How To Cut Aluminium And Other Metal On The CNC Router

Cut Aluminum By CNC Router Machine

When you want to buy a machine that can cut aluminum, does the high price of CNC milling machine will let you dispel this decision?

But now I have a good news to tell you. With the rapid development of CNC router machine, it is no longer a machine that can only process wood before. Now it can also process metals such as aluminum, brass, and copper and so on.


Why Choose CNC Router Machine to Cut Aluminum

The CNC router machine has many advantages compared with the CNC mill machine and laser cutting machine. For example, the CNC router machine is inexpensive, small in footprint, and easy to operate.

The Important things about Cutting Aluminum

Now almost all CNC router machines can cut aluminum, but before processing, we must first set the correct feed rate and select the appropriate tool to cut aluminum.

There is also need to pay attention when processing aluminum. Cutting aluminum is different from cutting wood and plastic. Because aluminum is a viscous metal, aluminum itself has many viscosity factors. When you cut it, it tends to stick to the tool and remove it. These aluminum chips are more difficult. These aluminum will cause damage to the tool. So we have to set the cutting speed and try to avoid too deep cutting depth.

desktop cnc Aluminum sample

How to Use CNC Router Machine to Cut Aluminum

First of all, you have to make sure that the aluminum material can be perfectly fixed on the work table, because the friction generated when you cut the aluminum is very large, it is best to choose a CNC router machine with a vacuum suction function to cut aluminum.

Then in the second step you have to choose a suitable processing tool. If you are going to cut 4mm metal, you need to choose a tool longer than 4mm, but the tool should not be too long or the tool will bend. If you don’t know how to choose a tool, you can contact us and our professional customer service will answer your questions.

Finally, when you are processing aluminum materials, metal and cutting tools will generate a lot of heat. In order to eliminate this heat, you need to use lubricating coolant to cool the metal and tools. It can not only make metal cutting very smooth, but also extend the life of the tool, thereby reducing your work costs. (The CNC router machine we launched has an oil mist cooling system, you don’t have to look for other coolants)


The tips on Cutting Aluminum

1. Be patient

Because of the characteristics of aluminum itself, it cannot be processed like those hard metals, so try to be patient when you process aluminum. You need to choose a suitable cutting speed to cut aluminum, because the faster the speed, the easier it is for aluminum to stick to the tool.

2. Use a professional calculator to calculate speed and feed

Because when you cut aluminum, you have much tighter windows for your feeds and speeds, so in order to avoid mistakes, we suggest you go online to search for speed and feed calculators to set the correct data.

3. Avoid too deep cutting depth

Cutting deeper and closer to the slot where the cutter enters, which makes it difficult to remove chips from the bottom of the hole. You will need more passes to cut into the much-needed depths and open shallower depths for larger passages. If you are using a material with a thin layer of aluminum fused, you only need to place the aluminum foil side up. This will help you quickly remove the aluminum from the cutter and you can continue working.

4. Choose the right coolant: 

Nowadays, when we use CNC router machine to process aluminum, we always choose oil mist coolant to cool the machining process, which can effectively prevent aluminum from sticking to the tool.

If you do all the above steps perfectly, then you can easily use CNC router machine to process metal.

BuyCNC recently launched a variety of inexpensive small CNC router machines. They have novel shapes and strong cutting capabilities. They can cut not only wood but also metal. If you want to buy a cheap CNC router machine, then contact us as soon as possible.

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