How To Operate The Laser Cutting Machine Safely

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As the most popular metal cutting tool now, laser cutting machine has been widely used in various fields of metal cutting. Since the main working principle of the laser cutting machine relies on the laser, and the laser itself has certain dangers, it is necessary to take some necessary protective measures when carrying out industrial operations to avoid unnecessary injuries to the body. If you do not pay attention, it may cause heavy losses or even damage personal safety. So we have to learn how to use the laser cutting machine safely.

Precautions for operating a laser cutting machine

1. Use the power-on equipment with care

When the power is on or the machine is running, please do not touch any electrical components in the electrical cabinet and the console. Otherwise, electric shock may occur. Please do not operate any switch knob with wet hands to prevent electric shock. Please do not check wires or replace electrical components with electricity, otherwise you will get electric shock or injury. Maintenance personnel with corresponding technical qualifications can only maintain the equipment in strict accordance with the technical requirements of electrical maintenance to prevent accidents.

2. Each guide rail should be cleaned frequently

For the fiber laser cutting machine, one of the skills that needs to be noticed in the process of use is that it is necessary to keep the guide rails clean during the operation, and it is necessary to discharge the existence of dust and other debris in time, and In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, lubricating oil needs to be added, and the equipment needs to be better positioned during the operation, so that more accurate cutting can be achieved.

3. Regular dustproof

Users need to take regular dust-proof measures when operating, and they need to use a vacuum cleaner every week to absorb the dust and dirt in the equipment, so that the entire equipment can be kept more clean. Clean and maintain higher precision during operation.

4. The steel belt of the cutting machine needs to be pulled closer

Operators need to pay attention when operating, including checking to see if the steel belt of the cutting machine is guaranteed to be pulled closer. If it is not pulled closer, problems will occur during early operation, causing some safety hazards, and in serious cases, it will also cause problems. casualties, so this aspect needs to be paid more attention.

Protective measures for operating laser cutting machines

Since the main working principle of the laser cutting machine relies on the laser, and the laser itself has certain dangers, it is necessary to take some necessary protective measures when carrying out industrial operations to avoid unnecessary injuries to the body. Let’s take a look at the necessary protective measures for normal operation of this laser cutting principle.

1.Pay attention to eye protection

Generally, when we use a laser cutting machine, we habitually like to stare at the cutting head of the laser, but this habit is actually the biggest killer to our eyes, because if we stare at the sparks generated by cutting for a long time, right The eyes are harmful. An obvious feeling is that looking at it for a long time will make the eyes tingling. This is the most direct injury. At the same time, when the laser is cutting, it will also emit a special substance of the laser. , this substance is highly concentrated in the processing workshop, and is directly focused on the retina through the refractive medium of the eye to form an image, which will make the energy density on the retina higher than that on the cornea. Causes damage to the cornea or retina of the eye.

2. The protection of the skin

In addition to the eyes, the laser is not very irritating to the skin. The laser can cause damage to the skin tissue, but the damaged skin can repair itself. Although the overall function of the skin will be reduced, it will not affect the overall function. However, if you do not pay attention to the irradiation under the laser for a long time, it will cause skin burns or leave scars. Although the laser damage to the skin is much smaller than that of the eyes, it should also be paid enough attention. .

3. The protection of the respiratory tract

Finally, when operating the laser cutting machine, it may affect our respiratory tract. Because the laser will generate a certain high temperature, and this high temperature can be combined with the gas to complete various cutting work, a large amount of dust will be generated in this process, especially when processing some special metal materials, the generated dust will contain a lot of chemical components , so it is harmful to the human body after inhalation.

laser cut worker1

Operators need to pay attention to several details

The laser cutting machine mainly uses the high power density generated by laser focusing to realize processing, and it is under the control of the computer during operation, which can achieve instant high temperature melting or gasification, but in this It is very dangerous to fail in the application of this kind of equipment. It is very dangerous if an inexperienced worker operates alone, so we need to ask the operator to pay attention to the details of many aspects when operating.

1.After training

Operators need to be trained before operating this laser cutting machine, and also need to comply with the safety operation procedures of the equipment, and be able to complete the startup in strict accordance with the equipment startup procedures. For the entire equipment, operators need to be familiar with its structure and performance, can master a comprehensive knowledge of the operation.

2.The prescribed wearing

 The operator should complete the wearing in accordance with the corresponding regulations. When using the laser beam to process the workpiece, the operator needs to wear protective glasses, and the operator needs to pay attention to the heating of the laser before operation. It has been processed so as not to cause smoke or steam, which can cause great danger.

3.Stop in time when abnormality is found

 In addition, for operators, if they encounter some unexpected situations during the whole processing process, they need to stop the operation in time, and they need to keep the surrounding of the equipment clean and orderly during processing.

4.wear glasses

Because the laser is invisible and generally powerful, it can burn the cornea, conjunctiva, and eyelids accidentally. For corneal burns, the lightest is a small white cloud point, which appears 10 minutes after irradiation, involving only the corneal epithelium, no swelling, and then subsides without visible scars. The heavier is the formation of cylindrical white scars from the outside to the inside. Formation of ulcerative lesions or perforations. Although powerful, the protection is quite simple, just wear a pair of flat glass glasses. All indoor personnel should wear appropriate protective glasses. Do not use one mirror for multiple purposes. Staff should wear overalls and gloves. Treat the laser like a gun, never look directly into the laser beam, and keep as far away from it as possible.


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