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This 100w laser cleaning machine is a suitcase type machine. The appearance is the same as the travel case, and it is very convenient to carry and move. The rust removal machine 100w rust cleaning laser removes rust, paint, grease, dirt, coatings, residues, oxide layers and other target materials efficiently, at high performance, and at low cost without damaging the substrate. If you are interested in 100w rust cleaning laser price, please contact us.

100w laser cleaning machine

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5 portable laser rust removal machine price
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Introduction of 100w Laser Cleaning Machine

This 100w laser cleaning machine is a suitcase laser cleaner, this backpack-type laser rust remover can be moved only by carrying it on the operator’s body, and the 100w rust cleaning laser machine has a soft configuration around it, which can play a fixed and protective role

The rust removal machine 100w is equipped with a hand, a pull rod and a universal wheel, just like the luggage we usually use, which is convenient for dragging and protects the internal equipment. The double rods used in the pull rod are convenient for dragging and walking when moving on the flat ground, which greatly reduces the burden. The bottom is equipped with a universal wheel, which can rotate 360 degrees when dragging. On stairs or uneven roads, you can lift the handle on the upper part of the box to move it.

Features of 100w rust cleaning laser price

1. Precise cleaning to achieve selective cleaning of precise location and precise size

2. No chemical cleaning solution, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly

3. Simple operation, automatic hand-held or mechanical arm cleaning

4. The cleaning speed is fast, the cleaning efficiency is high, and the time is saved.

5. Stable laser cleaning system, almost no maintenance

Applications of 100w Laser Cleaning Machines

Our 100w laser cleaning machine can be used for laser rust removal, degreasing, laser paint removal, laser zinc removal, film removal, laser coating removal on metal workpieces, and now it has been widely used in aerospace, mold, microelectronics, construction, nuclear power plants , automobile manufacturing, medical, military and other fields.


Q1. Quality Control

The entire production process of this 100w laser cleaning machine will be subject to regular inspection and strict quality control, and will be tested before shipment.

Our machines have passed CE certification, meet European and American standards, and are exported to more than 100 countries.

Q2. If we don’t know how to use the machine, can you teach us?
Yes, we will, the machine will come with English manual and video. You can also contact our service team if you need any assistance with our machines.

Q3. How is your after-sales service?
We provide you 24/7 service by phone, Skype, WeChat or Whatsapp.

Q4. Warranty of the rust removal machine 100w rust cleaning laser
2 year warranty.

our service:

1. Professional sales manager at your service
After you leave your contact information, we will have professional sales managers to provide you with comprehensive services. You can communicate all your needs and information you want to know with our sales managers.

2. Support customized laser cleaner machine
We support custom 100w laser cleaning machines according to customers’ needs, so you can tell us all your needs.

3. Provide free sample cleaning
If you are worried about whether this fiber laser cleaner machine can clean the impurities you want to clean, we can provide you with free sample cleaning, and then edit it into a video and send it to you, so as to dispel your doubts.


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