The CNC Router Machine VS The CNC Mill Machine

CNC router VS CNC Mill

With the rapid development of CNC machines, more and more CNC machines appear on the market. Nowadays, CNC router machine and CNC mill machine have been widely used in various fields.

What is the CNC router machine?

The CNC router machine is a cutting machine which is controlled by Computer. As a very popular CNC machine on the market today, it is mainly used to cut relatively soft materials, such as wood, aluminum, plastic, composite materials, foam, etc. And now it has been widely used in decoration industry, sculpture art industry, furniture industry, etc.


What is the CNC milling machine?

The CNC milling machine is a machine with a very powerful cutting ability. It can almost meet all your needs in the cutting industry. The CNC mill machine can process almost all materials, including metal, wood, ceramics, plastics, etc. It is mainly used for heavy work and relatively hard materials.

5 axis cnc mill

Although they are all CNC machines, they have many differences in many aspects. Now we will introduce CNC router machine VS CNC mill machine.

CNC Router VS CNC Mill

1. Processing materials:

Both machines can handle a variety of materials, but the materials they are best at handling are still not the same. the CNC router is good at processing soft materials such as wood, plastic, foam. But for CNC mill machines, they are mainly used to cut hard metal materials such as titanium and steel.

2. Processing speed:

In terms of processing speed, each has its own advantages. If you want to produce a large number of repetitive products, then the router machine will operate much more quickly, so that you can produce materials in a shorter time. But if you want to produce some high-quality products, the CNC mill machine can meet your needs, but its working speed may be relatively slow.

3. Cutting precision:

The cutting accuracy of the CNC router is lower than that of the CNC mill because the material of the CNC router is fixed.When we use the CNC router, the work usually stays on a table, and the spindle-head moves across the X, Y and Z axes. Three axes are common, but some routers have four to six for more complicated projects. In comparison the The CNC mill can not only move materials, but also move cutting tools, so if you want to produce some high-precision products, then the CNC mill machine can meet your needs.

4. Area of working:

Compared with the CNC mill machine, the CNC router has a largeer working area. If you want to process larger materials, then the CNC router machine is for you. If you want to deal with some products that require a lot of details, then the CNC mill can provide a deeper Z-axis for deeper cuts in the work.

In conclusion

The CNC router machine and the CNC mill machine each have their own advantages. If you want to process soft materials such as wood and plastic and process some low-precision products, then the CNC router machine is your best choice.If you want to process hard metal materials such as steel and produce high-precision products, then please choose CNC mill machine.

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