How good is paint laser removal? The paint is all swept away!

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Advantage of paint laser removal

Most of the traditional cleaning industry uses chemical agents and mechanical methods for cleaning. With people’s increasing awareness of environmental protection and safety, paint laser removal is widely used because of its characteristics of no grinding, non-contact, no thermal effect and suitable for objects of various materials. At the same time,paint laser removal cleaning oil can solve the problems that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning methods.

Laser paint removal tool cleaning oil is used to remove dirt on the metal surface, remove oxides, oil stains, oil stains and product residues, and has a good effect on cleaning the oxidation color of the welding surface.

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The principle of laser paint removal tool

Laser paint removal tool cleaning can vaporize the oxide layer and remove it effectively. The advantage is to create an oxide-free metal surface; AAA environmental protection, no secondary pollution; no chemicals, no residue to clean up.

Use advanced laser paint removal tool technology to pre-treat the welding joint surface, remove surface oil and impurities, and improve the success rate and speed of welding; paint laser removal performs post-treatment on the welding seam to remove high-temperature oxides and welding slag on the surface, which is convenient for subsequent processes and improves the appearance ; And through parameter adjustment, it can be cleaned without damaging the substrate. Paint laser removal is used in industries including the automotive industry, precision tool production, and shipbuilding.

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