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What is The 3D CNC Router Machine

3D CNC Router Machine

    The 3d CNC router machine is an industry classification of engraving machines. It is a new type of CNC equipment in recent years. It is a CNC machine specially used to produce 3d products. This 3d CNC wood router machine is widely used in the 3d processing industry. For example, processing table legs, staircase handrails, 3D advertising, sculptures and other products. 

    The 3d engraving machine is a machine that combines computer technology and CNC machining technology. This machine can process three-dimensional products, because all 3d CNC router machines have at least 3 axes, which are X, Y, and Z axes. The X axis represents left and right movement, the Y axis represents forward and backward movement, and the Z axis represents up and down movement.

    Therefore, the 3d CNC router can use a variety of technology, wood, metal, PVC, glass, plastic, silicone, plexiglass, etc. as basic materials to carve out works with three-dimensional effects, mainly used for acrylic, PVC Card making, vigorous cutting of wood, marble, jade and other materials, 3D characters, characters, patterns, reliefs, appearance modeling, inlays, advertising arts and crafts, breastplates, non-metal or copper, aluminum can be finely carved, three-dimensional Sculpture works gradually appeared in all walks of life.

Why 3D CNC Router Machine is Popular

1. Flexible operation

    This 3d wood carving machine adopts four-axis four-linkage control system and imported servo motor drive, which can provide strong power for the machine. And this 3d CNC router is convenient to operate and easy to learn. You only need to transfer the product drawings you want to process to the computer, then this 3d CNC engraving machine can produce products for you according to your ideas.

2. High production efficiency:

    The high degree of automation of the 3D CNC engraving machine minimizes human interference in the processing process. Even for complex 3D CNC projects that could only be completed manually before, the 3D CNC engraving machine can be completed at high speed and accurately.

3. High precision and repeatability:

   The 3d woodworking engraving machine has high engraving accuracy and a large processing range, and can process three-dimensional workpieces up to ¢600mm*2000mm. The 3D woodworking engraving machine can tirelessly produce high-precision parts. The error between parts is extremely small, and the repeatability is good. Therefore, 3D CNC woodworking engraving machines are widely used in mass production.

4. The machine is of high quality

   This 3d CNC engraving machine adopts industrial thick-walled steel pipe welding, box structure, large load capacity, and the steel pipe thickness is 8mm. And the weight of the fuselage, high-speed operation without jitter, more stable; precise coordinate positioning, accuracy of 0.04mm. The XYZ axis adopts all imported Taiwan screw rods and high-precision linear guides, which have higher accuracy and faster moving speed.

5. Simplify work and reduce workload:

    The operator will spend a lot of time and energy to complete the complex engraving work of the traditional machine. This can now be programmed by a 3D woodworking engraving machine, which simplifies the operator’s work. One operator can operate two CNC engraving machines at the same time, saving labor costs.

How to Choose 3D CNC Engraving Machine

  Now the 3d CNC engraver machine has been widely used in various industries. There are about three most popular 3d CNC router machines, which are rotating axis 3d CNC machine, 4-axis CNC machine, and 5-axis CNC machine.

4th Rotary Axis CNC router

  This 3d carving machine is processed along 4-axis, but its main shaft cannot be rotated. It installs an additional rotating device on an ordinary engraving machine to realize 3d engraving, so the rotating axis 3D CNC router is also called the fourth Axis CNC router, the fourth axis can rotate 360 degrees, so it is very suitable for processing cylindrical 3D products, such as table legs, staircase handrails. Sculptures, pillars and other items.

3D CNC Router Machine legs

The 4 axis 3d CNC engraving machine with a rotating spindle

    Another 4 axis 3d CNC router machine refers to a 3D woodworking engraving machine with a rotating spindle. Compared with ordinary 3 axis CNC machines, they have a common x, y, z axis, plus an additional A axis, this axis can be rotated around the X axis during processing, the maximum rotation angle can reach 180 degrees. The 3D 4-axis woodcarving machine allows cutting and engraving on multiple sides of the workpiece without resetting, while the 3-axis CNC router can only cut and engrave one side of the same piece at a time. Now this 4 axis CNC wood router machine has been widely used in processing wooden furniture, cabinets, cabinet doors and sculptures, advertising signs, musical instruments and other products.

4 axis cnc 3d router cut sample

The 5 axis 3D CNC engraver machine

    The 5-axis 3D CNC router also has three basic axes (X, Y, and Z), as well as two additional rotation axes-A-axis and B-axis. The A axis needs to rotate around the X axis, and the B axis needs to rotate around the Y axis. This double rotation function allows engraving work on five faces of the material. So 5-axis CNC engraving machine is the most professional 3D CNC engraving machine. As the most professional 3D CNC engraving machine, this machine has advanced spindles, motors, inverters and drives and other accessories. So this kind of machine is mainly used to process large-scale industries, such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, and large-scale furniture.

5 axis router

Application Industry of 3D CNC Router

    The 3d engraving machine has been widely used in various industries, such as wood processing industry, furniture manufacturing industry, stone carving industry, metal carving industry,decoration industry, mold manufacturing industry, advertising industry, etc..

1.Decoration Industry:This machine can be used in processing doors and windows, screens, decorations, sculptures and other products

3D CNC Router Machine Stair column

2.Furniture industry: pillars, wooden legs, wooden doors, cabinets, tables and chairs, etc.

3D CNC Router Machine coner cabinet
3D 1325 cnc router with rotary axis project

3.Mold manufacturing industry and advertising industry

3D CNC Router Machine foam mold
3D CNC Router Machine mold processing


    Through the above article, do you have a more in-depth understanding of 3D CNC wood router machine. Any engraving machine that can process 3D products is a 3D engraving machine. However, there is a big gap in the price of 3d CNC engraving machine. The rotating axis 3d CNC machine is the cheapest three-dimensional engraving machine. The price is about 3000-5000 US dollars. The price of the 4-axis engraving machine is about 4000-8000 US dollars. The 5-axis CNC machine is more expensive, ranging from 10,000 US dollars to 25,000 US dollars. 

    Therefore, the rotary axis CNC engraving machine is suitable for home manufacturing, hobbyists and small companies, the 4-axis CNC engraving machine is suitable for small and medium-sized processing factories, and the 5-axis 3D wood carving machine is more suitable for high-tech manufacturing enterprises with high production capacity and sales. If you don’t know how to choose the most suitable machine, please tell me the products you are processing and the corresponding budget, and we will recommend the most suitable machine for you according to your needs.

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