How To Choose The Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

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The fiber laser pipe cutting machine, also known as the metal pipe laser cutter, can cut any design graphics on the pipe. This type of equipment has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, one-time molding, no subsequent processing, no casting mold, and cost saving. Why is the tube laser cutting machine so popular in the field of metal tube cutting? This is inseparable from its components, let’s take a closer look.

Why the fiber laser pipe cutting machine is popular

1. Lightweight beams used:

The beam of The metal pipe laser cutting machine adopts a lightweight design structure, which enables it to have a very high specific strength and maintain its precision.

2. The machine adopts high strength and high stability bed:

The stability of the bed determines the operation of the entire machine. If it has high stability, it will have high machining accuracy. Therefore, when the pipe fiber laser cutter is designed, the machining of the bed will generally adopt a scientific process arrangement, so that it can Due to the high strength and high stability of the giant, during high-precision machining, all the machined surfaces are first clamped to reduce the accumulated positioning error, rough machining is performed after annealing to eliminate internal stress, and then finishing is performed after secondary aging treatment.

3. High-tech pipe cutting device:

Fiber pipe laser cutter uses ultra-short tail material technology, which can save a single cost; high-precision full-stroke double-chuck sealing technology can improve cutting efficiency and maintain long-term running accuracy; using unique thin tube support technology, it can rely on the assistance of automatic avoidance The support device can effectively suppress the pipe jumping caused by the high-speed rotation of the pipe, and realize the improvement of cutting accuracy.

4. High-performance nesting software:

Some professional metal pipe fiber laser cutters use good nesting software, their functions can realize inner contour cutting and weld compensation, and at the same time achieve the limit layout, this mode can improve the utilization rate of pipes, and for end processing Welding the pipe at the gate enables material savings.

5. Powerful CNC system:

The metal pipe laser cutter all use CNC system. BuyCNC’s fiber laser pipe cutting machine uses a dedicated pipe cutting bus cutting system, which can meet the needs of a variety of laser pipe cutting, and also has high reliability, high Features of performance, intelligence and integration, the overall cost-effective, convenient operation, easy to learn.

6. Special laser cutting head and automatic loading and unloading function:

Our machine uses a special laser cutting head for pipes, combined with a special cutting system and nesting software, which enables the laser pipe cutting machine to achieve a variety of pipe cutting functions. The feeding device of the laser pipe cutting machine must have automatic status recognition and detection functions, and it must be able to realize automatic adjustment according to the specific size of the pipe to ensure that different pipes can be accurately sent to the center of the main machine chuck.

As one of the welding and cutting equipment R&D manufacturers in China, BuyCNC produces pipe laser cutting machines with the above characteristics, which can meet various pipe cutting needs.

laser tube cutter sample

How To Choose The Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

With the rapid development of industrial technology, many industries have higher and higher requirements for the accuracy of pipe cutting. The metal pipe laser cutter uses laser technology to cut various graphics on pipes such as round pipes, square pipes, and special-shaped pipes. A high-tech product integrating numerical control technology and precision laser cutting, fiber laser pipe cutting machine has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed, high efficiency and high cost performance. It is the necessary equipment for metal pipe cutting. Because these industries have higher and higher requirements for metal pipes, when we choose pipe fiber laser cutting machines, we must also carefully choose the most suitable metal pipe laser cutter for us.

1. Select as needed.


Before purchasing a metal pipe laser cutter, you must first clarify the data such as the size of the pipe you are processing, so as to choose the corresponding fiber laser pipe cutting machine. In addition, we need to match the corresponding laser pipe cutting machine according to our own process requirements. For example, the maximum pipe wall thickness is 12mm, the maximum pipe diameter is φ220mm, and the maximum pipe length is 5.5m, which only needs to be cut, without drilling and engraving. Therefore, according to this requirement, we can match equipment with a power of 3000W, a diameter of φ220mm and a length of 6m. These data just meet the needs, and customers can communicate with the corresponding manufacturers according to long-term plans.


2.choose a metal pipe laser cutter with the right power

In daily life, we usually refer to metal pipes as iron pipes, but in the field of pipe cutting, we must distinguish whether the metal is carbon steel pipe, silicon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, titanium alloy pipe or aluminum alloy pipe. Because the hardness, toughness, density, high temperature resistance and other characteristics of different materials are different, how to choose the appropriate pipe fiber laser cutting machine power?

The laser will have different effects on different metal materials. The size of the laser power varies according to the different metal materials. For example, under the same thickness, the laser power for cutting carbon steel is lower than that of stainless steel, and the laser power for cutting stainless steel is higher than that of yellow. Copper power is small. In addition to the nature of the metal itself, the thickness is also closely related to the laser power. For the same metal tube, the power of cutting 10mm is lower than that of cutting 20mm.

As for how to choose the appropriate power, it depends on the type, thickness, shape and other factors of the material to be cut. Therefore, when purchasing a pipe fiber laser cutter, be sure to let the manufacturer know the characteristics of the material to be cut. The best thing is to provide the pipe to the manufacturer for proofing and see if the effect can achieve the purpose.

At present, the mainstream metal pipe fiber laser cutters on the market have a lot of power, ranging from 1000W to 15000W. The thickness of most processing manufacturers’ pipes is between 8mm and 12mm. If you want to cut this thickness for a long time, it is recommended to choose 4000W-6000W metal pipe fiber. For laser cutter, if it is brass with high reflection characteristics, it is recommended to use a metal pipe laser cutting machine with a power of 8000W or even higher. 2000W-4000W metal pipe laser cutter is recommended for thickness between 5mm-8mm. Usually 1000W of lower thickness is enough to use. It should be noted that if you buy a 6000W metal pipe laser cutter, when cutting materials with a small thickness of about 4mm, you can reduce the output magnification to 2000W for cutting, which saves energy and saves costs.

round aluminum sample

3. Choose according to after-sales service.

The general value of The metal pipe laser cutter ranges from hundreds of thousands to one million, and failures will inevitably occur during use. Before purchasing, you should have a more detailed understanding of the after-sales process to avoid delays in production due to unclear after-sales process after failure or no after-sales service. Remember to buy directly from the manufacturer, do not go to the agent to buy, otherwise there will be a certain lag or no after-sales service. Of course, manufacturers with maintenance teams here can consider themselves.


4. Choose according to brand and budget.

Choose fiber laser pipe cutting machine factories with good reputation and brand, because after years of research and development progress, these brand manufacturers will definitely be more stable than some new brands of pipe fiber laser cutting machine. When the budget is limited, you can give up expensive big brand manufacturers and choose brands with more favorable reviews. Through field investigation, you can go to the factory to see the actual cutting effect and choose the most suitable metal pipe laser cutting machine for you.

As one of the welding and cutting equipment R&D manufacturers in China, BuyCNC produces pipe laser cutting machines with the above characteristics, which can meet various pipe cutting needs.

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