are commonly used as rust removal materials, so it is usually called pickling. However, we all know that chemical rust removal is particularly time-consuming and labor-intensive, but this problem is completely a minor problem in the face of modern technology. Only a handheld rust removal laser machine is needed.

Most of the laser rust removal machines on the market nowadays are large standard machines, and this large fiber laser cleaner is not convenient to carry and move, such as some places that need high-altitude rust removal or small spaces. This standard The laser derusting machine is inconvenient to use. Because it cannot enter a small space, and if we use a handheld laser rust removal tool that can be carried by a handheld rust removal laser machine, then we can enter a small space to clean up some products. Now the most popular is a backpack-style handheld laser cleaner. It is easy to carry and can be carried on the body like a backpack. We will also equip a suitcase outside. It can be easily moved when traveling. The stairwell can also be moved by hand, and the box is equipped with a protective device, which can effectively avoid the collision of the laser derusting equipment during transportation. With this handheld laser rust removal machine, we can clean all kinds of impurities in various corners more conveniently.

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The principle of handheld laser rust removal tool

The handheld laser cleaning machine, as a new generation of high-tech products for industrial surface cleaning, has played an important role in rust removal. Handheld laser rust removal tools are all hand-held operations, and can also be equipped with tooling to realize automatic rust removal. The working principle of the handheld rust removal laser machine is to irradiate the surface of the workpiece with high-frequency and high-energy laser pulses. The coating layer can instantly absorb the focused laser energy to make The oil stains, rust spots or coatings on the surface evaporate or peel off instantly, which can effectively remove the surface attachments or surface coatings at a high speed. The laser pulse with a short action time will not damage the metal substrate under appropriate parameters.

The handheld fiber laser cleaner machine can solve the problems that traditional rust removal can’t solve. Even the irregular-shaped parts, the handheld rust removal laser machine can also perform rust removal operations on the workpiece. It uses the reflectivity of the metal to protect the light. The workpiece will not be damaged, the work efficiency is also quite high, and the rust on the surface can be peeled off with a sweep. Simply put, wherever the laser can be irradiated, the rust, oil stains, paint layer, oxide layer, etc. on the workpiece can be removed.

handheld rust removal laser machine has the advantages of high efficiency, speed, low cost, etc. It has a small thermal and mechanical load on the substrate and does not damage the substrate. The cleaning process is easy to realize automation, realize long-distance remote control operation and can be used for large-scale laser descaling. The handheld rust removal laser machine requires a laser and corresponding supporting equipment. Although the price is high and the one-time investment is large, the maintenance cost is almost no water, and it can be used for a long time.

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Advantages of Handheld rust removal laser machine

1. Range of rust removal: The general laser cleaner machine fixes the workpiece on the workbench for rust removal. It can only clean small and movable workpieces, which has certain limitations, while the handheld laser rust removal machine can clean. Those parts that are not easy to move and parts in small corners.

2. Flexible rust removal: The handheld laser rust removal machine cleans the workpiece in a relatively straightforward manner. For example, some dead corners are not conducive to rust removal, while the handheld rust removal equipment can clean the workpiece under the control of the hand, and some dead corners are also It can be derusted and cleaned flexibly.

3. Rust removal effect: The handheld fiber laser cleaner has the same effect as the ordinary laser cleaning machine.

4. Focusing and rust removal: When cleaning uneven workpieces, the head of the handheld fiber laser cleaner can adjust the focus up and down for cleaning to produce a uniform cleaning effect.

5. Reduced size: A laser cleaning machine is generally a relatively large machine, fixed in one place, handheld laser rust removal machine, as the name suggests, is convenient to carry, you only need to carry it on body when you use it to start the rust removal work, It is very convenient to move.

 6. High safety: The laser can be transmitted through optical fiber, cooperate with the robot to realize long-distance operation, and can clean complex parts that are difficult to reach by traditional methods. This feature also makes the safety of operators more secure in some dangerous places. It can be equipped with automatic equipment to realize automatic cleaning.

 7. Simple operation: The handheld laser rust removal machine is easy to operate, and some inexperienced novices can also try to use it.

 8. Cheap price: The handheld laser rust removal machine is cheaper than the large laser cleaning machine.

How to Choose The Laser Clean Machine

BuyCNC has laser cleaning machines with a variety of powers, ranging from 100 watts to thousands of watts, such as 50w, 100w, 120, 200w, 350, 500w, and 1000w Laser cleaning machines. Different powers handle different workpieces differently. The greater the power, the better the rust removal effect. In addition, BuyCNC can provide you with some professional rust removal solutions. The 50W laser clean machine can simply deal with the floating rust on the metal, the medium power machine can deal with the rust layer on the metal, for the more difficult rust, a 1000W Laser clean machine is needed, but the 1000w one Laser clean machine is still rare in the market now, because the price is relatively high and the use is relatively small. The price of laser derusting equipment is still related to the power and model. The model and power are different, and the performance and price of the equipment are also different. Its price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The specific price still depends on the selection of the equipment.

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