Factors Affecting Welding Quality of Laser Welder

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Why More And More People Choose Laser Welder

Compared with the traditional welding process, The laser welder has a rough appearance, sometimes blackening, deformation, and unstable welding. When using laser welder welding, the welding speed is fast, the welding quality is high, and the laser welder can be used without much experience. 

BuyCNC’s laser welder adopts advanced control system and high-precision micro-adjustment device, the machine runs smoothly, High reliability, can meet continuous 24-hour full load operation, and can meet most welding needs. So more and more people start to choose laser welder.

Factors Affecting Welding Quality of Laser Welding Machine

Although the welding process of the laser welder is very excellent compared with other welding equipment. However, due to the influence of some external and internal factors in the specific welding process, the welding quality of different welding equipment is not the same, so what factors will affect the welding quality of laser welding machine?

1. The situation of the workpiece itself

Even with the same brand new laser welder, the quality of the welds may vary depending on the workpiece being welded. Because the accuracy of the laser welder also has a certain limit, and if the welding workpiece requires too much accuracy, the welding process may have certain defects, and if the surface of the workpiece itself is not clean, or the uniformity of the workpiece is not uniform. Well, this will also affect the aesthetics of the weld, thereby affecting the effect presented by the welding.

2. The situation of workpiece fixture

In the process of welding with a well-known laser welder, the fixture for fixing the workpiece will also have a certain impact on the quality of welding. The fixture of the workpiece is mainly used to tighten the welding workpiece, so that the welding workpiece can be accurately positioned, so as to facilitate the assembly and welding of the welding workpiece, but if the quality of the fixture is not good, it will cause precision errors, which will affect the accuracy and quality of welding.

3. Welding process parameters

Different laser welding machines have different process parameters, some of which have a very intuitive impact on the quality of welding, for example, the welding laser, waveform laser power and welding speed settings and the focal length of the lens, etc. . Because the welding power determines the thickness of the welding, and the welding speed also affects the penetration depth of the welding surface, which further affects the welding effect.

Simply put, the factors affecting the welding quality of the laser welder mainly include the condition of the workpiece itself, the condition of the workpiece fixture and the welding process parameters of the welding machine itself. Therefore, for operators to better ensure the welding quality of the laser welder, they need to start from both external and internal factors.

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Precautions for using laser welder

We all know that the laser welder can weld many materials depending on the type, whether it is metal products or non-metals. However, among these materials, there are still some special materials that have some problems in the welding process. Next, BuyCNC will introduce some precautions for using laser welding machines.

In order to ensure that the laser welder has been in normal working condition, after working continuously for half a month or after stopping use for a period of time, the components in the optical path such as YAG rod, dielectric diaphragm and lens maintenance glass should be checked before starting the machine. Confirm that there are no abnormal phenomena such as dust pollution and mildew in each optical component. If the above phenomenon occurs, it should be dealt with in time to ensure that each optical component will not be damaged under strong laser irradiation.

The purity of the cooling water is the key to ensuring the laser output power and the life of the laser concentrating cavity components. During use, the conductivity of the inner circulating water should be checked once a week. Pay attention to the color change of the ion exchange column in the cooling system in time. Once it is found that the color of the resin in the exchange column changes to dark brown or even black, the resin should be replaced in time. In this way, it can be confirmed that the laser welder can have a longer service life and improve the welding quality of the machine.

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