Buying guide for laser cutting machine

There are many types of laser cutting equipment, and customers are often troubled by not knowing how to choose the right laser cutting machine. In fact, it is not difficult to find a good direction and choose laser cutting machine products. We provide you with some guidance for your reference.

laser metal cutting machine1

1.Classification of laser cutting machines:

Laser cutting equipment on the market today can be divided into flat laser cutting machines, laser tube cutting machines, three-dimensional laser cutting machines, etc. When you choose a laser cutting machine, you can first understand the different types of laser cutting machines, and then according to your own The actual situation to buy.

2. Select by cutting function:

Different laser cutting machines have different cutting functions. Customers can first understand the functions of laser cutting machines before purchasing laser cutting machines. This is very helpful for the correct purchase of laser cutting equipment. For example, if the metal material that the company needs to process is curved, it will be more advantageous to choose a three-dimensional laser cutting machine. If the metal material to be processed is a flat material, the cutting effect of choosing a flat laser cutting machine will be better. The material is pipe type, so the laser pipe cutting machine is your best choice.

3. Services of laser cutting machine manufacturers:

The laser cutting machine itself is a relatively complex machine. In order to enable the laser cutting machine to work and use normally, a complete after-sales service is essential. BuyCNC has a complete and standard after-sales service process, which can guarantee the stable operation of the laser cutting machine. If there is damage, we can also respond quickly and arrange professional technical service engineers to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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