Portable Laser Cleaning Machine Price Portable Laser Rust Removal Machine For Sale

The portable laser cleaning machine is the latest laser cleaning equipment, it looks like a suitcase, very easy to carry and use, this portable laser rust removal machine for sale adopts an advanced laser source, laser optical scanner, and control system, Meet the requirements of the material surface cleaning process. Now the portable laser rust removal machine price is very attractive, if you are interested, please contact us.

Portable laser cleaning machine

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Introduction of Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

This 100w laser cleaning machine is a suitcase laser cleaner, this backpack-type laser rust remover can be moved only by carrying it on the operator’s body, and the 100w rust cleaning laser machine has a soft configuration around it, which can play a fixed and protective role

The rust removal machine 100w is equipped with a hand, a pull rod and a universal wheel, just like the luggage we usually use, which is convenient for dragging and protects the internal equipment. The double rods used in the pull rod are convenient for dragging and walking when moving on the flat ground, which greatly reduces the burden. The bottom is equipped with a universal wheel, which can rotate 360 degrees when dragging. On stairs or uneven roads, you can lift the handle on the upper part of the box to move it.

Features of 100w rust cleaning laser price

1. Precise cleaning to achieve selective cleaning of precise location and precise size

2. No chemical cleaning solution, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly

3. Simple operation, automatic hand-held or mechanical arm cleaning

4. The cleaning speed is fast, the cleaning efficiency is high, and the time is saved.

5. Stable laser cleaning system, almost no maintenance

Applications of 100w Laser Cleaning Machines

Because of the powerful cleaning ability of the portable laser cleaning machine, now this machine has been widely used in many industries, the portable laser rust removal machine can be used to clean metal, stone and other materials.
Microelectronics field: semiconductor components, microelectronic devices, memory
template, etc.;
Cultural relics protection: stone carvings, bronzes, glass, oil paintings, murals, etc.;
Abrasive cleaning: rubber molds, composite molds, metal molds, etc.;
Surface treatment: hydrophilic treatment, seam treatment before and after welding, etc.;
Paint and rust removal: aircraft, ships, weapons and equipment, bridges, metal pressure vessels, metal pipes, etc.; aircraft parts and components, electrical product parts, etc.


Q1: What materials can the portable laser cleaning machine clean?
Various metals, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, low carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, stone and other materials.

Q2: What are the advantages of your portable laser cleaning machine?
Top laser source: stable beam quality and long service life;
Humanized control system: easy to use, even a novice can get started quickly;
Excellent service: quick response, lifetime after-sales service, we are still
Customer service with whom we have a relationship of over 10 years;

Q3: I don’t know anything about portable laser rust removal machine price, what kind of machine should I choose?
You just need to tell us your needs, we will provide you with the most suitable machine and quotation according to your needs.

our service:

1. Warranty: We provide 2 years warranty for this portable laser cleaning machine.
2. Online customer service: We have professional managers to provide you with a 7×24 hours online service, you can contact us at any time.
3. Software problems: We will provide lifetime free technical support.
4. Hardware problems: If there is a problem during the warranty period, the main components (excluding consumables) will be replaced/repaired free of charge.
5. Online support: Our engineers give 1 hour to solve the problem.

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